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Janet Jackson, who thrilled fans with her Michael Jackson tribute on the VMAs, attended Marc Jacob's fashion afterparty at Hiro's nightclub in downtown Manhattan last night.

Singer Toni Braxton looked quite Lil Kim-mish at the Marc Jacobs Fashion Show after party in NYC last night.

Pseudo singer Ciara attended the Marc Jacobs Fashion Show afterparty at Hiro's in NYC last night wearing the ugliest boots I've ever seen.

Gabrielle Union attended Tracy Reese's show at Bryant Park in NYC yesterday. Reese is one of Michelle Obama's favorite designers. I've said this before but it's worth repeating: just because the paparazzi tells you to turn around doesn't mean you do it. Especially if you're like Gabby who has absolutely nothing going on back there. Don't embarrass yourself ladies.

Perfect example! Keri Hilson turning around when she has nothing to show back there but some bumps. Keri also attended Tracy Reese's fashion show at Bryant Park in NYC yesterday.

Basketball superstar LeBron James attended a party at Club Avenue in NYC last night.

Photos: Splash News Online and Wireimage/Getty

  • pinky2083

    Whoa.. Janet looks a little sickly.

    I am soooo tired of seeing those ratty wigs on Toni Braxton, I wish she would bring back the short do she used to rock.

    Ciara and Gabby..ANYWYAYS..

    I love Keri's new hair! :)

  • iscream

    I'm disappointed in Toni for wearing that halloween costume in September. & that wig/weave should not be worn by someone who once set off a hair trend.. Dreadful

    Glad to see Ms. Jackson out and about. :(

    Keri Hilson is a bigger star than I thought. I'm starting to see more and more of her. Is the plunging neck line back in style.

  • Dhoward1913

    What is wrong with Toni?


    Toni, honey, what is going on with ur head!!!! And Keri is too cute.

  • eastpointvet

    toni looking a lil more plump than usual

  • Charles

    Poooooor heara

    No single
    No sales
    No charts
    No relevancy
    No money

    Poor heara thought shed sing to the white girls and found out the hard way they aint checking forher flop manish ass. Id save my money if I was her because aint no one hiring her for shit when you spend more than you make.........

  • Daisy

    Ms Keri Baby! HAWT! Very pretty girl

    Toni is still holding on to being the sexiest woman known to man bless her heart

    Ciara those boots are HAWT! Think J Lo wore them for the cover of Instyle

    Janet :eek:

  • KayCeiSoul

    Toni missed on the wig, but she looks healthier than I've seen her in the past.

    Ciara - skip.

    Gabby -skip, skip.

    Keri looks nice.

  • KaraZ

    Umm turning around is not about showing azz Sandra, thats for you and your hoodrats, it's actually about displaying the garment. Now Gabby knows her frock was uninteresting from all angles so she didn't need to pose, but Keri Hilson had a dress to display so hers make sense.

    Toni Toni Toni ... le sigh.

  • LadyJustice

    KERI LOOKS UBER CUTE. does she have a rattail back there? whats that strand of long hair doing?

    janet is looking too much like latoya on that picture =X

    im pretty stoked about Lebron James' soundtrack to his movie. ive heard some hot ass songs off of it.

  • kwallace577

    toni look like an extra from the "best little whorehouse in texas" which has been on lately btw.

    i like ci ci's boots. feeling keri's shoes. and for once her hair too.

  • Krysi J

    I guess.... :yawn:

  • 2thick4u

    Alright - y then :)

  • Kymystry

    While I don't like the boots... but you KNOW if that disaster called Rhi-YAWN-a had them on .. you'd be saying how HAWT them ugly azz boots were ..

    and we ALL can't be blessed with a shelf disguised as an azz .. if they DID have booty ... you'd be saying it was butt pads or plastic surgery ...

    whateva ...


    Janet looks disturbed.

    Not feeling Toni's wig or outfit.

    I'm diggin C-Error's boots.

    Gabby, cute dress.

    Ms. Keri Baby looks great.

    Lebron, I just focus on his pockets so YUM!

  • pointhimout

    lay off janet, dammit. a million bulbs flashing in ur face as u walk up stairs, u too will not be ready for your close ups.

    ciara=yawn, fall asleep, wipe drool, yawn again.
    gabrielle=invite went to wrong address, yet ur in there.
    keri=ur getting a pass this time only....
    toni=so this is what it's like when those record company advances stop. yep, she looks the fool from head to toe.
    lebron=guys, would it kill you to wear street casual sometimes? grown men dressed as teenagers hanging at the mall.

  • miamore73

    Toni's a mess. She lost her mind along the way somewhere.

  • anti-PC

    Janet looks good.

    Ciara's boots are nice.

  • iscream

    Hey Kymmy.

    Point I love your staning for Janet. :)

  • missmiami

    Luv Toni Braxton as an artist but she needs to start dressing her age. Seriously, what does her husband think.

  • yvonne79

    Toni's gettin a little thick there but a little weight gain never hurt anyone. She looks healthy. Her wig? Me no likey. :blink:

  • ELove

    LBJ is a CELEBRITY...

    So is GB -- YES Industry Groupies w/ some clout R Celebrities

    Janet WILL ALWAYS BE a celebrity (Get at em @point...)

    Keri is a Cute Face with NO SEX-APPEAL whatsoever -- IMO

    Toni & C-Error are "Desperately Seeking Celebrity"

  • ontaya brooks

    Sandra off topic, what happened to your Necole Bitchie link, why was it removed? is there trouble in paradise?

  • whyohwhy

    The sad thing for Ciara, if Rihanna would have warn them same boots you would have called her a fashion ICON. Ciara looks nice in them boots cause she has the legs for them and she is not trying to out do Lady Gaga or Amber Rose and Keri Hilson like the other one is doing..

  • ELove

    In ALL Seriousness ...
    IF Ciara would gain around 20 lbs on that frame of hers I WOULD GO Coo-Coo for CoCo Puffs over her FOR REAL !!!

    Some AZZ & Thighs ALONG with that skin-tone & Body-frame ...
    Baby-Gurls would shut ALL THESE OTHER chicks down -- IMO