Ciara has finally spoken out (publicly) on The Ciara Diaries which we brought to you exclusively a couple of months ago.

Ciara disses which we expected since we put all her business out on front street.

We told you about her man 50 Cent sending his boys to Atlanta to repossess his Phantom. Fiddy admitted that much in a blog on his site

In an interview with Angela Yee of Shade45 Morning Show, Ciara spoke on my Ciara Diaries and said it was all lies. She referred to this blog as "negative" which is fine. At least she's reading it!

She drops the names of other blogs and goes on about how positive they are -- which is nice of her. Of course, she won't admit to being a member and leaving numerous comments on this blog as "Brit".

But it is interesting that she knew all about logging into my site. Right, Ciara? I noticed you haven't canceled your registration boo. Afraid I might put out Ciara Diaries Pt. 4 and you won't be able to read it?

In fact, I think I will publish Ciara Diaries Pt. 4 since I do have information that I promised I wouldn't put out there. But since you want to keep it going, I don't see where I have any other choice. Now do I?

This audio is interesting to say the least. She actually sounds hurt as if she had no part in any of the negativity. It's interesting that Ciara was going around dogging out her former manager until I published my Ciara Diaries and then she stopped.

When Angela asked her about her former manager, she refused to comment on that. What's the matter, CiCi? Worried about that lawsuit she's filing against you?

OOPS! I wasn't supposed to mention that was I? :)

I still love Ciara -- the artist, not the person. If Ciara -- the artist -- ever puts out another hit record, I will be bumping it. But Ciara, the person, is dead to me. She has a lot of growing up to do. Good luck on your new album Ciara and that lawsuit. I hope she takes you to the cleaners.

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  • Anna

    I have never commented on a Ciara post. Not because I love her or hate her. Just a cookie cutter singer and I am sure I know something she sings but it does not stick with me like knowing Rhi or Bey or MiMi songs. Sandra Ciara is going to get you for calling her out as being Brit in the room. LOL.


    lol , gotcha b*tch!...go sandra!


    wow! look what i found :
    19Brit Says:

    Sandra you know this is a damn lie!! The reason Ciara fired Philana’s lame ass is because she wasn’t doing her job. She did decent helping Ciara become a urban star, but that’s not enough. Now Ciara has the great manager that she deserves. Philana needs to go focus on that flop Tiffany Evans now! Oh and FYI Sandra “The Evolution” is double platinum, that’s hardly a flop. Also if Ciara is so mean and crazy then tell me why is it that Every celeb who talks about her always has nothing but good things to say about her?

  • free

    sandra = pitbull w/lipstick!!



  • Mzsuave

    Dayum Sandra, lil harsh dontcha think???

  • DivineBrown

    Wow...her albums went platinum?
    Didn't know that.

    Why does Ciara think she is gonna blow up?

    After that made for TV volleyball movie with the Cheeta girl...she can hang it up.

    Non singing azz girl

    Why is she holding that bag like that?

    Vuitton doesn't impress me like it used to! They need to graduate to Hermes!

  • Rell

    No Sandra I love your blog, but you are being messy! You always praised Ciara constantly until Philana got the boot! Apparently she deserved it, and there always comes a time in life when we simply have to move on. You are a grown woman much older than Ciara, and you are acting like she did something to you or you are out to get here. What if some of the things were really true, which I doubt. What if someone called themselves blasting you and making fun of you on several blog posts? Trying to tear down someone else because you are upset with whatever is not the right way to do things. P.S. I know you hate Beyonce...but i had to bring this into this post, Beyonce killed her video dancing nonstop like a young Tina Turner...damn she killed the video. Ooops...i know you love to tear her down just like you do Ciara! So everyone lets meditate on the fact that Ciara is doing her damn thing...cuz she a GO GIRL!!!


    hmmm sandra i hate you feel this way about ciara. i like her myself.

    cant wait till the new album drops!

  • 2bme

    Ciara knew you would respond so there has to be an ulterior motive..she CAN'T be that stupid..c'mon with number 4..hell we can all be ain't my life




    its normal for a human being to lash out at you if you lash out at them.

    anger is normal. it is a feeling that we all have. anger is a emotion.

    dont dish it out if you cant handle it coming back to you.


    y dont you just google ciara and find out


    sorry yall, i got hell in me every since that lyfe jennings post

  • spongebobfan

    Ciara is as Average as C+, i enjoy her new vid, (in comparasion to beyonces i like go girl way better) but she still average, however when someone biz is put out there on front street i would talk sideways too

  • spongebobfan


    co sign, i know my gucci

  • keely107

    Where is Brit?????? LMAO. IS that reaklly Ciara Auntie?

  • tunanny





    tunanny Says:



  • Sharonda

    :shock: oh my gosh!!!I couldn't help but laugh through this post and it's almost the end of the day lol

    Heard her albums was push back further than MJ's hairline.

  • pinky2083

    Damn Sandra!

  • dcwife1622

    I'm not a Ciara fan, my 13 yr old daughter is but Sandra you are old enough to be this girls grandmother. Stop the back and forth. How many people have you put on blast this year?


    I see why other blogs say you need a body guard.

  • Sharonda

    I looked at the link and "brit" is ALL over that post lol.I mean she is ENGAGED in it.

  • TheSinfulLife

    This post was BEYOND petty.

  • ELove

    SEE This-Is-Why I NEED sandra in my life LOL
    Get in her AZZ Why Don't Cha (I LIKE THAT!!!) ;-)

  • Mzsuave

    @E-love...u just like azz period ;)

  • candycane

    Rell Says:

    What if someone called themselves blasting you and making fun of you on several blog posts?

    LOLOLOL!!!!!!!!!! Google Sandra Rose, TRUST!!!! there are pages and pages of Sandra blasting.

  • kwallace577

    where you been suave? see? i notice when each and every one of yall is missing.

    anywho i am gonna have to go back and read b/c all of this ciara diaries ish happened while i was on timeout. during my summertime banning i think (may-august). i get banned'ed so often i forget during which time xx happened.. ha!

  • eastpointvet

    yall leave cici alone thats my baby

  • DivineBrown

    I'm on my blackberry and it LOOKED like first glance.

  • Mzsuave

    Hey the new gig doesn't have internet access :( so I have to cop my dosage from my phone. I'm here tho fam :)

  • cocoa49

    i have listened to a few of ciara's interviews and they are so boring....she really has nothing to speak on. if they don't ask her about 50 then there is nothing else. she was on Hot 97 yesterday and it was a waste. her new management is pushing her to all these interviews for promotion but it is just blah.oh and brit hated me lol. i would say things on purpose to get brit's reaction. if these things are true about her, then she still has a lot of growing up to do. age means nothing if you are mentally stuck at a young age. i am really surprised at 50, i would thing he would someone more mature acting.

  • 2bme

    ^^oh please they are two peas in the same f'd up pod..50 is a damn child himself

  • here4beer

    DAYUM. Put em on blast then, Sandra.

    Ciara is on fire on the dance floor but her singing in nothing to write home about. I'll always watch the videos but only my kids bump her music.

  • aqtpie

    Sandra, Sandra, Sandra, you dont have to be messy! If these things about Ci-Ci are true, karma doesn't need any help.

  • brenden

    I must have missed the Ciara diaries. Not a fan, but I coulda swore you used to praise her. I remember it was weird cuzz at 1 point you were hinting that she might be a lez, which actually made me gain interest in her. The thought of her and Rihanna bumping coochies gave me pants a lil Then all of a sudden the lesbian accusations disappeared and she became this artist you constantly praised and now not so much? I don't know whats going on. I do know she has a nice speaking voice judging by the interview you posted. I'm still not a fan of hers, I'm just too old for her brand of music, but I was pleasantly surprised by the way she spoke. She didn't say phrases like "cuzz at the end of the day" or yanno every 10

  • BayArea

    Ciara has a lot of nerves. She is with or was with the must negative person in the game. 2cent 50. Anybody doing better than him he will have something negative to say! Ciara was a fan of this site (posting way back in the day) until the tables turn on her a$$! Suck it up and keep it moving!

  • LB

    I didn't really read these diary things. i only noticed that Ciara was on Sandra's safe list for a long time and then all of the sudden, she wasn't lol.

  • iyonah

    Sandra I am no STAN for Ci but let the girl go on,is this really worth a POST --NO!

  • pointhimout

    us all on the outside looking in...i do agree. if philana was fired, she shouldn't burn any bridges in that industry. entertainment is too broad, yet small, to be slangin mud. ciara chose new management to move further along and beyond being an urban celebrity. that's not firing you..that's moving with a team who can make that happen. relish in the success of ciara and let it go.

    i'm not into the 'i hate you cuz my friend hate you' bs. that's crazy. ciara's a great performer. it's no secret her singing is lackluster, but she dances and entertains her ass off. its' time for her to move on the something bigger, especially if she wants to compete with rhianna and beyonce. those two can show up to bet AND mtv and be well rcvd. right now, ciara can only show up to BET. SHE WANTS HER MTV. we can understand that.

  • Bubbles

    So Sandra is basically confirming that the notorious Philana Williams is her source. I wonder how her lawsuit against Ciara will fare in court when it's proven she leaks her clients information to bloggers. Very unprofessional.

  • 2bme

    ^^^ummm Bubbles if the speculation wasn't there you just gave them reason to think that...

  • KaraZ

    I though Necole beechie was Sandra's friends? When did Sandra put her on blast. Sandra if that's true, as my 3yr old neice would say "that not nice, don't do it again ok!"

    umm Bubbles, you know that artist's team leak information all the time to bloggers and papparazzi, it's part of the publicity engine that is necessary to keep these generic no talent weaved up/tatted up artist's on everyone's lips... so I hope you have nothing to do with Ciara's legal team, otherwise she's going to be shelling out some money.

    As far as Ciara, she's really fugging up, because all sorts of media, legitimate and lil ol bloggers aren't feeling her so much after that "Vibe made me naked" nonsense she tried to spin.


    Speaking of Ciara, did any of you see her on the BET Hip Hop Awards last night? she looked awfyl. Her hair was a mess no one in the audience applauded much for her. She slowing going down the drain. She is one hell of a dancer, can't take that from her, but that about the extent of her career. She may want to explore other avenues once her fame is over.

  • Krysi J

    Well, well, well....she actually had the nerve to respond....Ciara....I told you about your image...its fragile and the last thing you need to do is add fuel to the fire, but DO IT YOUR WAY "GO GIRL"...maybe something good will come outta this for you. I hope the choices you have made are not starting to take their toll....take it from TIP "the price of fame cost too much," Do unto others as you would have them do unto you. If none of the info Sandra posted is true why would you care....??? I noticed you didn't comment on the VIBE cover??? Did they threaten to sue you too?

  • sali

    I gotta side with Auntie Sandra on this one. After the whole diaries thing she hasn't posted about Ciara anything positive or negative (not that I remember) so why comment on it but then not say anything about her manager. Ciara can dance and she's proven that but her singing is studio good not live good.

  • Bubbles

    KaraZ Says:
    umm Bubbles, you know that artist’s team leak information all the time to bloggers and papparazzi, it’s part of the publicity engine that is necessary to keep these generic no talent weaved up/tatted up artist’s on everyone’s lips…

    The diaries/exspose only started after Ms Philana was fired. Sandra just revealed for the first time that Philana has an upcoming lawsuit against Ciara. Clearly Philana confided in her about this, showing a pattern.

    Whatever the case this entire episode is extremely petty and vindictive.Particularly considering both Sandra and Philana are old enough to be Ciara's mother.

  • Mrsdawsondn

    Wow sandra you just put her on blast permanently lol

  • terika83

    Lol Told yall i was right! I knew she was Brit, you could tell.

  • terika83

    Sandra, that was kinda mean and dramatic though…Ciara the person is DEAD to you? Really? Ouch….

  • TheSinfulLife

    When Sandra goes hard on a particular celeb, like Ciara or Beyonce, I believe it's because she feels like she's been snubbed by them in some type of way. Maybe they didn't answer a phone call or an interview request or stop for a picture... then she goes on an all-out smear campaign. Because I remember a time when she was lovin' on Ciara HARD.

    On the flip side, when she promotes/stalks the hell out of style and talent challenged people like Diamond, I believe there's been some type of payola or ass kissing involved.

    Sandra, you're all over the place. And a lot of times, it never makes sense. That's why I don't believe 99% of the info posted on here as it pertains to celeb's personalities or the extreme negative slants you sometimes put on their personal business.

  • Deep Thoughts

    Wouldn't supporting Ciara the artist, enable Ciara the person?

    Just a thought, until we realize the strength of controlling our race by lack of support we will never see a change in the tactics of the artist due to their mindset as a person.

  • candi21

    I like Ciara more than Beyakky. Next time dont feed the animals CICI, unless its all positive. Make the negative ones "bite you" while iggin them.

  • Jazmyne

    ahh forget ciara but do you see that gucci bag she is holding? what is that on it? did it come like that?


  • kisha kimi

    Well what ever happened to this " lawsuit" you spoke of? Lying ,fake ass info. Smh