Before we get to the email, let’s make it clear that Oprah asked Solange Knowles to be on the show because of her sister Beyonce. She probably asked Beyonce first but Bey declined because she didn’t want to get clowned for wearing all that weave. Despite what comes out of her mouth, Solange wanted all this attention from shaving her head.

Still, I am proud of her for taking this drastic step (she can’t help if her head is shaped like a coconut). I wish ALL black woman, LSLH women and sisters of color would throw down their weaves and go natural. I really do hate to see our women wearing weave. Especially those ghetto braid extensions.

Loyal reader N.D. writes:

Did you catch Oprah today? Solange just made herself look like a fool by saying that she got her first perm when she was 4 years old, only to later say that her mom forbid perms in their household. What sense does that make? I’ve been trying to find the video, because I just can’t believe she would tell a lie just like that on national TV. However, I can’t find the footage anywhere.