Man, that Kabbalah Center must be some cool place for kids. I've never seen children so happy to be attending a meeting at a radical religious organization. When I was a kid my mom took my brothers and I to a church ran by the Salvation Army in the Bronx, NY.

Talk about oppression.

The rigid nuns who ran the church considered logical reasoning and free thinking to be tools of the devil. Within no time I was booted out of Sunday school and asked never to return. My mom eventually found a new church home for us where questions were encouraged in Sunday school.

Maybe Kabbalah is the same way. They're doing something right in there 'cause Madonna's kids look downright giddy - like they're going to Disney World. I wonder how much of Madonna's finances is tied up in the Kabbalah. Can anyone just walk in off the street and attend whether they have money or not?

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  • pinky2083

    That little boy is too cute!


    oh the youngest son is sooooooo cute! but they are all cute kiddies.

    weird...the sun glasses look photo-shopped on lourdres (daughter).

  • brwnsugga4you

    ^^^cute kids...and the glasses do look^^^

  • LovelyLady

    That is not her "SEED" lol IMO...........lil David is sooooooooo cute though

  • Made4Success

    Yeah, MadonnaRod has some cute kids. I am not being mean or saying that Lordes (sp?) has to conform to what society says is the norm, but I just want to do something to her eyebrows and mustache. They stand out, but maybe that's what distinguishes Lordes from the rest?!?!

  • milly

    Cute Children

  • shunda

    I too wonder about Kabbalah. Anyone know their principle belief? My daughter had some wild eyebrows and I took her to get them shaped up not arched. I'm just saying

  • Coo Coo Bananas

    Do believe she peeled back 21 million to build that Kaballah school in NY.

  • prynsexxx

    Lil David is cute as ever.

    Is he suppose to be our Morning Wood?


    @prynsexxx, he's better than most of the ish we've been getting


    "Can anyone just walk in off the street and attend whether they have money or not"

    Yes they can. I work with someone who has been involved with kabbalah-ism for about 15 years. and he's far from rich. its scientology that dont want poor people to be associated with them

  • PAHairston

    I too love, just absolutely love, to see happy, well-adjusted children. After all, they are our future. Folks always say that money ain't er thang but childdddddddddd, I'd rather be rich and unhappy any day of the yr than poor and unhappy, know what I mean? Besides, most of God's main men in the Bible were rich men, look at His disciples. It's the love of money that's the root of all evil and if you do good with it, you will be blessed. As always, I leave you in peace.

  • Smokie

    Salvation Army church? What kind of homeless upbringing did YOU come from???

  • iyonah

    LOl @ you Smokie. SOU!

  • ThatCarmen

    Agree Sandra! I must have been asked to never come back to every church of almost every religion there is.... for simply asking questions! If there is not a reasonable answer.... then, they always wanna throw up "dont question God"... or "just have faith"... My God wants me to question and understand him. Good for Madonna and whatever she is doing for those kids. They seem happy and are adorable.


    she know how to hand pick her kids...she get's the good looking one.i'm not mad at her..all of her kids are cute..

  • katgirl33

    Her babies look so happy.....looks like they are having a lot of fun. Can't knock her for having happy babies.....her little girl looks exactly like her.

  • browni007

    David is too darned cute for his own good

  • hellava10

    makes you want to pinch his cheeks!