According to, a California judge has just named Michael Jackson's mother Katherine Jackson permanent guardian over the 3 children her son raised since birth.

Katherine will also receive 83.5% of the monthly allowance she had requested for the children's support and maintenance. The exact amount wasn't discussed in open court.

The judge gave the order after stifling objections from Debbie Rowe's attorney. Rowe's attorney had asked the judge to delay granting permanent guardianship to Jackson today. Earlier, Rowe and Katherine Jackson reached a custody agreement outside of court for the two kids she gave birth to.

Rowe, 50, and Michael Jackson entered into a bizarre agreement in 1996 to provide children for him in exchange for millions of dollars in spousal support. The two were briefly married, but Rowe told friends they never consummated their marriage. Rowe has admitted she was artificially inseminated.

Rowe and Jackson were granted a divorce in October 1999 and Rowe recived an $8-million settlement. The judge ruled today that she will continue to receive payments under the settlement. Rowe was also granted visitation rights.

Jackson died at age 50 on June 25 after suffering a cardiac arrest. His death has been ruled a homicide and is under investigation by local and federal authorities.

The kids Prince Michael, 12, Paris Katherine, 11, and Blanket, 7, whose mother is unknown, will be be raised mainly by Katherine and Joe Jackson's eldest daughter Rebbie. The children will continue to live with Katherine on her sprawling Hayvenhurst estate in Encino, California where Michael and his siblings were raised in the 70s.


  • pinky2083

    I'm glad she got custody. Hopefully she doesn't let Joe get too close to them. That man is scary.

  • iscream

    Rowe, 50, and Michael Jackson entered into a bizarre agreement in 1996 to provide children for him in exchange for millions of dollars in spousal support.
    What was bizarre about it? People use surrogates everyday to have children. He did at least end up marrying her. Which is more than a lot of men do.

    Happy to see Mrs. Jackson out and about. I hurt so much for her.

  • melinla

    Hopefully they (Kathy and Rebbie) can provide a stable loving home for them

  • Daisy

    I just heard a new interview that Gearldo did with Kathernine and she takes up for Joe. According to her Joe is a wonderful grandfather and the grandkids will co sign that :shrug:

  • mizzdallas

    I would of love to have micheals babies! our kids wouldve had the nice high cheek bones, and nice eyes, nice lips and good hair! lol! our kids wouldve had good genes!!!

  • mizzdallas

    Ummm how come lisa divorce michaeal again? im just curious

  • mizzdallas

    if katherine says joe is a good grandfather and the kids say the same then that shall be it

  • Shauny

    Sandra - as an FYI I think peeps are well over your use of "the kids MJ raised as his own" and all the other sideways comments so do us a favor and keep that chit. NO ONE CARES how you term their relationship.

    On topic - Congrats to Katherine.

  • spongebobfan

    im sorry but Katherine is 79 years old...i hope their is a back up plan

  • Shauny

    sponge - it says that the kids will be primarily raised by Rebe i.e back up plan.

  • anti-PC

    1. Please stop calling him Jacko. I mean, seriously....

    2. I read LaToya was there? Why??? She is as trustworthy as a pitbull foaming at the mouth.

  • spongebobfan

    Sandra - as an FYI I think peeps are well over your use of “the kids MJ raised as his own” and all the other sideways comments so do us a favor and keep that chit. NO ONE CARES how you term their relationship.



    Well she is 79, but when you have the kind of money they have, she's not going to be running around chasing the kids, thats what the nanny, butler, nurses, relatives are for.

  • Shauny

    Isc and anyone - what are your thoughts about Eminem's "diss" song about Mariah?

    If I was her I would release a statement saying, "I think he proved my point, he's Obsessed" and not say another word. That would eat his little pill popping azz alive.

    For people who's actually saying ohhh he went hard, he killed her, blah blah blah, if they took time and actually listened to what he's saying he hurts himself not her. She's a s!ut and hoe but you say you dated her for how many months 6 and only hit it once AND you pre ejaculated. Then you keep voicemails and pictures for damn near a decade. Are you serious clown?

  • http://XSCAPESIGHTINGS.COM crystal

    @pinky2083 yeah Joe Jackson has that meow mix look, i don't trust him. Rebbie is 59 years old.

  • pinky2083

    Crystal, he sure does.. that man scares me for some reason.

  • Daisy

    @Shauny I do feel he went hard but I think they ALL need to let it go as well. So I am on both sides of the I also feel IF he really has pics of her he would have released them by now as well. Nick brought the word in his Way to take it to church

  • iscream

    @ Shauny

    I never actually listened to the song. But I did read the words on blogs. It confuses me why he always goes so hard at women. And not rap women r&b chicks... didn't he also claim to have slept with Christiana Agularia? And Britney?

    After that MTV stunt with that mans azz in his face he needs to go after a man to get his manhood back. I hope MiMi and Nick just ignore him from here on out. People who seek out attention die when they are ignored.

  • Shauny

    Daisy - how many people in the industry to you think Em hit? You have to wonder why obsessed SO much over MC and her brush offs of them. He acted like he wanted her to say they were more than what he believed they were. o.k, let's say she's lying and he did hit it...o.k then what? You didn't even last 5 minutes so she probably would like to forget she did let you hit it but you want to brag about that? His words were of an angry and bitter idiot. Her song had that "boy bye" vibe.

    He's been speaking on her forever so why couldn't she finally say something back? He got mad when Christina called him but said I think he already has a girlfriend YET MiMi is supposed to let him ride her name in the mud and say nothing? Also, I'm willing to bet you that Nick will beat the hell out of Eminem. I bet you he wont call him out his name to his face unless he has a gang of thugs behind him. SMDH at these idiots he think that Em could fight. I bet Nick is one of those corny dude that'll knock your azz out.

    Isc - That's what the people who aren't avid Em fans are saying. They're like dude, why are you always beefing with chicks and mfs like Moby and Fred Durst? He's quick to try to beef with pop stars and nerds only. I agree too, after letting another man teabag you and then saying you went home and laughed about hairy frank and beans in your face he needs to go sit his azz in a corner.

  • Terry .W


  • Daisy

    Shauny u said all that like I was om Ems side lol I want them all to grow up and let it go Em wants attn and for the record I never believed she slept with Em and this war of words has been going on for yrs enough already

  • coaretained

    cosignining #19... he did go hard.. but (in Neffie's voice) at the end of the day... you sound stupid... after reading those lyrics.. you make it sound like she broke you're heart Em! You got the same tat Nick got? Why? That's his wife? You claim to have banged her ONCE...*side eyeing Em now..*

    As far as MJ goes... glad the kids are staying in the fam.... Auntie and her 'maginiation need to sat down somewhere bout some raised since birth... that's what 90% of PARENTS do.. the others give em up for adoption.

    *disclaimer* I did NOT fact check that percentage. :D

  • Mika

    that "the children he raised as his own" line is so repulsive. they're his kids. period.