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While in Paris, France for Fashion Week yesterday, singer Usher dropped about 20K on hand tailored Italian suits. Usher stopped by Dsquared2 for a fitting with fashion designers Dan and Dean who will be creating the suits for Usher's upcoming "Ladies Only Tour." According to That B!tch, tickets for Usher's tour are going for $100 a pop. If you can spare $150 in today's tight economy, you can go backstage to meet the crooner himself. Hey, desperate times calls for desperate measures.


Singer Mario took DC school children on a field trip to the Nationals stadium today. It would have been nice if he got a little closer to the kids for a group shot.

Source: NY Post

He's not a celebrity, but he will be when he shows off his new Bart Simpson tattoo to his kindergarten class come Monday. Why is this little boy cheesing and grinning, but tough guys like Jermaine Dupri scream in pain when they get a tattoo? Tattoos can't be as bad as these soft rappers claim if a 3-year-old can stand it.

  • DivineBrown

    I love Usher...but he needs to stop taking fashion tips from Will.I.Am. THAT IS NOT THE BUSINESS...

    He is looking mighty thin these day!

    Why can't we just rewind to Confessions and Seduction Usher?

  • toosexy

    tatoos do hurt, thats a marker.

  • WeezysBaby

    Pain is pleasure lol

  • mizzdallas

    Mario can get the business! I rape that little youngin

  • toosexy

    Gosh, I have 4, and the one on my foot(little stars), gave me the most pain, the one that was the least painful was on my azz cheek( my cherries)

  • ldorisca

    Is Sandra Serious? Does she really believe this boy is getting a tatoo?

  • Mzsuave

    No...ldorisca...Auntie just be playing a lot.

    I know I may stand alone on this one...but Usher looks cute in his lil nutt-grabber suits. I like, I like.

  • ReadTheBlog

    Why do people think those Urkle frames are hot? Everyone doesn't look good in em... Why is it we've seen 2 different candids of Usher and other women, this week? Why don't we ever see candids of Usher and Tameka?

    Hey Sand, when you gonna post on Delishs and her wedding and her being preggers?

  • iyonah

    I just want to know if Urdh intends on dacing around in those fancy pantsy suits????

  • iyonah

    I just want to know if Ursh intends on dancing around in those fancy pantsy suits????


    I'm not feeling the glasses on Usher.

  • Charles

    JD also screams when he gets a teeth cleaning, oh wait he doesnt get those. LAWL!


  • Candi Apple

    Usher needs to jack his swagger back. He does not look focused anymore. He is more focused on the media than his career. Glad momma is back but she may not be able to save him. Fans are so unforgiving at times.

  • iscream

    150.00 is a great price for a show and a meet and greet. In NYC 150.00 will get you 2nd mezz 3rd row side stage.

    When Jay did the fade to black them tickets ran $1,500 & better to meet him.

    If Usher cheats on Tameeka would that make the new girl is mustache.

  • prynsexxx

    Some of Usher's pants need to be "let out" a few inches in the waist. The tightness looks unbearable. He has them tailored that tight, it eliminates the work of him having to squeeze his "cheeks" together.

    I like the tan pant and blue and white striped shirt get-up.

  • browni007

    are those ugly azz glasses catching on.

  • Anna

    browni007 Says:

    are those ugly azz glasses catching on.

    I sure hope not. It has to be a Hollyweird thing, like all of them wear scarves around their necks. I do like the scarves though, I just wondered why the trend started in the summer time but everyone was to "cool/hip" to take them off.