Earlier I told you that American Idol winner Fantasia Barrino's brother would appear on the same show that made his sister a household name. But hold on, who knew Ricco Barrino was signed to Grand Hustle to write hits for T.I.'s roster of talent including Young Dro and Alfamega.

We've all heard rumors that artists were jumping ship from Grand Hustle now that the King of the South was on house arrest and facing serious time. But it looks like T.I.'s label isn't going under after all. Ricco already had a regional hit with his ladies anthem "Bubble Gum". Barrino alongside Grand Hustle producer Keith Mack, has a few more hits up their sleeves for Grand Hustle.

Which begs the question: isn't American Idol supposed to be all about finding unsigned talent?

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I know you don't care, but Gabrielle Union is b*tching about the blogs again. Gabby, 35, is careful to put only the black blogs on blast daily because she NEEDS the attention from the "other" bloggers.

I usually ignore Gabrielle's whinings, but today's article from AOL's Black Voices caught my attention. Did she really say she was a voice in "our" community?

"It's sad that people who have that forum where you have all this traffic... If I really did get arrested or stole someone's flipping husband and the wife was calling me, sure. So if I do it, talk about it. I own that, I screwed up. It's never happened! Don't create crap that is negating one of the few voices in our community that actually likes Black people, loves Black men and is actually trying to do something for our community and make changes. Don't try to kill that voice along with your stories so that you can get a couple of more subscribers. It's just bulls--t and its unfortunate."

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Indianapolis, Indiana was rocked to its core by the senseless killings of two women, a toddler and a baby who were shot multiple times while being held in their mother's arms.

Police are searching for two men who were seen running from the home.

The victims were Charlii Yarrell, 4 months; Charlii’s mother, Andrea Yarrell, 24; Jordan Hunt, 23 months; and Jordan’s mother, Gina Hunt, 24.

The two women and the toddler died at the scene. Four-month-old Charlii Yarrell was taken to Methodist Hospital with several gun shot wounds. She died a few hours later.

Police initially investigated a burglary at a vacant house late Monday night. A short time later they were called again about gunshots being fired across the street from the vacant house. Police entered the home through a broken window and found the bodies.

A set of electronic scales, a safe, a pound marijuana and several long guns were found in the house, according to police. Two handguns were later found in the street near the home.

The story has received national press coverage and more than 80 investigators have been assigned to the case. The murders are a top priority for every uniformed law enforcement officer in Indianapolis. "Whoever is responsible for this, we're going to track you down like dogs," Marion County Sheriff Frank Anderson said. "We're not going to stop until we find you and put you in a cage where you belong."


Pics spotted on CM&V

Rihanna and Beyonce's fans know they can't always look their best in every situation. Beyonce wore a scary new brown lace front wig to the taco stand in NY last night. Is it Halloween already?

Meanwhile, Rihanna looks hot in just about everything she wears. You can hate on the girl but you're wasting your time. Chris Brown's old lady/manager betta check Rihanna though. Isn't that Chris' tour jacket she's wearing? I'm not mad that Rihanna's ever-present girlfriend always manages to get into her pictures.

Haters are everywhere it seems. Someone at Amazon.com doesn't think much of Janet Jackson's upcoming CD "Discipline". The non-fan thinks the album is destined to flop. So they went ahead and labeled the album a flop on Amazon's website.

A sharp eyed Janet fan spotted the title and alerted Janet's label. But the title is still there. Check it out at this link.

Perez Hilton has a full review of Janet's album which was previewed at a Def Jam listening party in my birth place of London, England on Wednesday.

As you know I reported last year that Jay Z took it hard when producers of the film "American Gangster" passed him over for actor Denzel Washington for the role of heroine dealer Frank Lucas. The decision was a no brainer, but Jay Z took the slight to heart.

Denzel and Jay Z met up Tuesday night at 1st Class Entertainment/Universal Records' R&B Live Showcase at Spotlight in NYC. My spies tell me the two men were cordial to each other but they didn't take pics together.

We are loving Jay Z's Louis Vuitton man purse! He can't be half bad with taste like that!

Check out more pics from the party.

Photos: Think Tank Marketing


If you missed it, Oprah briefly interviewed convicted felon Marion Jones on her show today. Apparently, Jones is already in federal custody and was not able to fly to Chicago to appear in person on the show.

As predicted, Oprah went a little easy on Marion (probably due to time constraints). She asked Jones only one tough question about lying to the feds. Jones told Oprah she "made a mistake" and said God would forgive her even if people didn't. According to radio host Ryan Cameron of the Ryan Cameron Show on V-103, Oprah said it "kills her" when people call on God after they get into trouble.

Jones also told Oprah she and her husband didn't plan to tell their 4-year-old son that mommy was going to jail. Jones choked up when she recounted how her son was upset that she couldn't take him to school this morning.

On Friday, Jones was sentenced to 6 months in the federal pen for lying to the feds about her steroid use and a check fraud scheme.

My inside source was right again! According to People.com, Eddie Murphy and his new wife of two weeks, Tracey Edmond's have split! As I said earlier, it was strange that the couple didn't involve their children when they tied the knot in Bora Bora on New Year's day. Typically a couple includes their chidren (or child) in their wedding if they expect to have any happiness.

So sad. But maybe it's for the best. Eddie had too much baggage going into the marriage, and his trouble plagued history with women (and men) has raised more than a few eyebrows. But Tracey's gold digging past probably didn't help either. Maybe Eddie knew what he ws doing when he "tested the waters" by marrying her in a location where the wedding wouldn't be officially sanctioned in the U.S.

Ladies take note: it doesn't matter how fine a man is if his mind ain't right. He will make you miserable in the long run. Find a homely man who will treat you like a queen so you can grow old together.

Beyonce's little sister Solange Knowles writes (yet another) glowing Myspace blog about life with her son Juelz. A mother's love is a beautiful thing to behold, but Solange takes it a little too far sometimes. She calls him "the coolest kid ever" and writes that he "fusses if he doesn't have a cup of Starbucks coffee with his morning paper."

Wow, that kid is so awesome!

"I have been so blessed that my son is the coolest kid ever. He fusses if he doesn't have a cup of Starbucks coffee with his morning paper. Of course, that first year of not sleeping and just being dedicated to him had tough parts but that’s fine. It’s been a blast for me. A lot of people have doubts, but when you have a child I think it takes a really non-emotional person not to have a blast, no matter what age. I’ve heard stories of people who were 14 that had kids and basically snapped into it and got into the groove of motherhood. I think that emotional attachment, there’s nothing out of it that you could regret."

An Australian Tennis tv commentator infuriated tennis fans and offended African Americans around the world with his sexist remarks about Venus Williams derrière. Roger Rasheed, a former coach of Lleyton Hewitt, made the comments during a slow-motion replay of a match between Venus Williams and China's Yan Zi at the Australian Open this past weekend.

"Take a look at this now," said Rasheed to his co-commentators Tracy Austin and Nicole Bradtke. "Make or think as you will, ladies, but for me, that's a pretty good sight."

Former tennis champ Austin pointed out that Williams had more going for her than just her booty, "she's got her own clothing line.. and she brings more than just her tennis game to the court."

Fans around the country lit up the tv station's switchboard with complaints. Some felt the remarks were inappropriate during a live tennis broadcast.

NBC said there would be no action taken against Rasheed.