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As you know there was a recent public spat involving G-Unit boss 50 Cent and one of his AWOL soldiers, Young Buck. Fiddy alleges Buck owes him upwards of $200,000. Buck admitted this much during a secretly recorded phone conversation between himself and 50.

It seems 50 Cent thought Young Buck was doing club gigs to pay him his money while he (50) was away on tour in Africa. But such was not the case as 50 came back home to find out that Buck was sitting on his ass doing nothing for a month. So 50 did what any financial institution would do in his situation - he applied the pressure to that ass.

Now I hear Buck is taking offers to appear in nightclubs around the South to repay 50 what he owes him. It might take a while though. I hear Buck is only getting $30,000 per night.

Also appearing at Dreamz Nightclub on Saturday (6/21) was Rick Ross, Chamillionaire and Lil' Scrappy.

Rick Ross, Lil' Scrappy and Chamillionaire

Rick Ross and Young Buck

Lil' Scrappy and Mz Shyneka (Hot 107.9)

Ms Kitty (XM RAW 66), Lil' Scrappy and guest

More pics after the break!

Leo G (XM RAW 66) and Miss Kitty (XM RAW 66)

Industry folk

Pastor Troy

Local flavor from Decatur

Remember what I taught you kids about diamonds that don't bling?

Check out Buck's footwork

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  • stylerazzi

    Imma need for Buck to stop stuntin andpay 50 back!!!! Rocking all that fake @ss jewelery when everyone and they mama know your @ss is broke is NOT gangsta!!!! That's the only thing in the world that gets under my skin. When someone owes you money and you see them rocking the freshest gear and the latest sneakers but they haven't paid you back yet!!!!!

  • stylerazzi

    oh yeah, almost forgot.....Rick Ross is looking FINE FINE FINE but can someone tell him to put his glasses back on and then explain to me why he is rocking that little, itty bitty, chain that lookes like a choker necklace?!?!? Enquiring minds would like to know

  • brwnsugga4you

    Sandra says: I hear Buck is only getting $30,000 per night.

    ~~~that's all some people are making in a year. to show up for an event and do a few songs and get paid $30k...i'll take it!~~~~

  • brinabelle

    in the pic of rick ross and young buck, rick ross is looking like 'this nicca here'.. :lol:

    Lil Scrappy looks so yummy! unfortunately he's been hitting Diamond and if that's his track record, i don't want none of him!

  • pyt_504

    Good Morning everyone!!!!!!!!! Im tired as heck! What a weekend i had in "da boot"!

    Now to the pics....
    talk about 50 all ya want but he is a good business man.. i just hope he can get mush mouth off his ass..YUNG BUCK PAY THE MAN!!!
    Rick ross is sooooooooo not handsome

    Why lil scappy cant close his mouth? he must be a mouth breather

    Miss Kitty and Leo is a hot ass mess! They pay you to talk not take pics! Stay behind the mic!!

    The girls all in black... umm why ya'll didnt tell ol girl that her hanger staps was hanging out! She should have cut that crap off when she bought that dress..WRONG WRONG WRONG

    Pastor troy.. Im not a fan of dreds but his are neatly fixed

    I like buck's nike's but he could have fixed the laces a little better.. come here and let me tie your shoes boy!

  • brinabelle

    oh yes, that wet and wavy crew needs to stop..only twins/triplets/ etc between the ages of 0-12 dress alike..they look so cheap


    okay so here goes:

    damn i wish scrappy would learn to close his mouth!

    that raw 66 station seems ghetto as hell!

    the local flavor from decatur is ghetto as hell.

    and those "industry folks" are actually names. like for example the dude who you also named in an earlier pic as a "guest" is a popular, money making producer, Drumma Boy, from the Drum Squad. He's also worked with Greg Street on a project and done a few albums. He's that thang! the female on the end right of that same picture is Katena Keno, she has her own PR company and works with such artists like Ludacris, Q Parker, Ne-Yo, and other big events. She's one of the best PR around in the A.

  • brwnsugga4you

    whew...that miss kitty reminds me a of a gremlin...yuck!!!

  • Bird

    Dang, you really hate Buck. Have you ever met him? The scenario you just described is not totally accurate. Based on what I heard on the call, Buck's manager told 50 and Buck that Buck had gigs in support of his solo album that conflicted with G-Unit gigs. As it turned out, Buck didn't have the gigs. You made it sound like dude would rather sit home watching the stories rather than travelling the world doing what he loves to do. I got the impression that Buck's manager screwed him over. I hope he has fired him.

  • cinnamonkisses97

    LOL @ PYT 504 , check um !!!!!


    uhhhh i know stylrazzi was joking about that chimp guerilla looking, "fine fine fine." (almost throws up in mouth)
    he is SOOOOOOOOOO scary looking. but damn i LOVE his music! "Hustlin'", "Boss". EEEEEEEEYEAAAAAAAAAAH MANE!


    I have nothing nice to say so i wont say anything at all. I only have 2 questions: was this 'busted b!tch nite' & where was scrappy's bottom bust it, Diamond & her blue eye shadow?

  • pyt_504

    MOCHA----------> to the corner

  • karaz

    figures miss kitty would look like that...

  • stylerazzi

    @miesha......... unfortunately NOT!!!!! LMAO!!!!! That man just does something for me. Don't quite know what it is but DAMN!!!!!!

  • missmiami


  • ELove

    I must Take-Back the Karma comment on 50 cents regarding the first audio sandra had on this site...
    I KNOW all the facts now and Buck is Dead-Wrong and a Coke-Head on top of that, He recklessly went thru $8 million dollars being very Foolish-n-Stupid But Hey, Snorting Large-Amounts of BLOW will make you do those type of things ;-)

    And Big-UPS to Ross-the-Boss... RRRROOOOOOSSSSSSS ;-)

  • teecee

    if buck is getting 30k a nite with no cd out he better do all the shows he can with those people because in other places in the states he couldnt get that at all. i doubt he get more than 10k any place else in the states.

  • candycane

    I didnt know Lil Scrappy still rapped. Is he only popular in the South? On the pic with the Decatur Flavor in brown, the third girl HELL OF looks like Telma Hopkins from Tony Orlando & Dawn (yeaaaaaaaah I went way back) and Family Matters.

    Buck better stop before 50 gotta go Ike on him. ANNA MAE!!

  • shunda

    my eyes hurt bad from looking at Rick Ross. The flavor from Decatur needs to drive to Atlanta and get their weaves fixed. Pastor Troy needs to shave.

  • ThatCarmen

    Every person in every single picture (except Mz Shyneka) looks a hot damn mess. ... I am so glad that I am out of the club scene.... things were so much more worth looking at back in tha day.

    And I am in doubt that Ms. Kitty has a 'kitty.

  • 2thick4u

    Damn...Buck gets paid 30k a night?!!

    He will have 50 paid off in no time. I think you have your numbers wrong Sandra...he wouldn't have been crying if that's the case.

    Buck looking all dirty from the dick down...what was he doing!!!

  • KittyHummerKitty

    Buck is SO sexy!

  • NC_NYer

    Ross is having a great year - but I agree, put the glasses back on! (Just like Ne-Yo, who's also cool, but needs to keep the hat on)

    Scrappy is cool - but he must have a "mouth always open for a picture" rule....

    Peace to the XM Raw crew...(they have faces for

    Telma Hopkins??!! did go back. I just did a quick check at IMDB for recent pics....YEP! Girl #3 could be related! And study girl #4 CLOSELY - doesn't she look like she could be related to Lloyd?! All good though - I'm gonna chill & let these girls do their thing...

  • NC_NYer

    And no...Ne-Yo is not in any pictures....I was just saying...when you get used to people looking a certain way (LL Cool J with a hat on), it's hard to see them differently...that's all.

  • NC_NYer

    And interesting how her name came she has a part in Mike Myers' new movie..."The Love Guru"

  • Mimi Renee all I have to say @ Ms. Kitty. I listen to her show sometimes on XM Satelite radio and I never pictured her to look like that. I guess thats why some people do radio.

  • prynsexxx

    Ms. Kitty looks like a Tom Cat.

    I promise lil Scrappy looks like he has a mouth guard in.

    And while mentioning Buck being a coke head, Rick Ross looks like he's been in that devil's dandruff as well.

  • milly

    30K a night..I dont know about that

  • katgirl33

    30,000 a night? He could have 50 paid back in 30 days, and still make a profit......


  • goat76

    Is that the rapper Quan with Scrappy and Ms. Kitty....

  • bklynchick

    Buck ain't making 30k a gig!! Be for real!! He really needs to pay 50 before he become "Broke Buck"
    Lil Scrappy looks like his name off of Scooby Do!! Lawd those ladies in the black dresses help them please!!

  • eastpointvet

    buck chain looking mighty thin

  • candycane

    @NC_NYer THE 4TH girl does look like Lloyd, a lil more mannish than Lloyd too. LOL!!! Girlfriend has strong features, she must look like her dad