Who knew that Young Buck was a bitch at heart? Isn't this the "thug" that you ladies lust after and he turns out to be a bottom bitch?

After slinging mud at G-Unot and 50 Cent, Young Buck tears up in a phone call to Fiddy and begs Fiddy to take him back into the fold cause he's, well, broke. On the other hand, this call exposes the fraudulent lifestyles most of these rappers live. All that perpetrating like they're millionaires when in reality, they're broke and borrowing from Peter to pay Paul.

I bet Monica's glad she didn't stay with this punk! :)

Audio source: Thisis50.com

  • dmgeorge

    How is he going to come out with another album? Dude was crying on the phone!!!! Fifty just played him to get him to beg him for another chance. He know his image as this "thug rapper" is over now. He might as well go to McDonalds or something...rap career...OVER.

  • alana

    I really don't like 50...what kind of GROWN MAN records his phone conversation and then puts it out on the net so other people can laugh? And knowing the kind of IMMATURE loser that 50 is, why on earth would Young Buck even stoop down to ask 50 for his "job" back??? He has no pride whatsoever. As mama would say "Never bite the hand that feeds you". They are both dumb.

  • Coo Coo Bananas

    Okay obviously you don't know Buck.

  • D.Ortiz

    50 cent is going to Hell on a G-5 jet, why they hell would he want to hurt a mans career more than it is obviously hurt now. To keep it 100, there was nothing amusing about that recording and I hope 50 Cents album flops.

    I never thought young buck was a thug, he acts hard like every other rapper on tv, its just playing the role of the game.

  • jamil2008

    That was a real b**ch move on 50's part. I think Young Buck, despite the tears, came to him like a man and obviously in confidence. And like a little 13 year-old girl, he puts him on blast. If anything, this should only make Young Buck stronger and hopefully wiser. 50cent obviously lacks the humility that most of us are born with and sadly, all the money in the world can't change that. Keep ya head up Buck. We've all had to bite the bullet at least once in our lives--even 50.

  • missmiami

    I mean I don't know how to feel about this. It's funny but shit at the same time it's hard out here on these streets and a nigga gotta eat regardless. I'm sure he got bills so hey buck do what you gotta do. However, that was messed up what 50 did. Anyway, besides he was supposed to be a real hard addict so maybe he is realizing that his world is collapsing. Shit, men cry to. LOL!

  • missmiami

    It takes a man to admit when he was wrong or made a mistake. I respect Buck for that cause real recognize real. However, in the end he was the loyalist to 50 cent. However, it is also like abuse when a woman is being beaten by a man. The love the attention he gives her afterwards. It's sad but it's a cycle. Also, at the same time at least Buck has put this out here for all these wannabe rappers to know that this business is real FAKE!!!!

    Damn he must have been on his dick to go out like this. 50 cent needs his ass kicked.

  • TT

    50 is SUPA DUPA DIRTY!! His time will come when he hits rock bottom. I would say hes on his way unless he manages his money right b/c HE hasnt had a hit in the entertainment business in awhile?? The only reason he gets the other endorsement is b/c of who he is but thats slowly but surely fadin away

  • shannon04

    @missmiami....I agree with you it does take a man or a woman to admit truly when they are wrong. Its a shame that 50 felt it was necessary to do this, but like always he wants attention. I hope this teaches a lesson to the youth out here that the mess you see on TV is not real and most people DO NOT have it like that.
    What ever happened to money management????? 50 is ridiculous

  • kwallace577

    awe damn buck! that right there made ME get misty....

    50...what kinda of supposed man ARE YOU to do this? what did you gain?

  • London Marie

    This shit is sad. I'm over here crying and shit.. 50 is a bitch ass nigga. Why would you record that mess. Man my feelings are hurt. When people's back are against the wall it's a tough situation. Buck understands that he has other families life in his ends.. whether they eat or not. And he feels like a loser. Man I feel you for you homie. 50 I hope a nigga kill ya dumb ass.

  • http://www.findentertainmentnow.com miesha@FindEntertainmentNow.com

    50 sux for this one big time. i respect Buck but...he shoulda knew that 50 was the kinda man once you scar him, he will never ever forgive you and he will publically humiliate you. look at viv, the game, his baby mama, roxy, ja rule and every one damn else that he disses...he is the numero uno trash talker in the game today! he is heartless, souless and so damn bitter. he's been thru hell and back but gained 0 humility and gratitude to God for his experience according to his actions. and karma will get him. i hope ciara is not with this guerilla for real!

    damn i hate that Buck is going through this though. It's like "losing" any other job and this is all he knows...ahhhh the pressure in the rap game! he needs some real friends and to not be so dang hopeless. man...

  • https://www.sandrarose.com Sandra Rose

    Please direct your attention to my new post. :)

  • http://www.myspace.com/thegameoncw Bird

    This is why I love Game and why he will always get my money. Say what you want about him, but that dude manned up and told 50 to kiss his mutha f*ckin a$$. I wouldn't spit on 50 if that n*gga was on fire. That crack baby has to be stopped. But I'm not worried about it because the karma on this one is gonna be a b*tch.

    This n*gga got me cursing and using the n-word. I can't stand 50's a$$. Lord forgive me, but I am hating him right now. Buck keep your head up bruh.

  • http://FreshFromTheStreetz.blogspot.com Zuley

    Yep I bet Monica is happy also. She got a cuter thug in that Rocko anyways! ewwwww I never liked "Young Buck" or anyone in the G-Unit all fake thugs and none of them are cute. This video doesn't surprise me one bit. These niggas are some straight bottom bytches all of them.

  • Bubbles

    50 is a cold blooded heartless fool with no soul. Why would he records this and release it? It's obvious Buck has some serious drug problems he doesn't even know what the hell he's doing.


  • http://www.smokiesays.blogspot.com/ Smokie

    How can Buck ever come back from, "I get conf-u-used... [sniffle]"

    50 is a dog for this, but this is the big leagues. You gotta love him... "This is 50.com!" LOL LOL

  • http://www.smokiesays.blogspot.com/ Smokie

    At the end of the day it's just rap = entertainment.

  • GaPeach2005

    Okay is everyone forgetting what Buck did. Okay maybe 50 was wrong for releasing the type but how would feel if you're trying to help someone get their career back and help them get money, but when you turn your back they dogging you. Buck shouldn't start something he can't finish with a man that he knows have shit on him. 50 did what people do when they are being use and disrespect. They get back without thinking first. Buck should have watch his mouth.

  • cocoa49

    i wonder when this conversatiion was....was it before the f**k g-unit of after......if before the f**k g-unit then this is how 50 is responding to it....if after then 50 shouldn't had release this conversation...it was between him and buck.....sad

  • uptopgrl

    At this point in the rap game who the heck cares the music sucks. People can hate on 50 all day but this man is a business man and he will never see his self broke or back in the hood again. I mean Jay did the same thing as 50 at the end of the day it is business.

    Please somebody help the music industry

  • LongLegged


    I sense some BITCHASSNESS!

  • sali

    I don't understand why everyone is hating on 50. Buck talked shyt about 50 so 50 showed the world who the real man was. Corporate white america does it everyday. Is it right? not all of the time but to swim amongst the sharks you gotta be the shark.

    The problem is that Buck thought he was just like Game but failed to realize that Game actually had a successful album. I'm not heartless, I do feel bad for Buck but he had to know what 50 was capable of doing being that they spent a lot of time 2gether.

  • London Marie

    LOL @ Smokie.. I was finished when he said he was confused. That ish through me for a loop. I still can't believe fif decided to let the whole world hear that man's emotional breakdown. That's super mean.


    I'm sorry but this ish was too funny... 50 is a lotta things, but boring isnt one!!! LMAO


    Someone please tell me what Monica has to do with this... If I'm not mistaken, Buck had a main chick & Mo was on the side. But whatever, nobody wants a man who would humiliate himself like this!!

  • missdisrection

    50 probably records all his calls; think about it.

  • gemini83

    Damn Buck! I HATE when men cry.

    Anyway, laffin @ Bird sayin: That crack baby has to be stopped.

    U crazy 4 that!

  • tintin

    damn. buck is over.and 50 was smart he wouldn't have taped that. he has to keep in mind that buck making money means more money for him and now who the hell would want to buy bucks album after this bitch conversation.

  • pinkvirgo

    How old is 50 again?This is not normal for a man and I use the term Loosely.Something is wrong w/50 he better humble himself or something bads gonna happen to him.Buck I still love u,we all fall off from time to time.Hell if anyone of us had the right conversation recorded we wouldn't look so stellar either.In Luda voice "50 U's a hoe" hoe!


    I'm sure this man tapes calls for legal reasons. 50 is far from stupid & he knows if someone takes him to court, he has everything recorded. When u're sheisty, cut-throat & rich, u have to cover ur ass at all times.

  • BayArea

    Just say NO to drugs!!!!! It is no secret Buck snorts (ask Monica Sandra)!! That was the crack head talking in that conversation. 50 cent just needs to do an intervention...

  • pointhimout

    i dont know why yall still pretending to not get 50. it's about him. 48 laws of power. if you give him something that he can use against you, be it now or 20 years from now, he's gone use it.

    not only is he not gonna let young buck back into the circle, but he publicly humiliated him in an effort to end his rap career.

    hopefully, this is a learning experience for young buck. i dont think this made him weak or 'begging' for his job back. he admitted his faults, putting himself out there. he was vulnerable and 50 put him on blast. yeah, most dudes gone try to clown him, but the ones who know what its like to be in this position will relate. it takes a big person to buckle down and ask for forgiveness. wow wow wow

  • pinkvirgo

    I always though it was against the law to record conversations w/o both parties consent.Go fig?

  • http://www.myspace.com/bettathaniwasb4 2bme

    i am the minority here..50 taped that convo because of insurance..buck has been talking greasy from jump..it wasn't released until AFTER Buck got on stage a few days ago being big and bad..how he stands up from this only time will tell..but i can't fault 50 on this one

  • blkdiamonn

    i am the minority here..50 taped that convo because of insurance..buck has been talking greasy from jump..it wasn’t released until AFTER Buck got on stage a few days ago being big and bad..how he stands up from this only time will tell..but i can’t fault 50 on this one
    Great Point!! 50 gotta cover his own ass...he got to much to lose!! Young Buck sounds is clearly on drugs because what kinda man would go and talk shit about they boss in front of an audience, and then go back and beg for they forgiveness, especially when it's somebody like 50 who u know is out cold. He has no pride or self respect!!

    Sandra is right, he's a bottom Bitch...he need to get his mind right!! He probably DL for real..a real homo thug!!!

  • pinkvirgo

    My thing is why does 50 have beef w/EVERYONE. Drama Queen!

  • http://www.myspace.com/thegameoncw Bird

    gemini83 Says:

    Anyway, laffin @ Bird sayin: That crack baby has to be stopped.

    U crazy 4 that!

    My problem with 50 is that our children look up to him. Children who are already disadvantaged are not being helped by 50 in any way. Whatever charitable works he may do are erased by the negativity that reaches a much larger audience. It saddens me to think that anyone thinks this is ok, or worse, funny. 50 can't record people for legal reasons. It is illegal to record a conversation without the other party's consent so it's not like he could use the recordings in court. I have no doubt he set Buck up with this converstation.

  • http://notenoughrealmen.blogspot.com 2thick4u

    Damn...I applaud 50 with this one!!!

    Niggas talk greasy about this man but behind closed doors crying and shit.

    This man has to protect life, liberty, property and investments!!!

    Call 50 gully all you want but the man is SMART!!!

    Who has been out for less than 5 years in the rap industry and has an interview with Forbes as one of the Richest people in America...no one!!!!

    Gotta Love Him...Thisis50.com BITCHES!!!!

  • http://notenoughrealmen.blogspot.com 2thick4u

    Bird said...
    50 can’t record people for legal reasons. It is illegal to record a conversation without the other party’s consent so it’s not like he could use the recordings in court.

    This video was altered to add Thisis50.com and shoutouts, how do we know that he didn't inform the other party that they were being taped!!!

    Setup or not...his ass never should bite the hand that feeds him!!!!

  • gemini83

    Ok, maybe I missed it, but what did Buck do to Fiddy anyway?

  • maema

    young buck really sounds mentally challenged. i am not surprised he has no money. it's a shame, though. he's done.

  • ggouch

    I heard this on the Beat this morning...and it is funny as all get out, especially when you read and/or hear the stuff coming from BUCK's mouth...ARe you kidding me...Now you are on the phone crying to another grown man talking about "I Stepped out of line" "I was confused" "I was wrong"....JUST like the son who "bucks" up at that daddy for the first time...he had to be taught a lesson. "Now don't let it happen again son...now go on in there and wipe the snot from your nose"

  • pinkvirgo

    50 did not do this to protect himself.He did it to embarass Buck ya'll are crazy if you think anything else.

  • ms.peaches

    I mad that my first comment didn't post(lol) anyway I will agree that 50 may have reason to record his calls considering his beef with his baby momma, but to air that conversation with Buck was just dirty!! If he was trying to play him then he should never have said to stay close to him & it will be alright(whatever)!! Notice how he said the only one that was really safe was Yayo & thats cause he is his flunky for real!! anyway Buck I still got love for you boo keep your head up!!

  • lovejoy1

    OK- lets get real now. if some one talks about me side ways in public I would have to result in that byotch move too. pay back is a bYtch and revenge is a motherfcker. and best believe a whole lot of people up here would too...

  • lovejoy1

    @ Bird, why would you want your children to look up to fiddy or any other negative rappersor celebs. I much rather my child look up to Obama or any other positive black men or women, not necessarily a celebrity. Children should look up to the black men who are around them every day. No grip with u Bird but I am soo sick of that statement right about now.

  • AugustTee

    Actually men like Ron Isley do not end owing the IRS millinons because of flossing. Ron has been a celebrity long enough to floss as much as he wants. In the USA (since you are from elsewhere) as early as the 1940's , many blacks that made lots of money relied on someone else telling them what, when, where, how and why to spend. Many believed that honest management and cpas took care of their tax woes. This was not the case. This is also why MANY of our Black entertainment pioneers lost their fortunes due to taxes. No one was taking care of Uncle Same (at least not in the manner Uncle Same liked). All of these records are public. You will be surprised at how many Black entertainers, doctors, etc lost their hard earned dollars because of this. It was more important to the powers that be that these people earn without the education of how to hold onto what they earned. This has been going on for decades.