Am I the only one who thinks Halle Berry should stop taking pictures in or around restaurants if she's not going to sit down and eat? It's clear that Halle has an eating disorder. Is everyone going to ignore Halle's plight until it's too late and then talk about what a great actress she was when she's gone?

The (now) pint sized Oscar winner was spotted out & about in Miami with her sperm donor Gabriel Aubrey and their seed Nahla.

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Photos: Splash News Online

  • jazi65

    My aunt has diabetes & has a hard time keeping her weight on. Maybe that's the case with Halle too.

    Nahla is soooo adorable!

  • wiggy2272003

    She looks fine to me. I had two children back to back and got very slim while they were both small. Sometimes when you are a new mom you spend all you energy on your baby and I for one would be too dam tired to eat. For what it is she looks fabulous. A fortysomething new mom with no makeup, no jewlery and very casual clothes out and about in the heat with her baby..She was never a thick girl anyway

  • yvonne79

    I agree. Nahla is a cutie!!!

  • Charles

    She fine than a bitch

    Azz and her tits

    Halle beryyyyy

    Halle beryyyyyyyyyy

  • SunnyPA

    I think Halle looks great and healthy. The baby is cute.

  • Charles


    Too tired to eat sounds like bs to me

  • Daisy

    Plenty of new moms are to tired to eat but I guess a man wouldn't understand that.

    Nahla is such a cutie. I hope Halle can have another baby since she wants one so bad.

  • LadyJustice

    i think she looks good.

    i dont know about yall but i have a baby around Nahla's age and im NEVER ever EVER too tired to eat

  • goat76

    I got one sentence for Halle.....

    Girl give me that Nookie!!!!!!

  • goat76

    I thought that was America's problem....FAT



  • lovejoy1

    Halle has always been slim- having a baby didnt change that- i dont see nothing wrong with her.. she is slim so what- there are alot of slim women out there it doesnt mean they have a eating disorder...

  • lovejoy1

    lmao @ goat- u are a mess but i aint mad at cha- she is a gorgeous woman... IN hurrican chris voice "HALLE BERRY HALLE BARRY"

  • wiggy2272003

    I guess you weren't too tired to eat after you had your baby. I just told you it happened to me and I have SEVERAL friends actually got slimmer after having the baby then before they were pregnant. How are you gonna call my personal experience BS? I had two children under two, was trying to eat healthy because I had been pregnant or breastfeeding for four years straight. Believe me when I tell you by the time I got home from work got them both fed bathed and put to sleep I was OUT plenty of times without eating

  • nonoinokc

    Are you f'in kidding me? She looks GREAT! Maybe the reason you don't see her eating because she could adamant that the papparazzi NOT get shots of her eating...the negativity from you Sandra is out of control. I pray for you everyday.....