Jody Cookie Tyrese

Bandwagon jumpers have no shame. They wait for the next big thing to come along so they can steal some of the shine for themselves. Singer/actor Tyrese Gibson took to his social media account to low-key beg 'Empire' creator to cast him in the highly rated hip hop soap opera.

How embarrassing. Doesn't he get enough attention from the Fast & Furious movie franchise?

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President Obama twin in The Bible

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Much is being made of the striking resemblance between Satan in History Channel's 'The Bible' and President Barack Obama.

I don't see it; the eyes are not the same, the eyebrows are off. Plus, the show's 'Satan' character is dark skinned, while Obama, who is mixed, is more fair skinned. Well, they do say Obama is a card carrying member of the Illuminati.

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