Family Dollar

Video blogger Tommy Sotomayer goes IN on black women in his new video.

“There’s nobody more violent than black women,” he said, referring to a street fight which may have led to the murder of a 19-year-old Houston mother.

Sotomayer makes a good point when he said some black women act like men.

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Prince Moulay Hassan

In America, a random stranger kissing a boy’s hand would be placed on the sex offender registry. But hand kissing is a tradition amongst royalty in Morocco and elsewhere around the world.

12-year-old Moroccan Crown Prince Moulay Hassan can do without the royal tradition of hand kissing. A hilarious video, originally published in 2013, shows the then 10-year-old prince snatching his hand away when men attempted to kiss it.

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Rachel Dolezal

When former NAACP president Rachel Dolezal spoke with NBC Today’s Matt Lauer about her transracial orientation on Tuesday, most viewers wondered how she got her Caucasian hair to behave like black hair. The answer is simpler than you thought.

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