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If you are a Georgia homeowner, you probably have a Bermuda grass lawn. Bermuda grass is the preferred lawn turf in Georgia.

Bermuda grass is actually a type of weed. It is very hard to kill and once it establishes itself in a neighborhood, it tends to take over other types of turf lawns.

Ron Henry is a Bermuda grass expert who dedicates his YouTube channel to helping home owners transform their ugly lawns to a golf course lawn like his.

Ron's 11 sq. ft. lawn in North Georgia is the envy of the neighborhood! But you too can have a golf course lawn.

As Ron says, the secret is in the mowing. 80% of achieving a beautiful golf course lawn is using the right mower.

If you're a Bermuda grass lawn novice like me, you will appreciate Ron's tips on turning your ugly Bermudagrass lawn into a golf course lawn.

The comments are off in this post. Ron is happy to answer all your Bermuda grass questions on his YouTube channel.


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