T.I.’s ‘Trouble Man’ Debuts High on Billboard Top 200

Trouble Man debuts high

Rapper T.I.’s hard work promoting his album, Trouble Man: Heavy Is the Head, has paid off. Trouble Man, which dropped last Tuesday, moved an impressive 179,000 units in first week sales, earning him the #2 spot on Billboard’s Top 200 behind singer Taylor Swift. Trouble Man bested T.I.’s previous studio effort, No Mercy, which dropped Dec. 7, 2010, selling over 159,000 copies in its first week of release.

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    Kanye’s Camp On Damage Control: They Claim He’s Entering Rehab

    Kanye West has 99 problems and hard liquor is just one of them. We don’t believe Kanye’s camp when they say his drinking problem made him go onstage and act a fool at the VMAs. But we do give Kanye’s camp a little credit for trying.

    We know that Kanye had some sort of promo deal with Hennessy or he wouldn’t have had that bottle in his hand for the entire show. It was also revealed that both Kanye and Taylor Swift are represented by the same agent. So there you have it.

    From ONTD:

    Rumor has it Kanye is considering checking into rehab! According to Star, Kanye has been boozing ever since his mother Donda died one day after receiving a tummy tuck in November 2007.

    An insider tells the mag, “His drinking is getting worse — and when he has too much, he can be mean and obnoxious. If he doesn’t get help soon, things could really spiral out of control.”

    Apparently he’s planning on checking in after his Fame Kills tour with Lady Gaga wraps up in January. “Kanye’s afraid to go to rehab, but he knows he needs help and is taking steps in the right direction.”

    Why wait until the tour is over to go into rehab? Why not go now? Because this excuse, like everything else Kanye does, is a bunch of BS.


    Kanye West’s Disappearing Concert Dates

    The most hated rapper in the world, Kanye West, was spotted Tuesday leaving a recreation center in L.A. after shooting hoops with some pals, who all look very suspect. Especially the chile with her hands on her hips and the tall queen in the red shorts. How They Doin?

    Anyway, Kanye was supposed to be gearing up for his Fate Kills tour with Lady Gaga (and her fake British accent). But tickets that were set to go on sale September 19 are no longer available, leading some to speculate that Kanye is making good on his promise to take a break.

    According to the LATimes blog, a smattering of Fame Kills tour dates that appeared on Ticket Master on Monday were gone by Tuesday morning. As of 6 p.m. Tuesday, Ticketmaster currently lists no upcoming dates for West.

    Additionally, The Times noted that “West and Gaga were set to play the Staples Center on Nov. 16 in Los Angeles. But AEG Live, which owns the downtown arena, declined to comment about the tour details, and instead referred questions to Live Nation, which is promoting the tour.”

    The Times speculates that “It’s unlikely an arena tour of this magnitude would be called off; it’s more likely that West and Lady Gaga are waiting for the controversy to die down.”

    But West was still trending high on Twitter.com last night with hundreds of thousands of hateful and racist tweets directed at him. And late yesterday, CNN released the raw video footage of Barack Obama calling West a jackass. So it’s doubtful that the controversy will die down anytime soon.

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    Kanye Apologizes to Taylor for the 4th time

    In the midst of an anti-Kanye backlash that’s sweeping the nation, Kanye West picked up the phone this morning to call Taylor Swift and apologize for his rude antics on the VMA’s Sunday night.

    According to TMZ.com, Swift, who is currently on a pity tour, told the ladies of The View that she hadn’t heard from Kanye since he bumrushed the stage to snatch her microphone and declare that Beyonce should have won her award instead of her.

    Reps at The View say Kanye rang the show immediately after Swift left the set and offered a big fat apology for being a jackass.

    The rep said Swift accepted Kanye’s apology.


    FanMAIL: Sick Of Beyonce *Update*

    [Scroll down for update]

    I’ve been wondering when the public was going to finally get sick and tired of the minstrel show that’s being masqueraded as entertainment these days. There is nothing entertaining about the entertainment biz anymore. It’s just a circus side show now with people like Kanye West and Beyonce acting as ringleaders.

    Isn’t it interesting that when Beyonce called Taylor Swift back out onstage last night, they both wore red dresses? My guess is they both decided to pack a red dress just in case something crazy happened — like Kanye interrupting Taylor’s speech to say Beyonce should have won the award.

    Loyal reader Jennifer writes:

    Hi Sandra,

    I must say that I usually disagree with just about 95% of your posts (but I keep coming back so kudos to you),
    but I’ll admit that you are right on point with this one. That staged event with Kanye and Beyonce is so obvious!
    The general public are beginning to get sick of Beyonce and what better way to get some positive publicity than
    to have Kanye bounce up on stage and humiliate the poor girl, then have Beyonce come to the rescue of
    little Taylor and make herself out to be the “star with a heart”

    This is just shameless!


    Jennifer responds to your comments.

    Oh my! Looks as if I’ve struck a nerve by dethroning the fabulous Beyonce, and her antics to stay relevant. The fact of the matter is anyone with a little common sense and public relations know how is able to see a publicity stunt when they see one. I am in no way a Beyonce basher (I actually like the “Single Ladies” video), HOWEVER…my husband is even getting sick of her and when we first met a few years ago you couldn’t say nothing bad around him about Beyonce! To the non-believers who don’t believe this was a publicity stunt, I have 2 words for you – “How Dreadful”.

    Thanks Sandra!


    Photo: Wireimage/Getty


    Stars React To Kanye’s Publicity Stunt; Trump and Pitbull Put Kanye On Blast

    Rapper Pitbull responded to last night’s MTV/Kanye West stunt by calling Kanye “a f*ckin disrespecful muthaF*cka.”

    And billionaire Donald Trump called Kanye’s antics “disgusting,” according to TMZ.com. Trump called for a boycott of “all things Kanye,” and told TMZ Kanye was “grandstanding to get attention.”

    OK, this is my last post on this subject.


    MTV Pulls Another Publicity Stunt?

    According to loyal reader Kemi of Hiphossip.com, the Kanye and Taylor Swift incident on the MTV VMAs last night was a staged publicity stunt. Supposedly, Beyonce wasn’t in on the stunt, but I doubt that.

    I should have known. Whenever you put attention an whore like Kanye West together with MTV, some bullsht is going to occur. That’s why I no longer waste my time watching awards shows.

    You already know what happened last night, so I won’t repeat it. But recall that MTV also pulled a similar stunt with Eminem and Borat at the MTV Music Awards back in June.

    Obviously this current publicity stunt was a bold move by MTV to thrust a country music artist into the forefront of music. It’s a sign of the times when hip hop artists like Kanye and Eminem are used as coons and comedic props instead of as performing artists.

    Maybe it’s me but it seems like this is the first major awards show in a long time where the emphasis was placed more on rock acts and country music acts than hip hop artists.

    Taylor Swift has sold over 10 million albums collectively in the world this year and she holds the record for song downloads this year: 20 million. Meanwhile, Jay Z sold around 350K measly copies of his album The Blueprint 3 in the first week. And he may not go gold before Christmas.

    That means there’s been a seismic shift in the music universe from hip hop to more traditional acts.

    Rappers and hip hoppers better realize that they are now a dying breed.


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