Atlanta police on Friday issued a warrant for the arrest of a 24-year-old Georgia man in connection with the savage beating of a popular celebrity fitness trainer last weekend. Darius Miller, 41, was attacked by a group of men after he asked them to stop videotaping the mayor's daughters outside D'Jangos lounge.

The warrant charges Apollo Holmes in the attack, according to police spokeswoman Judy Pal. Holmes' whereabouts were unknown on Sunday but police are expected to name more suspects.

The beating left Miller in a coma and he is listed in critical condition at Crawford Long hospital. The hospital has seen a steady stream of high profile clients of Miller's including Keisha Knight Pulliam, Ma$e, Usher, Takeo Spikes, who has visited everyday, and Takeo's girlfriend T-Boz, formerly of TLC.

Atlanta mayor Shirley Franklin, who is on a ski trip with her 8-year-old grandson, issued a couple of tersely worded statements that were highly critical of the media's coverage of the case. In both statements she referred to a "media frenzy" which prompted one Fox 5 news reporter to ask another, "Do you know anything about a media frenzy?"

In issuing those written statements, the mayor hopes to deflect attention away from her daughter, Kai Franklin Graham's legal troubles. Earlier this month, Franklin-Graham copped a plea deal to a federal charge of accepting drug money from her ex-husband, convicted cocaine trafficker Tremayne Graham.

In return for her cooperation in the ongoing investigation of her ex-husband's associates, Franklin-Graham will be sentenced to three years of probation - three months of which will be home confinement.

  • Bird

    What is up with the mayor's daughters? Are they ghetto hoochies or what? Their out clubbing at places where questionable people hang and laundering drug money and dating drug dealers. It looks like mommy was pursuing her career when she should have been raising those young ladies. I hope they get it together. They are making their mom look like a fool.

  • milly

    I hope they find all the guilty parties...and umm yeah whats up with the mayor's daughters.

  • 2bme

    They are no different from Bush's daughters constantly acting up..worse that preacher's kids..I'm glad they found the coward who attacked Darius...they need to find the est of them..I pray for a miracle and darius comes out ok..this was undeserving regardless of who started it

  • 2thick4u

    I am glad that they found out who did this. I pray that he recovers!!!

  • ms.peaches

    Are we to comment on the status of the trainer's condition or the mayor's daughter's drug dealing husband?? Have you ever noticed that anyone with a position of power that has children or should I say young adults why are they always getting into something that involves the media aren't you suppose to be a reflection of your parents or so I thought I know we are all not perfect but why even put yourself in a position like that??? As far as Mr.Miller I pray he gets better & it's nice that some of his celeb slients were able to come visit him.

  • Windycitychick

    I am so sorry that happened to Darius. I hope they catch that fool plain and simple. And don't get me started on the mayor--- did she even say thank you?? He was trying to help her daughter. "We" get a little power and forget about everyone....

  • LovelyLady

    I pray for Darius. Ad with that said, the mayors daughter should have gotten way more time then that. I mean come on now if that was a nobody and he/she was involved in a king pin case they ass would've gotten the books thrown at them, snitching or not. But this lil huzzy got 3 years probation. WTF, SMH. If she wasn't they mayors daughter what do you think would've happened?

  • andriceb

    Boo to the franklin family...the mayor knew that her daughter was in waist deep with a big time dope dealer...PERIOD. They should open an investigation on her!

  • Redeemed777

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