Pictures of Chris Brown taken while he cowered in the back seat of an SUV after being released on $50,000 bail, show redness and swelling on the knuckles of his right hand and a small break in the skin on the joint of his right index finger. The injury is consistent with a bite mark.

Which means Rihanna put up a fight and left evidence of an ass whooping on Brown.

There are also pics floating around the Internet supposedly showing Chris Brown pumping gas while Rihanna sat in his silver Lambo the night of the savage attack.

Actually, those photos were taken late Friday-early Saturday morning.

Celebrity Vibe has a shot of Rihanna and Chris in his silver lambo literally minutes before he assaulted her inside the Lambo in the wee hours of Sunday morning.

Earlier reports stated the fight started in their limo, but those reports were incorrect. The fight occurred in Brown's Lambo and then spilled into the street near Hancock park which is miles away from the hotel where the couple were staying in Hollywood.

Some bloggers are speculating that the two were on the hunt for some weed or ecstasy before the fight broke out. But I highly doubt that.

Both CB and Rihanna fled the scene on foot leaving behind the Lambo which was towed to a police impound lot.

Photos (Chris): INF DAILY

  • Charles

    WRONG OH she bit his hand please whose the one who got put in the hospital not CHRIS BREEZY!!!!!!

    ANd hell get away with that

    but i am getting sick of him rolling around in rented cars

  • MsPink

    It's either a bite mark or a bruise from where he probably connected his fist with her face....either way you need more witnesses...shidd hes a dancer how do you know that wasn't from a rehersal. I have a bruise and broken skin on the knuckle from my right hand but thats from cooking....maybe I should say Rihanna bit me...ya thats it....*eye roll*

  • jazi65

    I don't know the facts so I can't say who's wrong here but He needs his azz whooped for putting his hands on a woman. Considering the history of abusive behavior in his family you'd think he would know better.

  • Charles

    And why do you doubt it i bet rihanan is a huge DRUGGIE meth, heroin extasy the whole 9 yeards dont let her innocnet looks fool you

  • MsPink

    Listen drugs have nothing to do with anything. If he hit her hes wrong even if she hit him first point blank. Two wrongs don't make a right and look at the size and reach he has on her. Pffttt.....someone bring on the mug shot will ya....

  • KaraZ

    Didn't Rihanna grow up in an unstable/abusive home too? This is so sad because really they're too young to be experience domestic abuse. Not that anyone should.

    I hope she leaves his ass now and pours herself into another project, really she can turn this PR around to her advantage.

  • vipatlstyle

    Yes, Ri and Chris got into it. However it was over several things....
    One being that Ri found out she was several weeks pregneat...
    Second, she did not tell Chris when she first found out...
    Third, Ri decided to have an abortion....
    Forth, She told him after everything was said and done...
    However I know also that RI was not honest with Chris...
    She wasn't even 100% sure who the baby was because she had messed around with someone else when she though Chris was doing other things.
    Oh well for trying to duplicate Will and Jade relationship.
    Enough said...How do I know?
    Go figure

  • pinkscorpion

    wow.. this story changes minute by minute. lol

  • iscream

    I'm getting sick of this story already.
    I wish they would release a statement so all these stories would stop floating all over the place.

  • ReadTheBlog

    such foolishness. And now she doesn't want to press charges? They will probably be back together by weeks end.

  • Shauny

    O.K we got so many stories it's getting crazy now. That pic looks like he definately connected to something. We shall see if it was indeed Rhi Rhi or not.

    @7...seriously? That's a bit too much info for anyone to know.

  • Windycitychick

    All I know is that they're too d@@mn young to be involved in these tom-foolery activities... straight up

    Is it that serious? Let it go and roll out

  • ReadTheBlog

    And I believe the pregnant story...remember she got sick on stage and everyone speculated? Hell, it happens in every starletts life - it happened to Beyonce, it happened to Janet (but she had her baby)... it happens.

  • Krysi J

    This is too MUCH.........what the hell? Come on Chris, for real?....tell me you didn' seriously, is this a joke?

  • Bubbles

    The rumors are getting lame people.
    Drugs and pregnancies and abortions?

  • kcicero

    I will never understand why a man would even want to remotely put his hands on a woman...I just don't get it.

  • starr

    This story keeps changing. So u know what, I'm gonna go he's innocent until guilty from now on. The both of em was fighting, and he went too far. THats what i'm thinking. And dang if every blog doesn't have their own versiion of events.

  • starr

    *probably fighting

  • flyqtnva

    Is it time to take the CB cd's from my daughter? What do I do?

  • Anna

    flyqtnva Says:

    Is it time to take the CB cd’s from my daughter? What do I do?

    LOL. Not yet. Princess Rhi may just as well be at fault and you might have to take her CD's away from your daughter.

  • ReadTheBlog

    #19 - there's alwasy Kids Bop :-)

  • starr

    @ flyqtnva Says

    I would say yes, IF WE KNEW ALL THE FACTS!!!!!!!

  • iscream

    Serious question. (I don't advocate DV so please refrain from the name calling)

    @ everyone saying a man should never hit a woman.. No matter what.

    What happenes if they were sitting in the car arguing and she just went bananas. I mean swinging, scratching, kicking, and biting. What is a man to do in that circumstance. Is he wrong if he opens the door and pushes her out? Is he wrong if he grabs her up to try and keep her from going nuts? What is a man to do?

    I'm curious.

  • ReadTheBlog

    My cousin just told me Lil Kim is going ot be on the next Dancing With the Stars..... Jesus take the wheel!

  • Daisy

    I feel a man can defend himself if a woman is going crazy and attacking him and he can't just walk away at that min (such as in a small space like a car) by defending themselves I dont mean slapping or punching the female. I mean grabbing her arms/hands to try and restrain her.

  • Daisy

    @Read Lil Kim and David Alan Grier will be representing the color on the show this season.

  • Shauny

    @Daisy exactly! There is a way to get a woman up off of you without hitting her. I know what peeps asking are trying to say but you can drag her azz out the car and pull off, hold her down or keep blocking until she stops or like I said shake her azz until she's dizzy but don't hit her.

  • JustSaying

    @iscream (#23) - You just described what I thought happen in the car between Chris and Rhi Rhi. I bet she was hitting and punching all over him. Heck, I will even thrown in a bitting.

    And he just throw a bunch to get the crazy Bit@h off of him.

    TO ME: Chris is innocent until proven guilty.

  • Seattle Slim

    Daisy and Shauny,

    I take martial arts, and you would not believe the ways you can deflect a punch and restrain the person or even block. I mean look at Chris and look at Rihanna. That scrawny little girl? If we were talking Monique or one of those extra fit chicks like Angela Bassett or Madonna, I would say they could've gone toe to toe because they have muscles to power their fists, but RIHANNA? Don't make me laugh! She doesn't look like she's packing any muscle mass or strength. I won't get into the rumors. I will wait to see how it plays out, but it looks like if he did hit her, he cold cocked her a good one. Only way to find out is to see her face. A damned shame! What a way to start the year off... And I thought Britney going ballistic was the pinnacle of Hollyweird drama.

  • KaraZ


    You can defend yourself without hitting someone, I know I have. Just block your face and get out of there. In the case of a moving car, stop the vehicle as soon as its safe to do so. Exit the vehicle and leave them in there to fight themselves.

    Violence has never put an end to violence. If someone is popping off at the mouth or they're otherwise begging to get fukt up, just remove yourself from the environment.

  • Seattle Slim

    WOW! And why are women making excuses for this man???? Why is he at fault? I can understand trying to be partial or neutral until all the facts are out, but for REAL? Chicks are really making excuses for a man hitting a woman? How do you guys know it's HER fault?

    *SMDH* This is why domestic violence is becoming an issue in Black communities. If he wanted to show strength, restraining her would've been the ultimate show of STRENGTH as it takes a lot to restrain someone. Some of you all have issues. For real...

  • Seattle Slim

    CORRECTION: Why is *SHE* at fault?

  • JustSaying

    @ Shauny #27 - If you are in the drivers seat and she is hitting and punching you how in the hell do you hold her down. He would have to take some serious blows before he can even open the door if he puts his guards down.

    I can see that logic if you are not in a close up small space like a car but lets get real.

    All I know is my mother gave me some words of wisdom growning up and she said this 'keep you hands to yourself because when you it a man they hit back but harder'. And you know what? I beleived her and I keep my hands to myself. I even learned when to shut the F@ck up before they will go off. Now, I am older and I don't sweat the small stuff, I pick my battles and most shit I am just not going to argue about because life is to damn short.

  • kdillon

    The incident happened at 12:30 early Sunday Morning, Chris and Rihanna were spotted leaving their West Hollywood Hotel at 7am.......Obviously this is something that has happened before. Chris has an anger issue, he was at the LAX a few months back in the VIP room. Chris friends could not enter the room because they were flying coach, Chris became extremely irate to the staff cursing and carrying on....Rihanna was trying to calm him down saying "babe" babe" but he wouldnt listen they almost had to escort him out. Just because these people are famous does not mean they dont have issues. There are many of celebs out there that are being abused but we dont know about it. If you think Beyonce doesnt get pushed up on by Jay then your an idiot.

  • miamore73

    Okay these are great questions. I have an issue on exactly what to tell my son. I have a boy that's 9 years old and he's always been told don't hit girls don't hit girls. But at times little girls take advantage of that lesson.

    A)So do you tell him to allow a girl to keep hitting him but don't her back?
    B)Tell the teacher? But if the teacher doesn't do anything at what point does he stop it himself?
    C) Tell the girl to stop but when she doesn't knock her on her ass?

  • Seattle Slim


    My brother used to get picked on by these little girls at your son's age. Finally he slapped one clear across the face. That ended it. The bad news was the school tried to make him look like a monster. Luckily nothing came of it because my mom was on point. Does he have a sister or a cousin? That's how my brother would handle it now. He would call me in to handle it. He's 24 now. I think that you should show that you've exhausted all your resources. You've talked to the teachers, the staff, you've told him to tell the teacher, you've taught him how to restrain her, etc. If after all of that she doesn't, I think he should do what it do because at that age, they're both pretty much at the same level physically (I used to fight boys all the time). It's when they're teens and stuff that it becomes shaky.

  • kcicero

    My brother has a crazy wife when she starts to attack him he just holds her and shakes her until she gets some sense then he gets his stuff and bounces. That's the way it should be.

  • istandbehindtheIam

    In all of this, it appears these two just don't belong together, the pressures of having to live up to being a celebrity couple seems to be their demise. Domestic violence on any level is unacceptable and shouldn't be justified at any point and both should just concede, "you work your side of the street and I'll work mine...have a nice life."

  • Daisy

    Who said celebs didnt have issue or tempers? That's a known fact all humans are flawed and imperfect famous or not.

  • PAHairston

    Hello All. First of all, I've been with my husband for 11 years and I know not to raise my hand or anything else to him because I truly believe he'll hit me back. (He's NEVER hit me, ever.) That said, women should realize that some men are prone to hit, period, and when you get hostile, they will get hostile right back at ya. Take my flaky sister. She told her second husband that she was in love with her future third husband, to his face, and he slapped the crap out of her. Can you really blame him? I know you all don't know all the details but come on now. To tell your husband you're in love with another man, to his face? That's some really bold shi+ if you ask me. As for Chris, look at him hiding in that car, with ALL his white underwear showing. Boy, I wish he'd had some do-do tracks in 'em. Now that would be a picture to circulate on the web. LOL. I'm just saying, for what it's worth. Peace.

    These younguns need to get their acts together, for real, for real.

  • iscream

    Good examples... lol @ shaking her though. I got a headache just thinking about that. I have a son & I always tell him he isn't suppose to hit on girls/woman.

    I have a cousin who cut a man's fingers off for hitting her. Yeah she's crazy.

  • Coop

    **** Mr. Steele ****

    You have some limited info. Did you know that Mr. Steele's sister has a daughter by a Mr. Eugene Byrd a convicted large scale drug dealer and is also the ex of Mike Tyson. (all of that is no big deal) More intriguing is how Mr. Steele is in person with other blacks. One occasion he went to Largo Senior HS in Prince Georges county MD (the most financially influential black county's) to speak with some of the advanced students and when he was asked questions by those students he was very evasive (one of those student was my cousin who is a republican and has said because that meeting she could never support him) He also has said that people that make $300,000 a year are middle class and that if a rich person doesn't agree with the tax cut for the rich then they should give their back but he'll keep his.

  • speakinmymind

    @ PAHairston

    I2I...real talk!

  • istandbehindtheIam

    Coop, to keep the "Steele" vibe going, here's one of many links I promised...

    2010 is not going to be good for the "the new and approved Repuke Party"

    Got popcorn?

  • bcsmiamic

    kcicero Says:

    My brother has a crazy wife when she starts to attack him he just holds her and shakes her until she gets some sense then he gets his stuff and bounces. That’s the way it should be.

    if only it was that in a relationship with this female and her temper is VERY BAD...just 3 weeks ago she kicked my windshield and put a bunch of cracks in it while i was driving on the highway (we got in an arguement) time she came out of nowhere and hit me in my face when we were arguing and i pushed her back and she fell...i felt so bad because i'm way stronger then her but that was my intial reaction after i got hit...she gets VERY physical during arguments but i've never punched her (just pushed her once)...i usually just grab her n tell her to chill out...

  • candycane

    ^^^^^^^^^ That sounds like a relationship you need to end QUICK! Women do kill

  • missnee

    LOL who hunts for weed and ectasy in Hancock Park? Not saying that no one in that area sells it, but Hancock Park is hardly and area where you drive around hunting down drugs.

    And I doubt that they would have to hunt it down themselves. BS bloggers