Kanye West

Rap musician Kanye West dropped 2 bombs yesterday: first, he confirmed rampant rumors that rapper Tyga is dating his teenage sister-in-law, Kylie Jenner, and 2nd, he said he felt dirty after dating socialite Amber Rose for 2 years.

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Tony Wylie

It's difficult enough for black men to ascend into the upper echelons of NFL management. The black VP of communications for the Washington Redskins might be out of a job after he embarrassed the football franchise on national TV last night.

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Birthday party invitation hoax

The liberal, left wing, anti-Christian blog Huffington Post fell victim to yet another anti-gay hoax.

Last week, a New York radio show published a birthday party invitation with a note scribbled by "a homophobic mom" telling two gay dads that her son, Tommy, would not attend their daughter's birthday party.

"Tommy will NOT attend. I do not believe in what you do," the mom supposedly wrote on the invite. But the invitation turned out to be a stunt created by New York FM radio station K 98.3.

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Eboni Elektra and Ciara

Former Three Brown Girls member Eboni Elektra has confirmed what we already know: songbird Ciara is pregnant with rapper Future Hendrix's seed.

Eboni made the revelation on her popular Ustream.com radio show, Eboni Elektra Live.

"Yeah, Ciara is pregnant by Future," Eboni said. "That's an inside scoop. She's soooo happy! She's so freaking happy!"

According to Eboni, Future has lusted after Ciara for years.

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Yesterday, I told you the names of cast members of Mona Scott-Young's much talked about new reality TV series titled Hip Hop Gossip Girls. The information was passed on to me by someone who actually appears in one of the episodes. (She was asked to sign a confidentiality agreement). The names she gave me were correct (at the time). It took me a few days to write that post -- in which time, the names of the cast changed.

So I was not wrong about a couple of the names -- I was just late. Anyway, celebrity blogger Tattletailzz has the names of a few of the cast members:

Sharon Carpenter (Global Grind) Kim Osorio (known mainly for Source Magazine and a book about industry secrets exposed) and JasFly from Vibe. We believe more will be announced.

We also hear that Sandra Rose was asked but she did refuse.

Tattletailzz left out the other two cast members: Necole Bitchie and Angela Yee.

According to VIBE, radio jocks Angie Martinez and Miss Info are no longer members of the cast (I'm told they quit).

So there you have it. Warm tea is just as tasty as hot tea. Keep it here for more details!

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  • 9 time Grammy winner Mary J Blige thinks Burger King knew exactly what they were doing when they posted an unfinished television commercial on YouTube last week.

    The commercial featured a cartoonish Blige, 41, standing on a table top singing the praises of Burger King's crispy fried chicken wraps and all its toppings.

    Mary's fans reacted with fury across all social networking platforms when the ad was released. But Mary tells TMZ.com she never signed off on the ad that sparked outrage on Twitter.com for its stereotyping of blacks and fried chicken.

    Mary J. tells TMZ, “I agreed to be a part of a fun and creative campaign that was supposed to feature a dream sequence. Unfortunately, that's not what was happening in that clip."

    Burger King yanked the ad from its YouTube channel, claiming the racist ad was released prematurely "before all of the licensing and final approvals were obtained." But that excuse doesn't hold water for Mary.

    Mary tells TMZ, "I understand my fans being upset by what they saw. But, if you’re a Mary fan, you have to know I would never allow an unfinished spot like the one you saw go out."

    Burger King has since apologized to Mary, and they say a new, completed version of the controversial ad will be released soon.

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    According to Rodney Ho of the Atlanta Journal's Radio & TV Talk Blog, the Mo'Nique Show has been canceled. That's too bad. We never got the chance to watch it...

    Earlier today, I heard that “The Mo’Nique Show” had been axed. I had sent an email out to various BET publicists to ask what was up. No word back.

    At about 1:30 p.m., I called Rodney Perry, who was Mo’Nique’s sidekick on the show. He said he was running into a meeting and didn’t answer my question. While I was at lunch over at the mall court, at 1:40 p.m. EST, he texted me: “I was told indefinite hiatus.”

    That’s a euphemism for canceled.

    In an interview I did at 2:40 p.m., the stand-up comic said he enjoyed the experience working with Mo’Nique. “I’m selling out shows now,” he said. “That’s a win.” He heard the news from Mo’Nique’s husband but hasn’t spoken to the Oscar-winning actress yet. (He wouldn’t say when he knew about this, implying he has known for awhile.)

    Yesterday I received these pics in an email from Patrice Horton over at TuffLuv Management who represents NFL player James Hardy. But by the time I received the pics my day was already over.

    I broke the story right here on Sandrarose.com that James Hardy and reality TV personality Toya Carter had split up. So Honey magazine immediately reached out to the new bachelor for a fashion spread.

    We know that James Hardy is all man so why would he allow himself to look sooo gay in these pictures? There is no reason on God's green earth why a man should have on this much makeup. I'm just being real.

    Sometimes you have to tell the makeup artist to go easy on the brush. My suggestion to ball players who don't want to look light on their feet in a photo shoot, is to ask for a mirror before the photo shoot begins. If you can't see your skin through the makeup, ask the makeup artist to do it over with less foundation.

    Don't just take the makeup artist's word for it. To them, more is always better. You're a man and there is no reason for a man to look more made up than B. Scott.

    By the way, the photographer is Rob Ector who studied under Derek Blanks. How Y'all Doin?!

    Jaycee Lee Dugard, an 11-year-old California girl who was abducted from Lake Tahoe, California 18 years ago, has been found. Dugard was abducted on June 10, 1991 by two males from South Lake Tahoe in California. Police say a woman walked into an Antioch police station yesterday claiming to be the missing girl.

    Local news footage shows a smiling woman who appears younger than 29 -- the age Dugard would be now. Police say the woman is healthy. I would post the video, but the site that the video was hosted on has apparently crashed due to all the traffic from other sites.

    Dugard's mother, Terry Probyn, and stepfather, who separated due to the stress of their daughter's abduction, are "thrilled and amazed" that she has returned. Probyn is flying to California to meet with the woman who says she's her daughter.

    There was no word on where she's been or what she's been doing for the last 18 years. According to Dugard's stepfather, two suspects have been arrested in the case. A press conference is scheduled for 6 p.m. EST today. If the woman turns out to be the missing girl, her return will give hope to the many families of missing and abducted children.

    The Game dropped an audio blog jewel dissin' old man Jay Z, who fell off so far that Chastain Park cancelled his concert this past weekend because of a little rain (what's a few rain drops if you're trying to watch the God perform?)

    The truth is Jay Z's concert at Chastain Park was not sold out so he wasn't showing up anyway. You still would have lost your money (more on that later).

    The Game also goes in on that fraud Internet personality Amber Rose whose 15-minute timer keeps restarting (I wish I could take a hammer to her 15-minute clock).


    Click here if you can't view the video

    I got a tip last week from a loyal reader who told me that FOX news cameras were spotted peeking in NeNe's windows (my loyal reader lives in the neighborhood).

    I knew it had something to do with NeNe Leake's much-publicized eviction from her rental home. It turns out NeNe and husband Greg Leakes weren't even evicted -- they left on their own. But sadly, that's not juicy enough for gossip mongers.

    Anyway, NeNe and the rest of the cast of Atlanta Housewives will join NBA baller LeBron James tomorrow night at the Velvet Room. NeNe will be celebrating her birthday which proves that she's too Grand to be stressed, baby!

    Thanks to Zedi over at Dimewars.com for the video link!

    I was not contacted by any of the parties involved regarding these disputes. This information is available publicly on the Internet.

    EDJ Realty - DeShawn Snow Foundation

    I accepted a position at this company early in 2007. Got there only to find out that there was 'no one home'. None of the people there knew about business practices. On the real estate side - no sales were being generated. On the foundation side - no money was being raised.

    For me, and those before me and even those to come, are all hired because of their apparent education level, capabilities, brain power, skill, know-how and desire to make this company grow. You very seldom come in contact with the owner. Instead you meet the front line who are relatives of the owner. I called them the 'gate keepers'.

    One is just a 'gofer' to do the bidding of the owner. The other does nothing except school work (sometimes); plays on the computer (most of the time) and negatively reports to the owner on every movement, word, action, etc. made by anyone hired to do the job. It seems that within months the new person is fired.

    Do not waste your time here. It's just total 'Ghettofabulous' behavior. And like the owner would tell you. 'I am bigger than EDJ and the Foundation' whatever that means. EXPECT TO BE FIRED BECAUSE OF YOUR KNOWLEDGE AND CAPABILITY.

    Lawrenceville, Georgia

    Comment posted on BravoTV:

    Sheree Whitfield hosted a party at the Fay Gold Gallery on April 20, 2008. “The Real Housewives of Atlanta" filmed the event & there was other media coverage. Ms. Whitfield enlisted the services of Ardoin Enterprises to replace the event planner she fired on air. Ardoin Enterprises was notified in less than 12 hours to provide desserts & decoration for the dessert table & ice sculpture table. Ms. Whitfield was billed the following day for the bakery bill of $346.61 & an additional discounted charge of $50 for services rendered. Ms. Whitfield wrote a check for $386 which bounced and after repeated attempts to collect the debt has not paid to date (7/31/08). She has been notified via telephone & email & has been presented with various methods of payment including credit card but has failed to make good on her obligation. She is on the verge of being sued in small claims court for the debt owed.

    Posted by Violetta Ardoin | July 31, 2008 9:36 PM

    Today I'm putting Detroit radio station Mojo in the Mornings Channel 955 on full blast for jacking my content for their blog without crediting me. These lazy ass bloggers jacked one of my posts word-for-word as if they wrote it. This isn't an urban station which makes the thievery even worse.

    Urban bloggers such as myself work hard to find content to entertain our readers. It isn't right when a radio station - which has millions of listeners - invades urban blogs to steal content. I'm not posting a link to the station's wack blog since they didn't bother linking back to me.

    But word to my fellow celebrity bloggers: they probably jacked your content too!

    Thanks to loyal reader Sharon for alerting me to these content thieves.

    According to Vivica A. Fox's publicist Kim Tumey, Vivica is looking for a few good stylists for her new reality show on VH1.

      Vivica A. Fox, actress, producer and fashion luminary, is bringing her celebrity style to VH1 for a new competition series ripped from the pages of the fashion magazines.The new series, "Glam God With Vivica A. Fox" slated to premiere August 2008, searches for the next great celebrity stylist who has what it takes to become the stylist to the stars through their ability to create a chic masterpiece using the three key elements of fashion -- hair, make-up and wardrobe.Each week the "stylista" contestants will be asked to compete in various challenges that will test their knowledge of fashion and style trends as they create the perfect look from head to toe. Those that fall short of creating that perfect look will have their style license revoked and will be sent packing. The one stylist that manages to rise above the rest will be given the ultimate reward -- the chance to launch a career by styling an A-list celebrity and being awarded $100,000.

    Source: Kim Tumey
    Kim Tumey Entertainment

    Photo: Wireimage/Getty