By Sandra Rose  | 

Talk show Diva Tyra Banks plans to trade in her trademark weave for her own flowing locks and she's challenging other women to do the same.

Tyra said:

“This season on The Tyra Show we’re taking it to the next level and getting more real than ever before by encouraging women everywhere to own and rock what they’ve got and be proud! For the Season 5 premiere, I will be doing just that - no fake hair, I’m rocking my REAL hair. This will all be going down on September 8, 2009, which we’re declaring National Real Hair Day! We welcome everyone to go natural with me!”

Tyra believes there is nothing sexy anymore about horse hair or Yaki no matter how you style it. It's still horse hair.

Some of our women see weave as an absolute necessity because they can't afford to get their hair done every week. Others have convinced themselves that their men like weave and that's why they wear it. But every man I've spoken to laugh at weave wearing chicks behind their backs. They see hair weave as a sort of prosthesis for black women who can't grow hair.

It diminishes our self worth and decreases our value. That's why many brothers flaunt LSLH chicks (with real hair, not synthetic) in our faces. They want their kids to have good hair so they won't have to use weave as a crutch all their lives.

The Domican salons are increasingly crowded with black women who have finally figured out that the key to growing hair is to stop abusing it with hair glue, flat irons, curling irons and harsh chemicals.

Tyra says it's time to stop the madness! Wear your real hair and be proud!

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  • LadyJustice

    Beyonce should take this challenge.

  • iscream


    Proud of Tyra. Not the biggest fan of her's but she does try. I don't think this will catch on even though I would love to see black women stop wearing weaves.


    Do you have any idea how much a weave helps women who are facially challenged. If not just look at some of VH1 realty shows and wonder what some of them chicks would look like without it. You can start with Ms New York. :|

  • kcicero

    Sandra you are too much sometimes, lol. But I am glad that Tyra is doing this and I really hope that many of our women take heed. People don't realize just how bad chemicals, heat, and weave damage our hair. I've been natural for 3 years, and my locs are to the middle of my back. I haven't seen my hair this long since before my first Just for Me Perm! I plan on going bald after the birth of my daughter but will let my hair grow back and keep it in natural styles. It is sooo freeing to be natural.

  • Anna

    Damn, her show is starting it's 5th season. I am not a Tyra fan because she makes everything about her. I still watch ANTM because she is not in every frame. I stated wearing my natural locks to work on Friday. I have naturally curly long hair and only wear my hair like this on my time. Not anymore. I am tired of flat ironing to fit in white folks world.

  • KaraZ

    Sandra I think you wait to come online and post all sort of nonsensical comments because you can't open up your mouth and say this ish in public and have friends like you claim you do... I mean such absolute ignorance.


  • kcicero

    Ice I think I just threw up in my mouth, don't have do that again!!

  • Daisy

    Hey KC!! What's good?

    I am happy to be nappy and was never a fan of weave but I always had long hair. I cut it short a few times as well and plannin on cutting my locs in a short do next spring.

  • miamore73

    Can't stand Tyra she's so phoney to me. She'll never go fully natural. Even if she takes out her weave you can best believe there will be perm helpin them roots out. I think this is just a way to get people to tune in to see what Tyra's real hair looks like. She'll put her weave back in by episode 3.

  • iscream

    Hey KC

    Hope you are doing good in this heat with that baby. I heard being preggo's in the Summer is torture.

    Sandra Said.
    It diminishes our self worth and decreases our value. That’s why many brothers flaunt LSLH chicks (with real hair, not synthetic) in our faces. They want their kids to have good hair so they won’t have to use weave as a crutch all their lives.
    Taking out a weave is not going to produce a child with "good hair" (which imo is healthy hair not what u said). &


    for the men & you. Black (& or darkskin) women aren't the only ones who wear weaves. Any idiot who dates a women based her hair texture, length isn't a man I want to reproduce with. A perm can cure the naps but stupidity you can't take back.

  • miamore73

    New York would have to remove that weave hanging from her eye lids as well!!!

    I can't wear weaves I tried it for a wedding I was in and I don't like all that shit stuck to my scalp. When I get a itch I gotta work my way through to me stuff to get to it. Now I'm not natural cause I do have a perm and probably will until the day I die. I think perm is like crack if I wait to long for a retouch my hair start shedding like it's going through withdrawals.

  • kcicero

    Hey Daisy, we are so --->here<---, lol. I'm doing great! Finally settling into this being pregnant thang again. The baby is incredibly huge, everyone is worried that there will be a surprise second birth....
    Anyways, having locs was fun while it lasted but I am in need of a change, and everyone keeps egging me on talking about I have the perfect head for it, we'll see, lol. At least my husband and my g-friends will only have to see it if it's horrible :) I was a weave queen before I was muslim and it was harder to let go than pork, lol. But I got over it.

  • mizzdallas

    First of all, tyra stole that whole idea from wendy when she was doing her sneak peek show last year and she said that she was going to take off her wig, and now tyra wants to be like wendy bish pleaze! anways I guess I read the post

  • mizzdallas

    hey! kc glad that your doing OK!

    @miamore I agree with your comment #8

    she is a fake a phoney! she disgust me

  • Daisy

    KC u know I want twins so I will be jealous if u have them

    Mizz I rememba when Wendy said that as well lol

  • Mspeng

    It diminishes our self worth and decreases our value. That’s why many brothers flaunt LSLH chicks (with real hair, not synthetic) in our faces. They want their kids to have good hair so they won’t have to use weave as a crutch all their lives

    That statement bothers me on so many levels. #1 - What the hell is GOOD HAIR. We're black. Our african hair is for a reason. And believe it or not, we have the MOST versatile hair out of every race because we can wear our hair like white people but they can never make their hair like ours. #2 - My hair is NORMAL black hair and my hair has been longer than bra strap my entire life. I have only worn a weave once and that was for my high school prom many years ago so my husband didn't have to find a LSLH woman to have "good hair" with because if my daughter's hair grows like mine, then she will have long, African hair too. Any man who is with a woman for her hair texture and complexion has a negative self image and is only perpetrating that nonsense by having kids who do not look like themselves. I'm happy with myself the way I am.

    And #3 - Having Light skin with Long hair does not automatically mean you're pretty...Tiny is a perfect example of this.

  • intensemocha






  • lexdiamonz

    dsng girl i feel you i would kill for a dominican blow out right now

  • kcicero

    @ ice how did I miss your post?! It's really not bad being preggo's in the summer, in my opinion. My daughter was a late summer baby and I actually didn't mind it at all. Plus here in Philly we've had a pretty mild summer considering :)

    @ Daisy, If it's twins let's strike a deal, take the Diva also known as Sahar and I'll keep the twins, what do you say? How did midterms go by the way?

    Hey mizzdallas, the resident Wendy stan!!! I'm a stan on the low, lol.

  • mizzdallas



    I never I agree with you.. enough said

  • iscream

    Lmao @ Mizz

    Wendy actually has long hair. Thin but long. She once put a picture up on her site with her real hair. I'm going to check and see if its still there.

    Joel from talk soup didn't mention her show this week. I hope her ratings are doing well. I never knew where to check for that.

  • The Divine Ms. K

    Oh Lord - Sandra, what is your issue w/ LSLH women? They are black women too and just like anyone who MAY be dark skinned w/ short hair - they have control over their genes.

    My hair is natural and I wear a weave (as I am now) when I want a different look. It's not a crutch for me or whatever and my husband LOVES when I rock different looks and he LOVED when I first chopped all my hair off and only had about an inch on my head.

    Sandra, I've only seen one picture of you online - are YOU natural or do you have a relaxer????

    And yes - some women can't grow hair down their backs ( I am one - not in my genetics) and there is nothing wrong with adding some hair for fullness or a different look if you want.

    If you feel weave diminishes one's self worth or value - damn I feel sorry for you on so many levels.

  • The Divine Ms. K

    Sorry - they have NO control over their genes.

  • kcicero

    @ Mspeng I think that it has been established that there maybe some self loathing issues going on so why bother? We all know that there is no such thing as good hair...

    As soon as one of my ignant family members suggest that my daughter has good hair I check them real quick. Don't be putting that nonsensical bull crap in her head. There is healthy hair and then there is the rest...

  • buttercup24

    I've been natural for five years and normally wear sengalese twists. When I wear it out, I just rod or straw set it myself. I'd advise those black women crowding those dominican shops to be careful, cause all though their hair is similar, it's still not the same. All that heat in your hair from the blow dryer will take it's toll.

  • Mspeng

    By the way...Tyra's not keeping her natural hair for the entire season. She'll do exactly what she did last time when she had that show on Good Hair...she had her real hair and the very next day she was back with her Barbie lacefront. So I just don't see it happening.

  • flyqtnva

    Chole karadashian has a full weave right NOW....I SAW IT N WENDY WILLIAMS I WAS WEAK,,,her hair is neck length....

  • Daisy

    @KC I got a B and A on my mid terms! March can't get here fast enough lol

    Here in the south I feel sorry for big prg women they seem to look n be soe HOt n uncomfy! Bless their hearts

  • Krysi J

    Black women wear their hair all the time....they just like to be versitile...Some will cut ALL their hair off in a cute style, and wear weave when they feel like sporting long hair, or wavy when they are going on a trip to the beach...OR

    Some women with long hair that wish to sport a short cut, will get a short weave for experimentation or just to have a break from dealing with their hair all the time, in the summer HAIR especially LONG hair is HOT, and anything over that neck line sets you on fire, and short hair feels so much better.

    Some people have a problem with growing hair but not ALL, most people can take out their weave or snath off a wig and have hair all the way down their backs or at least a decent length...Black women just like to look cute, thats our only issue, and we have fun wearing different styles of hair...nothing more nothing less in most cases that iz.

  • kcicero

    Congrats Daisy!!!!! I know you are twitching with anticipation to get that M.A. attached to your name, I know I

    Yeah I do feel bad for those who are further along and pregnant, it can definitely make things even worse...I do remember wishing it was over the last week of my second pregnancy because the heat was unbearable but for the most part Sahar was a pleasant experience as far as being preggo's is concerned...

  • wiggy2272003

    Sandra gotta agree with you(partially) bout the dominican salon. Its not that they get hair to grow hair, in a healthy person will grow at an average of 1/2 inch per month. The reason a lot of woment don't see growth is that if mistreated its breaking off. If you are gentle to your hair both chemically, and manipulatively, keep it clean and moisturized without loading your scalp with heavy petroluem/mineral oil based products you will see the growth. By the way there are four types of hair(with subtypes) only. Straight, Wavy, Curly, and Kinky. They do not corrospond with skin tone. Kinky is the most fragile breaks very easily which is why people think it doesn't grow. That being said I don't believe men are saying that at all about hair. A lot of men prefer short hair. Most men could care less about lentgh as long as she's fine.

  • jazi65

    There are alot of reasons women wear weaves..some have a hard time growing hair, others are going through chemo & lose their hair, etc.

    I dont see anything wrong with it as long as it's on point..but when I see some women with the obvious cheap ass $1.00 weave (with the tracks showing) I gotta smdh.

  • mizzdallas


    especially with quick weave where they have different color weaves with the tracks showing sometimes I dont like be black lol!

  • mizzdallas


    yes wendy has long but thin hair, I believe the pic is still up if not then I may have it

  • omina-homina

    sandra, i wish you had ratings, or a thank you/groan option on comments. lol.

    well, good for Tyra. I can't wait!

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  • NichelleWalker/

    Those Salon's aren't the truth I go from time to time but believe me they will burn your hair out. And plus who cares what a nicca wants??? Wear your hair the way you want to. These braided up negro's with there pot belly's and there list of demands are really working my nerves.

    Why does everything end in what a man wants--damn a ninja men still cheat on there real hair women just like they cheat on the one who wears the weaves...jeez..

  • miamore73


    being light skinned does guarantee long hair either.

  • SayMyName

    Teen pregnancy back on the increase

    High high school drop out rate

    20+ % of young BM men incarcerated

    70+ percent of children born to single mothers

    Poverty rate that is more staggering than countries
    that are considered "third world."

    So much violence in the neighborhoods that kids who
    want to learn are afraid to go to school

    1 Black Senator on Capitol Hill
    and and handful of law makers in total

    Under representation in every professional field

    Most kids growing up without a good relationship with
    their fathers

    Crack cocaine and substance abuse more prevalent than ever.......

    Oh, never mind. I don't have a point.