Boston Red Sox David Ortiz Obama selfie

The White House plans to ban visitor photos with President Barack Obama, thanks to Boston Red Sox star David Ortiz. Obama invited Ortiz and his Red Sox teammates to the White House last week to celebrate their World Series win.

Obama obliged Ortiz's request to pose for a 'Selfie' taken with Ortiz's self phone. Such selfies are normally uploaded to social media websites including Instagram, Facebook and Twitter.

But Ortiz's photo op with the president was actually part of a pre-arranged deal between Ortiz and Samsung to promote the cell phone company's phones.

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Beyonce celebrates Boston Red Sox win

Country and Western singer Beyonce celebrated the Boston Red Sox's thrilling win over the St. Louis Cardinals during a Halloween party in Australia with her dancers. Beyonce switched between wearing a furry halo and a Boston Red Sox ball cap to accessorize her angel wings. Boston routed the Cardinals 6-1 in the 6th game of the World Series to win their 3rd championship in 10 years. It's unclear what Beyonce's connection to Boston is.

Photos: Rob Hoffman and Robin Harper for Beyonce