Janelle Monáe's career seemed to be taking off when she was featured on Purple Ribbon All-Star's Compilation "Got Purp? Volume 2" in 2005. The singer whose music fuses rock 'n roll with R&B and funk, later went on to record tracks for Outkast's film Idlewild while developing an avid cult following.

Rumor has it that Sean Combs signed Janelle to Bad Boy Records which means the earth angel's promising career might as well be over. There is only one artist on Bad Boy Records who gets any kind of promotion - and it's been that way for some time now.

10 years ago, a contract with Bad Boy practically guaranteed fame and riches. Today, not so much.

Today a contract with Bad Boy means your career is mothballed indefinitely. That's a shame because Janelle is very talented and unique. The music industry needs artists like Janelle to take music in a different direction. She could have been a contender.

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