When is the last time you saw pop and fashion icon Rihanna cheesing this hard?

Yesterday, while woman beater Chris Brown was getting bitch slapped by a female judge, his victim Rihanna smiled broadly for the paparazzi in New York City. Rihanna is said to be extremely happy at the news that CB can’t come within 100 yards of her for 5 years! The previous distance was 10 yards, so this will severely hamper Brown’s appearances at awards shows and other industry events where Rihanna is in attendance.

The judge was absolutely correct in not lifting the protection order that put strict limits on Brown’s contact with Rihanna. Remember this was the boy who threatened to kill Rihanna as he pummeled and bit her inside a rented Lamborghini earlier this year.

Police reports which were finally released detail a murderous intent on the part of a deeply disturbed young man who realized he was losing control over a fiercely independent Rihanna.

Yesterday, Judge Patricia Schnegg sentecned Brown to 5 years probation and 180 hours of hard labor. She also warned Brown not to “harass, assault” or “threaten” Rihanna. The judge told Brown she’d heard “chatter” that Brown had been stalking Rihanna by showing up in the same hotels where she was staying.

Judge Schnegg reminded Brown that if the rumors were true he was in violation of a previous order which warned him to stay away from Rihanna.

Brown faces jail time if he breaks his 5-year probation and goes near Rihanna again. Thank God for judges like her who take domestic violence very seriously!

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Photos: Rihanna Daily