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Singer Mel B and her daughter Angel Iris Murphy Brown, daughter of Eddie Murphy, attended Dodger Day in L.A. yesterday. Mel is so wrong for cutting that baby's hair in a mohawk. Now the kid has to wear pink every day so she's not confused for a boy.
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Jermaine Jackson, brother of the late Michael Jackson, blocks out his wife Halima and son Jermajesty, far right, with a giant umbrella at the Save The World Awards in Vienna, Austria on Friday. Peep the Louis Vuitton his other son Jaffar, far left, is holding.
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Here's Jermajesty on the right holding the umbrella.

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We thought the agonizingly boring show "Daddies Girls" had ended its run for good last year, but we guessed wrong. The show will be back for a 2nd season. In an episode filmed last week, Rev. Run meets Vanessa Simmons' boyfriend Mike Wayans, son of comedian Damon Wayans. "Daddy's Girls" season 2 premieres in August.
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  • anti-PC

    I always thought Jermaine was scrumptious. His significant other is very beautiful, too.

    But I too often wondered what that lard or tar type liquid was that he painted on his head to give the illusion of edges....

  • CaliGirlinGA

    Why Mel B, why?!! <<>>

  • Daisy

    I read on another site that Vanessa has been dating him for a few yrs but has kept it on the low. Good for her.

    I see you with the J5 arm band Jermaine!

  • LadyJustice

    Daisy Says:
    I read on another site that Vanessa has been dating him for a few yrs but has kept it on the low. Good for her.


    Yup read that too. also i read that thats why her and alicya arent friends anymore. she supposedly slept with him.... im sure thats just gossip though :shurg:

  • iscream

    Lmao @ Jermaine. I guess he refuses to get that tar on his head wet. Can you imagine how much that stuff would burn his eyes.


    I heard the doctor who was with Mike had his people clear out his storage space the day Michael died. Not sure if it was before the 911 call but his shyt isn't looking so good.

    & that boy from the memorial service went on record saying Mike is not the father.

  • Kat

    anti-PC Says:

    I always thought Jermaine was scrumptious.

    are u serious??? :shock:

  • KaraZ

    Kat you couldn't leave that alone could you?

    What is this Daddy's Girls show? Never heard of it.

  • Daisy

    @lady I don't think thats why they arent friends anymore but I laughed when Alicya was cussing out everybody on ustream with Teyana Taylor that was funny as

  • kwallace577

    second pic.

    jermaine REALLY looks like a black ken doll.

  • kwallace577

    oh...and i know mel b. is from across the pond and all....but ahhh...we do NAT cut lil black girls hair! period. ever! til they are old enough (15-16) to decide their OWN hair fate. and i remember when i decided my own hair fate and went 1988 asymmetrical my momma STILL beat my azz....

    mel is on timeout for that there shat. i saw it last week and said nothing on it...

    (in my b. scott voice...) to you mel b. you is dead azz wrong for that.

  • miamore73

    Jermaine with that J5 arm band is reminding of Joe right about now. That ain't nothin but subliminal advertising.

    Daddys girls was boring az hellz but I'm happy Vanessa has a beau and can keep her mouth shut about it.

  • candycane

    Alright Ms. Vanessa, got her a Wayans hi five, hi five. I love the Wayans.

    If I ever saw a pic of Jermaine's boys without him, or any title, I would never guess they were Jacksons