By Sandra Rose  | 

Oscar winning actress Halle Berry and her sperm donor Gabriel Aubrey have been spending a lot of quality time together lately. Maybe Halle grew tired of the blogs asking where he was. She's probably paying him to play the doting daddy role for the paps. He'll be gone soon.

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A shockingly thin Halle Berry and her daughter Nahla play in the sand

Photos: Splash News Online

  • Daisy

    Sandra as usual you can be so

    They all look cute! I wish I was on somebody's beach right about now

  • Mika79

    The baby look evil like my sister...but she's sooooooo cute. I need to see her smiling to believe she's not the demon child I think she may be!

  • LadyJustice

    sandra why do u keep calling her thin? for as long as i can remember, she has been the same size... even back on losing isiah, and higher learning she looked about this size... i think i sense some jealousy :lol:

    aww nahala is walking! I wonder why my greedy baby is not walking yet. probably cuz shes too fat. lol

  • iscream

    Well I guess I was totally wrong. I thought he took time from his high powered modeling career to finally spend time with his family. Never thought she paid him to be there.

    The little girl is a cutie. I think she looks more like the father. & Halle does not look slim. Just last week you said she looked pregnant. Which one is it?

  • katgirl33

    Leave them alone Auntie! LOL

    Looks like Halle den fully got her figure back....that's all...

    The baby sure does look like Dad...

    Nice looking Family :)

  • mizzdallas

    Sandra, you are so messy!

    That little girl look so cute, so sugar mama finally convince her boy toy to spend time with baby nahla!

  • yvonne79

    Aw,cute family!

  • lovejoy1

    just plain evil and hateful ms SR- lol

    anyhoot- what eva happened to not following the mother every where she goes.. is there a rule that says that the father must be next to the mom every minute of the day - if so I missed that memo- if so my child's father broked the rule and I am going to go home and cuss him out..lmao no sir..

  • Krysi J

    very cute, Nahla is beautiful

  • Mspeng

    Halle isn't even close to being thin...looking at her legs and arms, she's no smaller than a 6. That's not thin. She's a great size.

    Secondly...Gabriel did not go anywhere. he was ALWAYS there!!! As I said before, people always managed to take pics of Halle and Nahla and ignore the fact that he was there.

  • miamore73

    Halle doesn't look shockingly thing. She looks good. Nahla is looking so much like her daddy.

    I love that Halle seems so happy with her baby.

  • jazi65

    Nahla is just too cute!

    Halle looks fine

  • PAHairston

    Hello All. Sandra, why do you hate on Halle so? As far as SUPER black female stars are concerned, right now, she's all we got in Hollywood. I'm just saying......