A rough looking Halle Berry took in a WNBA basketball game at the Staples Center in Los Angeles yesterday. She's definitely seen better days. The WNBA players looked more feminine than she did.
Photo: Splash News Online

I'm only posting this pic because Monica is in it.


Disgraced singer Chris Brown posed on a video set with Omarion, Keri Hilson, Monica and producer Polow Da Don in L.A. last night.
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Could one-hit wonder Cassie be the next Rihanna? Only in her dreams. Cassie stepped out last night to attend the New York screening of "The September Issue" with her man Sean Combs (though they walked in separately). Did I tell you that Cassie's family and friends have no clue why she's with a man old enough to be her uncle?
Photo: Ray Tamarra/ Getty Images

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Model Jessica White enjoys her newfound fame as a cast member of T.O.'s reality show. Supposedly the two are dating. By the way, my boy, celebrity photographer Ray Tamarra shots all these great pics of this event for Getty Images!
Photo: Ray Tamarra/ Getty Images

Model Chanel Iman planted a kiss on the lips of her unidentified date. If you recall she previously dumped producer Ryan Leslie for Damon II, aka DJ Boogie, the son of failed music mogul Damon Dash.
Photo: Ray Tamarra/ Getty Images

Former CSI Miami actor Gary Dourdan was spotted on a stroll in Ibiza with his daughter Nyla, left, and his other daughter, er, girlfriend Maria Del Alamo yesterday.

  • http://twitter.com/LaydeeJustice LadyJustice

    Jessica couldnt get that clear roll on deodorant? lol

    u must really have something against halle cuz u stay doggin her... again i think she looks beautiful in that picture

  • pinky2083

    Halle looks good Sandra ur trippin.

    Cassie is gorgeous.

    Jessica know she is wrong for them under arms!! GOOD LORD!!

  • http://myspace.com/rayne215 spongebobfan

    Did I tell you that Cassie’s family and friends have no clue why she’s with a man old enough to be her uncle?
    :rofl: money, money, money

    and halle looks GOOD i hope too look that good when im her age!

    TO dating a black woman! woah nelly

    Chanel iman is cute, but i hate skinny girls like you hate LSLH girls, *shiver* no body is such a shame

  • Krysi J

    Yea Im mad at Jessica for those under arms too.

    Everybody looks pretty fab to me....Cassie looks beautiful, Keri, Monica...ect look nice as well.



  • LilMissRed

    IMO Halle looks good.. mean shes at a basketball game Im guessing.. no need to get 'red carpeted' up.. no???

    Monica looks FAB!

    Cassie looks nice, she really ought to consider a f/t gigg modeling.. once her hair grows back alrthough I'm getting used to seeing her with the on sided do.. not that I like it, but I'm used to it on her now

    Jessica White looked HORRRRRRRID! she should have really opted for the clear deodorant and def a hairsylist, clothes stylist.. oh hell she failed failed failed! should have stayed home until she could do better...smh

    Chanel needs a couple samiches and bugers good lawd!

    That is all.

  • kwallace577

    in these days and times with roll on, invisible solids, and spray deodorant jessica is on my "bytch boo bye" list.

  • Divinebrown

    Cassie is killing the land!

    Wonder if Jessica will be getting all the praises this time looking a tad bit COKED OUT.


    So we can wear our boots in the summertime now?

  • kwallace577

    polow look scared in that pic. prolly cause he has not been photo'd with that many sistas in one pic since the early 90's....

  • kwallace577

    i think i might be second in the hate of white dress shoes DB. God awful....

  • Divinebrown

    kwalls....they are horrid! horrid horrid....I always loathe them. Never seen a pair I would come close to wearing either.

  • sweets1530

    Cum on Sandra, U know Halee looks ok in that pic,

    And Jessica, whats up with that.....so,so tacky!!!!.

    And is it not hot in Atlanta??? (Summer time), Miss Thing in almost knee high BOOTS!!!
    Up ere in TO it is not that hot hot but we arn't rocking knee high boot...
    Any fashionista out there can let a sista know if thats cool...

  • http://twitter.com/LaydeeJustice LadyJustice

    oh and jessica looks NOTHING like she did in those pics from the other day. what the hell happened? those must have been old pics or something... her dress, shoes, hair, armpits, tattoos and make-up are all outta order. she coulda done better.

    i hear chris and keri hilson are filmin a music video together... do they even have a song together? hmmm

  • anti-PC

    1. Chris is certainly looking scrumptious. I am still no fan of his but I so appreciate his love for MJ that I won't make too many negative comments about him anymore.

    2. Monica looks gorgeous! Go Monica!

    3. Keri Hilson is beautiful as well, but her voice is atrocious. Maybe she should stick to strictly writing.

    4.Auntie, Halle looks fine. No woman can come off as masculine as most of those WNBA players.

    5. Cassie looks good. I like her style in those pics.

    6. That Jessica White person should have used a gel deodorant. That foolishness under her armpits is unacceptable.

    7. Everyone else...YAWN.

  • http://twitter.com/LaydeeJustice LadyJustice

    and speaking of Omarion... he was signed to "young money" (lil waynes label) a few weeks ago, and word on the street is that he got dropped yesterday :rofl: thats funny. im sure we can expect the same for bow wow.

  • Charles

    Does cassie have a job a album a single something how she afford these clothes wait I alredy know

    Keri hilson looks like she 40 in the fac3e thw wig is old theleather jacket aint cute she's the epitemy of a flop! Her album still aint gone gold after 2 years!

    Monica monica the most ignorant hoodrat who will probably be broke by 40 she has no career no single no album no relevancy doesn't take good care of her kids and honestly won't be doing anything she should get a degree and be a teacher

    Chris brown hell be broke by 30 he won't sell or chart well white people wasn't playing!

  • Anna

    LadyJustice Says:

    her dress, shoes, hair, armpits, tattoos and make-up are all outta order. she coulda done better.

    I hate white shoes unless your're the bride or they are sneakers. Her dress could have been saved if her hair was different, her shoes were different and if she wore invisable deodorant. Never mind I scrolled back up. The dress swallows her. Notice the girl in the second pic with her, giving her the evil half closed side eye, she is saying, "I don't want to take a picture with her let alone put my arm around her". LOL.

  • Charles


    It was bound to be a disaster omarion hasn't been relevant since 2005 and his career is well past its expiration date

  • http://twitter.com/LaydeeJustice LadyJustice

    Anna Says:

    Notice the girl in the second pic with her, giving her the evil half closed side eye, she is saying, “I don’t want to take a picture with her let alone put my arm around her”. LOL.

    lol yea u are right. she is giving her a serious *side eye* :rofl: poor jessica

  • Divinebrown

    I know it's been a mild summer for those up north...

    Are closed toe shoes/boots a new fashion staple for the summer? I've seen people dressed like it was fall already.

    You would sweat your lacefront off trying that in florida.

  • http://twitter.com/LaydeeJustice LadyJustice

    Im tryin to figure out cassie's shoes... does she have on socks? it looks like it buckles, so the part below the buckle should show skin right? ...or are those boots? im confused. lol

  • Anna

    LadyJustice Says:

    Im tryin to figure out cassie’s shoes… does she have on socks? it looks like it buckles, so the part below the buckle should show skin right? …or are those boots? im confused. lol
    The shoes are strapped at the ankle and she has on tights/hose. Look at the right foot, it looks like it's sagging or twisted.

  • Daisy

    CBs paper is longer than yours will ever be :coffee:

    Well yall killed Jessica 10x ova but I must ask does Jessica need some pro active?

    Halle WORK BISH! Even dressed down you still kill most of the other females in the game!

    Monica your face stays beat to death! Get it Ma! Boots are on POINT but I know you hot as HELL!

    Keri your hair is FINALLY cute bout damn time! Love the jacket but you are in need of a fan like Mo.

  • Kat

    damn charles! tell us how u REALLY feel! lol! halle looks cute. jessica is wrong for that white deodarant. is omarion the only one standing on the curb to make himself taller? lol! chanel iman needs some meat and potatoes RIGHT NOW and cassie is killing it! ya'll see her!!! she is giving ri ri a run for the $$!

  • Divinebrown

    This broad talkin bout some google her!!

    If Quita and Mo would've google and THIS PIC came up...a roasting would promptly ensue after!

    I was feeling Jessica's lil confident swag on the show, but she lost me with demanding to pay the bill. We know you make money but you will never have TO money.

  • PAHairston

    Hello All. Now Sandra, why you always hating on light-skinned-ed black folks?Halle looks good, period. In my book, she's STILL one of the most beautiful women in the world! Hell, they can't help the color they are, just like you can't help the color you are. (We can be so stupid when it comes to the color of our skin and our hair, things that God blessed us with, no matter how we feel about them.) I don't mean to preach but sometimes black folks just don't listen to reason when they should. I'm just saying.

    And why didn't Sandra blast the model with the white S*H*I*T hanging from under her arms? Because she's a beautiful brown-skinned-ed model? Ridiculous to be so biased.

  • Daisy

    @DB AMEN AMEN and AMEN at your last comment. She was being way to extra trying to pay for the bill. I am all for treating my man every now and then and what have you but please believe I wont be hollering "I got it" like I do when singing along with Neyo lol NOT! Make your paper ma but you wont have stacks on deck like TO!

    @Kat :rofl: at cassie giving rihanna a run for her money

  • mizzdallas

    Ummm back off my boo! cbreezy! he is going to find his way again best to believe that I hate to say this but Omarion you have no chance of reconciling your career...

    Im convinced that Sandra hates LSLH woman so thats way she Jessica a pass on that white ish she have under nasty arm pits! lol! smh

    everybodyelse blah

  • pointhimout

    remember when polow was sexy like my avatar?

  • wiggy2272003

    Agreed the only white shoes that will ever touch my feet are sneakers or flip-flops. I might go for a pair of fierce butter soft leather boots in the right style if they were on clearance, maybe.
    Any LA readers out there? Is the weather really appropriate for the gang of leather and suede in that group pic? If so I am jealous I was standing in my closet just a dreaming last week. I got the cutest boots at the end of seaoson for cheap and I am dying to wear them and all my jeans and my coats and turtleneck. August in Atlanta is no joke. Besides my peoples, the food,energy and beautiful architecture in New York thats the thing I miss most. Getting to wear fall and winter gear so long.......sigh

  • jazi65

    Halle looks cute n casual

    Cassie is very pretty..can't wait for that hair to grow back

    CB is looking mighty sweet these days...

    Chanel needs a 2pc w/biscuit

    Jessica is a hot azz mess.white arm pits?...lawd!

  • candycane

    Dayum Jess, no clear deoderant huh? Also I phuckin HATE white shoes PERIOD! I dont wear them, I could see if she had on all white or something else white. Those shoes look STUPID AS PHUCK!!! with that dress.

    I thought she was a model. Still really pretty though

  • http://thechoklitfactory.wordpress.com/ ChokLitFactory

    Its been said...but Cassie looks BOMB. Jessica can stop with the deordorant and the weave too...
    My goodness Chanel!!
    Chanel needs a 2pc w/biscuit ---> LMAO!! Hilarious!