The Casio Watch Company held an event in NYC yesterday and this bald headed heiffer, Amber Rose, was on the stage with the other celebrities. Why was she onstage when she is not a celebrity? So all it takes to be a celeb now is to spread your legs for another celeb? No wonder the entertainment biz is struggling.

Photo: Splash News Online

Woman beater Chris Brown and his mom were in a Los Angeles courtroom yesterday to hear his sentence for beating his ex-girlfriend Rihanna to a pulp earlier this year. The punk previously pleaded guilty to felony assault charges and he faces five years probation and 180 days of labor-oriented community service in Virginia. But his sentencing was postponed until August 27. What's this I hear that Rihanna is petitioning the judge to reduce the limits of Chris Brown's restraining order because she wants him closer? What is wrong with Rihanna? I'm hoping we won't have to ban Rihanna from this blog again?

MORE Celebs Out & About pics after the break!

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Do we still care about these two now that they are reality show has-beens? That's what I thought. Flaming queen Qwanell "Que" Mosely and his willing beard, Dawn Richard of MTV's Making The Band, attended a party at Taj Lounge in NYC last night.

Rap artist Method Man attended an event in NYC last week with his son. I have two words for Meth: DNA Test.

NBA superstar Shaquille O'Neal, the tallest attention whore in the world, held a press conference yesterday to announce his "Shaq vs." ABC reality show that pitts Shaq against other athletes in other sports (*Yawn*).

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  • LadyJustice

    chris brown is looking mighty handsome up there.

    i love dawn and Que together, i think they are cute.

  • pointhimout

    funny. People like Shaq. I like Marbury more. He's way more interesting. And sexy. TEAM MARBURY

  • masonmom

    breezy lookin good in that suit! dawn n q are cute together, he did ji bytch out though last season gettin his azz whooped n stuff. i love amber rose! and sandy, u know u aint banning ur boo ri-ri..although i wish u would put her on pause instead of postin back to back post within an hour.

    i came to bring the pain hardcore from the brain! i was just watchin his "make up to break up" wit d'angelo the other day, sooo my fav!

  • pointhimout

    oh yeah dawn and que. yaaawwwn to any and all things associated with puffy. i hear on again/off again/tranny stan Mase plans on reuniting with Puff. Why must thou do this to us.

    remember the rumor of him strolling a block again and again and he got pulled over (for something). he was so embarrassed that he never got out his truck. they had to tow his ride WITH HIM IN IT?

  • ontaya brooks

    Shaq packin, go Shauny.

  • Daisy

    Morning Fam!

    Love Dawn and Que!

    Stephon M. needs an intervention STAT he is losing it on all these u stream videos or what have you

    Damn C Breezy! I ain't mad at all. Woman beat I mean Rihanna(yall know I love her) was in the car and the relationship she knows who CB really is and if she wants him back and they BOTH get/got the help they need best of luck to them!

  • Daisy

    Oh and Amber Rose does nothing for me :coffee:

  • anti-PC

    Chris Brown is looking a tad scrumptious in those pics. I don't care for him, but his love and admiration for MJ leaves me a soft spot in my heart for him.

    Amber Rose, um, no comment.

    And happy belated birthday, Daisy!!! :)

  • masonmom

    doesnt marbury get his eyebrows done?

  • Daisy

    @Anti Same to you, who knew we shared the same b day and go at it so hard on here :lol:

    @mason is it really raining in the DMV area say it aint so!!!!

  • LadyJustice

    masonmom Says
    doesnt marbury get his eyebrows done?

    lmao. i dont know about that. but hes been dancing around doing girly dances in his videos, so it wouldnt suprise me :rofl:

  • lovejoy1

    Hey Chris breezy.. Leave riri psycho Ass alone and keep pushing ... SAndra , you know method man son has his eyes and nose and those lips.. Shaq is a good looking man- I would love to ride on his back..lmao no sir.. Like wendy willams say, Que, how u doin... aaaight...

  • masonmom

    rainy today at 78 degrees, sunny on fri and rain on sat! :(

  • Daisy

    @mason thanks UGGGHHHH lol I did not pack any rain clothes shoot

  • Krysi J

    Um...... I don't know what happened to Chris overnight, but he looking real fly to me with those shades on.....real talk.....somebody better tell em....don't come out the door looking like that unless you looking to get rushed.


  • buttercup24

    I can't stand Que.

    Chris is looking good, but then again he always did to me.

    Method Man's son is a cutie, like his father. Always had a crush well after he took that roaming eyeball out.

  • Daisy

    @butter I always thought CB was a cutie as well corny but cute!

    :hug: to everybody showing CB some luv that includes you Sandra cause you sure posted some nice pics of him!

  • KayCeiSoul

    I love Chris Brown. And Rihanna does too. Don't ban her Sandra, she can't help herself. It all happened so suddenly, and I really feel that she regrets having hit him with that shoe. I don't condone him going ham on her, but now she knows Chris has a little Inner Ike, and not to bring him out and to just keep her hands (and those nails)to herself.

    Shaq looks like he eats a hunk of cornbread with every meal. That's a big fella.

    Sandra you are a mess for this --> "this bald headed heiffer, Amber Rose" :rofl:

    That's Meth's boy - just look at the eyebrows and the lips. He must be mixed up real good with his Mama's genes too.

  • masonmom

    lmaoooo@the rolling eye. im so glad he cut his hair! i always stood by breezy side cuz its so common to label the female as the victim and nobody even knows the story. i know i pushed my luck plenty of times and hit a man!

  • KayCeiSoul

    Right masonmom! I have pushed it to the limit, back when I was young, acting on feelings, not knowing any better.

    This whole story made me want to start a help group for teenage girls called "Recognizing the Beast - How NOT to Invoke Domestic Violence."

  • Daisy

    @Kay and Mason I have never hit a man in my 33yrs but I know plenty of females who have and some more than once some got hit back others didnt but they knew not to play the victim if they got hit back. The man that discovered Rihanna and brought her to the states said she did not like the victim label when he did his interview mths ago.

  • LovelyLady

    Ummm Umm I see Chris getting his grown man o...boy Im right in DC, they better not have you picking up trash on 495.

    Amber I love this bishes style and she looks so beautiful with make up ON, but with it OFF, you can tell her ciggaretts (sp?) and stripper days have taken a toll on her youth.

    As for Meth---Sandra you know you wrong

    Shaq-- It was cheaper to keep her huh?

  • dallas214

    woman beater or not.....i cant lie Chris Brown was lookin HELLA good in those pics....LMAO @ flaming QUEEN QUE...Sandra u damn sho right about that

  • iscream

    Amber Rose is a "celeb" because you media outlets have made her one. Is it her fault the camera loves her? His ex the model one (see I don't even know her name) didn't get this much attention.

    There is nothing wrong with Rhianna forgiving CB. They are young and in love. Either it'll last or it'll past. That's what youth is for. Learning from your mistakes and growing from them. I guess you were perfect as a teen.

    Uhm isn't Method Man's wife latin? Meth must got some STRONG n!gga genes.

  • Daisy

    Alexis is Kanyes ex fiancees name and I didnt know she was supposed to be a model thought she was/wanted to do fashion. I liked her and Ye together. Amber and Ye are cool as well although I aint the biggest Amber fan.

    @lovely I agree Amber looks old w/o her make up shoot even with it she looks older than 25 her style is hit or miss with me and if she had hair nobody would be checking for her. Her body is on point but thats not rare for a stripper or somebody in the industry :shrug: My friend in college had the same hairstyle and color and was cuter and dressed funkier.

  • Krysi J

    DAMN! I had to see that sexiness one MOe giN.... Chris ain nothing to play wit today.

  • Daisy

    *hands Krysi a fan to cool off with*

  • luvly1957

    PLEASE ban Ri-hash I'm so tired of her and she luvs her some CB. She know she want him back cuz she used to beat him down. Amber is so pretty to me sorry y'all I just think she got her one wit dumb azz Kanye. Go CB!!!

  • KayCeiSoul

    No ma'am Ms. Daisy - I said I have pushed it to the limit, and that limit was pushing a brother out of my way. I am not crazy enough to fire on brother, no ma'am! LOL. That was my limit.

    Chris still want her, and Rhi Rhi still wants him. It ain't over that easy. They're still sneaking, although I can't imagine why. People are going to talk regardless. Like Isc said, they're still young. It would not shock me if they hooked back up and threw the middle finger at the media.

  • Kat

    amber rose is that b*tch!
    i think chris and rihanna are back in touch...probably was creepin' when they was in the same hotel together. she probably misses him and wants him back.
    :yawn: @ q and dawn.
    :lol: at meth's son!

  • iscream

    @ Daisy,

    Maybe I'm thinking about Nick Cannon's ex. The Vickey secret model. Which goes to show that she didn't get as much shine as Amber is. I know what she do and did. Current arm candy previous stripper. :shrug:

  • Krysi J

    *throws Daisy's fan on the floor, turns AC down to 55*

    Um Um Um

    UMPH!!.....these lil churrin and they fame, the better leave me alone

  • Daisy

    @Ice I wasnt saying you were wrong about the amt of coverage Alexis Amber gets way more coverage indeed thats because she is a blonde bald hearded bi sexual former stripper turned wanna be fashionista Kanye's arm candy so yes the press and cameras love her.

  • ELove

    People actually LUV Shaq and Steph is MORE THAN suspect IMO
    You may really have a chance at THAT (Real Talk)

    Y'all grown-women are KILLING ME with the CB talk... LMAO

    Amber WHO ??? Industry HOS are not Celebrities !!!

  • miss_jazmine

    "...What’s this I hear that Rihanna is petitioning the judge to reduce the limits of Chris Brown’s restraining order because she wants him closer? What is wrong with Rihanna?..."

    She's probably doing it BECAUSE SHE PROVOKED THE INCIDENT. It's annoying how everyone is placing the entire blame on Chris, not knowing what really happened. He aplogized and has moved on, is the continuous name calling neccessary?

  • miamore73

    First of all Shaq ain't packin shit Ontaya!!! I have a friend that said it was the smallest thing she ever FELT!!! No wonder Shauny was screwing the trainer.

    Chris ain't beat nobody to a pulp that's why that girl wants him back. I'd be surprised if they ever really broke up. Who get's they're ass beat and then wants the beater closer. Makes no sense.

    When did Amber whoever become a celebrity!!!???

  • Daisy

    Superhead also said Shaq was a short man I do believe