It was a tough decision for her to make, but V-103’s Porsche Foxx confirmed that Vivica Fox appears in a controversial sex tape that is currently making the rounds.

In the tape, an apparently inebriated Vivica can be seen on her knees servicing a male friend who surreptitiously taped the encounter on his cell phone. Allegedly the man, who lives in Atlanta, emailed the tape to friends who emailed it to Vivica. She quickly forwarded the tape to a friend at the Atlanta police department.

It isn’t known if Vivica filed an official complaint with the police or if she asked her police friend to handle the situation privately. At any rate, men tattle worse than females – especially here in the ATL – so the tape got out.

One of my loyal reader’s promised me she would send the link to the tape but I’m still waiting… I am hoping someone will send me a link to the tape for educational purposes only, of course.