Can Your Son Sing Like This?

Little Anthony sings Royals

12-year-old Anthony is creating a buzz for himself by singing covers of hit songs in homemade videos. Little Anthony tackles Lorde’s “Royals” in this video uploaded to Somebody sign this kid so he can stop singing for his supper.

Watch the video after the break!

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Video: Woman With Low Self-Esteem Stuffs Pillow Down Her Shorts for Attention

Artificial butt

Black women’s ongoing obsession with their butt size has taken a bizarre new twist. One woman who apparently can’t afford to buy authentic butt pads, improvised by stuffing a sofa cushion down the back of her shorts! Before you laugh, the pillow was good enough to fool several men on the street who gave the chick exactly the type of attention she’s probably been craving all her life.

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Kat Stacks and Q Worldstar are off the market

Kat Stacks and Q Worldstar

It’s been 48 hours since Internet video sensation Kat Stacks walked out of a federal prison, after being detained for 2 years on immigration charges. One of KT’s biggest supporters when she was behind bars was Q, the man behind video streaming empire

Yesterday, an industry insider accidentally let slip the real reason why Q made sure money was always on Kat Stacks’ books when she was on lockdown. The insider confirmed that Kat Stacks is in fact Q’s girlfriend.

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