Stars Attend Wendy Williams 50th Birthday Bash

Talk show Diva Wendy Williams celebrated her 50th birthday party? with a legendary performance by Chaka Khan at The OUT Hotel in NYC on Thursday. Celebs in attendance included rapper Shad Moss, formerly known as Bow Wow, reality TV personalities Tami Roman (BBQ Wives), Erica Mena (LHHNY), singer Joe, HLN anchor Jane Velez-Mitchell, Sherri Shepherd, and more.
Photo: Derrick Salters/

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Rihanna watches the Miami Heat beat Brooklyn Nets in Game 2 of their Playoff Series

Pop star Rihanna laughed as Miami Heat superstar LeBron James ran into the stands Thursday night. Rihanna and her faithful sidekick Melissa Forde sat court side during the Brooklyn Nets vs Miami Heat game at the American Airlines Arena in Miami. Miami easily defeated the hapless Nets 94-82 to take a 2-0 lead in the 2nd round of the NBA playoffs. The 2 teams meet again in Brooklyn for game 3 on Saturday.

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Rita Ora leaving her hotel in NYC

British singer Rita Ora was seen leaving her NY hotel dressed like a NBA basketball today. The 23-year-old beauty paired her unusual jacket with high heeled Adidas and a winter hat. The Brooklyn Nets are battling to stay alive against the Toronto Raptors in the 1st round of the NBA playoffs.
Photos: Dawn Spencer and Lenny Abbot / Splash News

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Halle Berry filming "Extant"

Tongues are wagging about actress Halle Berry's worrisome unexplained weight loss after giving birth to her son Maceo Robert Martinez 6 months ago. The wafer thin 47-year-old was spotted filming her new tv drama series "Extant" in Beverly Hills Ca on Tuesday. Rumor has it that Halle and her hubby, French actor Olivier Martinez are living separately. Poor thing. Her run of bad luck with men continues.
Photo: Cousart/JFXimages/

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Bitter Evelyn Lozada Comes for Wendy Williams' Throat

Former reality TV star Evelyn Lozada clapped back at talk show queen Wendy Williams for referring to her newborn son as a "cash register."

Lozada, 45, gave birth to a boy recently to very little fanfare. Lozada should be thanking Williams because not too many people were aware that Lozada had given birth.

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Being Wendy Williams

Friend of the blog Wendy Williams shouted out in Centric's comprehensive documentary on the Queen of All Media. In a world of butt kissing journalists, Wendy carved her own niche as the original Shock Jock by spilling tea all over the radio. She was fearless -- and her listeners loved it!

After conquering radio, Wendy made a smooth transition to daytime TV. The Wendy Williams Show is one of the top rated daytime talk shows on television.

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Wendy Williams Chlie Jonsson

Talk Diva Wendy Williams does not bite her tongue when discussing highly controversial subjects on her TV show.

Last week, The Wendy Williams Show took on the controversy surrounding transgender athlete Chloie Jonsson, who filed a lawsuit against CrossFit for excluding him from a woman's competition because he was born a male.

Williams invited a panel of media personalities to sit down and discuss the lawsuit.

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Mariah Carey Fuels Pregnancy Rumors as she cradles her Stomach while out in NYC

Pop star Mariah Carey sparked pregnancy rumors yesterday after paparazzi photos surfaced of the Diva caressing her tummy. She cradled her abdomen with one hand, as she headed to a radio appearance. The songbird made the rounds promoting her new single in NYC Wednesday. Mariah and husband Nick Cannon have twins, Moroccan and Monroe.
Photo: 247PapsTV / Splash News

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Talk Diva Wendy Williams broke down in tears during her popular talk show as she explained that her 13-year-old son, Kevin, hated her. In an appearance on The View, Williams, 50, admitted that she can be overbearing and demanding and difficult to get along with when she doesn't get her way.

Williams recalled a recent conversation she had with the boy: "Kevin, when I ask you to do something, and you don't do it, and then by the 10th time when I'm screaming and my face is turning red, and there's steam coming out of my head... Then he turns to me very calmly and says, "Why are you always so pissed?"

Watch the video after the break.

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LeToya Luckett

Last we heard from chronically single actress/singer LeToya Luckett, she was dispensing valuable advice to other lonely women about being a boss single lady.

But in an interview with Talk Diva Wendy Williams, the Single Ladies star revealed she does indeed get out and date men. Why do I get the feeling LeToya is a bad date?

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Stars On 'Good Morning America'

Talk Diva Sherri Shepherd was a guest on 'Good Morning America' on Monday to promote her new book Plan D: How to Lose Weight and Beat Diabetes. The 46-year-old mother of one recently shed 20 pounds and is barely recognizable as her former overweight self. She looks great!
Photo: Roger Wong/

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The hotly anticipated "R&B DIVAS: LA" Reunion part 1 was hosted by Talk Diva Wendy Williams. Williams did not hold back as she grilled the ladies on their past and present problems with men, drug issues and the show's scripted scenes.

Cast member Dawn Robinson skipped the reunion which was taped in early August, but she was there in spirit -- and on bringing the drama.

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Wendy Williams at Barnes & Noble in Atlanta

Talk show Diva Wendy Williams is currently on a book tour to promote her latest book titled, "Ask Wendy: Straight Up Advice for All the Drama In Your Life" (Morrow, $25.99). Hundreds of fans flocked to the Barnes and Nobles bookstore in Atlanta on Friday to meet the former radio shock jock. Wendy signed so many autographs that she ran out of books!

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Lil Kim

Rap icon Lil Kim dragged talk show host Wendy Williams on her Twitter timeline today.

The online assault began after someone on Wendy's staff tweeted this on her official account earlier today: "Wendy dishes on @LilKim's dramatic new look..."

Well, Kim took offense to that tweet -- particularly the part about her "dramatic new look". Kim body slammed Wendy on her timeline, saying "B*tch Y didn't U show the side by side pic. This pic is photoshopped & U know it. U hating B*tch"

Then Queen Bee delivered the knockout punch when she accused Wendy of swallowing the late Notorious BIG's unborn babies.

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The other day when sometime model Amber Rose was in Atlanta, a BET rep reached out to her people with an offer to pay her hotel and expenses for an additional day if she would commit to going on Oscar winner Mo'Nique's talk show.

From what I was told, the response from Amber's rep was a terse, "no, thank you. She doesn't do interviews." The BET rep reminded her people that in order for Amber to be considered a celebrity (pseudo or otherwise), she should appear on Mo'Nique's talk show so the people could at least hear what she sounds like. Particularly in light of the fact that Amber's looks alone isn't pulling patrons into the clubs where she's paid $5,000 a pop for 30 minutes to an hour.

A local club promoter who I spoke with said he barely recouped the cash he laid out for plane tickets and hotel rooms for Amber and her small entourage of lesbuns and her brother.

But again, Amber's people politely declined the invitation for her to appear on Mo's show.

I'm told Amber also turned down an interview request from TV talk show Diva Wendy Williams, who had actor Lance Gross on her show yesterday. Which proves that the pool of available (real) celebrities to interview is a very shallow one if you're not paying them to sit on your sofa.

But I would like to believe that the reason Amber turned down Mo'Nique and Wendy's requests for an interview, is not because she's greedy for money or anything like that. But because Amber knows the limitations of her (no talent) fame. She knows that if she goes on those shows and opens her mouth she will remove all doubt that she's nothing more than an airhead and an opportunistic, professional beard to troubled rapper Kanye West.

Photo: Splash News Online

Don't you hate it when young ungrateful punks show a lack of respect for those veterans who helped paved the way for their success?

As I told you earlier, Chris Brown arrived at JFK today and tweeted that one of the photographers "looked like Wendy Williams."

As many times as the Diva Wendy Williams played this punk Chris Brown's records on her show, he had the nerve to disrespect her? Well Wendy responded today in her own unique way. But if I were her I wouldn't have responded to that convict. Once a woman hater, always a wonan hater.

Notice how he's talking sht about successful black women lately? I bet he wouldn't disrespect Larry King on Twitter -- or anyone he thinks he needs to resurrect his flopped career.

CHRIS BROWN V. WENDY WILLIAMS - On Friday's episode (9/11/09) of THE WENDY WILLIAMS SHOW, host Wendy Williams responds to today's "tweet" from R&B star and former Rihanna flame Chris Brown (whose Twitter name is Mechanical Dummy). According to Williams, Brown told followers that when he arrived at JFK, that, "one of the guyz looked like wendy williams or was it the other way" Not willing to let that one slide without a response, Williams, who was taping her talk show when the Brown tweet went 'round the world, used her television platform to set the record straight. Commenting on the tweet, she said..."in other words, he's calling me a man. Well you know, at least if I was a man then I would spend my time bullying other men, perhaps, and not..women."

Taped live in New York, The Wendy Williams Show combines the latest buzz and hot topics with a diverse mix of celebrities from the arenas of film, music, sports and television. Williams' bold personality and irreverent and witty commentary on life make for a groundbreaking talk format that entertains viewers and quenches their thirst for honest, enlightening and entertaining television. A successful radio personality and author, Williams' show delivers even more Wendy to her loyal fan base across the nation and introduces her to an even broader audience. Whether she is offering real advice during her "Ask Wendy" segments, providing her take on the latest headlines during the always surprising "Hot Topics," or getting up close and personal with headline makers, celebrities or everyday people, Williams' fresh approach and love of life and laughter shines through in every hour.

Source: Christine DeJoy |

At some point celebrities are going to figure out that Twitter is the devil -- just like when they found out that Myspace wasn't all that great for their careers.

Brown arrived in NYC today sporting 3-day old stubble on his chin and looking haggard and disheveled. He was met by hordes of paparazzi and he immediately took to his twitter to tweet that they were "rude," and that one of them "looked like Wendy Williams." Should Wendy be insulted?

Hopefully Chris won't need to promote his wack album on her popular TV show any time soon.

One day the paps won't care about Chris Brown (like I don't now), and his punk azz will be just another washed up, has-been singer with a criminal record.

There's only one word to explain this picture: GORGEOUS! Mary J Blige and Taraji P. Henson attended the NY premiere of "Tyler Perry's I Can Do Bad All By Myself" at the SVA Theater last night.

UNBEWEAVEABLE! Turn around, girl, let me look at you! LOVE the hair! That's right, show these young chicks how to rock the real hair and still look glamorous!

LOVE the shoes! Rihanna, are you looking?

Multimedia personality and gossip blogger Egypt attended the premiere with her soon-to-be hubby. And look, he's not gay! Why is it that New York woman can spot a gay man from a mile away but southern women can't?

Is it just me or is director Tyler Perry looking quite manly in this pic with Mary J Blige and one of the child stars of his movie?

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*YAWN* RHOA NeNe Leakes appeared on the Wendy Williams Show yesterday (I guess). The last time Wendy had a TV show, it flopped miserably in the ratings didn't it? Someone tap Wendy on the shoulder and let her know she is not television material. And then tap NeNe on the shoulder and tell her to get a real job. She is not a celebrity.

Gawd, urban entertainment is so boring... :yawn:

Shock jock Wendy Williams responded to the Mariah Carey's reference to her in Mariah's new single "Touch My Body". In the single, Mariah sings, "Cause they be all up in my business like a Wendy interview".

The song is about a slut woman who describes a sex romp "on the floor" but she warnls her male friend that she will "hunt him down" if she sees the sex tape on YouTube or reads of their escapades in print.

By the way, Wendy and Charlamagne, E=MC² is not an original title for an album (lol). Albert Einstein thought of it first in 1905. It's Einstein's famous equation that explains the equivalence of energy and mass (Energy equals mass times the speed of light squared).


Thanks Love B. Scott for the audio link!