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From loyal reader Dana L:

Bobby Brown was in Jacksonville, Florida performing with Ralph Tresvant and Johnny Gill when he called his lady and baby out on the stage, he got down on one knee and asked her to marry him. He said this time he will work harder on this one than he did on the last one. This happened Friday Night, May 7th.

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  • FloridaChick813

    Isnt that nice :rolleyes:


  • Ebony

    :offtopic: HAPPY MOTHERS DAY TO ALL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    on topic no comment :)

  • attorneymom

    Congrats to Bobby and his future wife!! I love me some New Edition. All 6 of them.

  • tintin1979

    good for him. i hope he can do right with this relationship.

  • Anna

    Congrats to him. What, he didn't work hard in his last marriage? I missed that memo. I love me some Whit but it could not have been easy beening Mr. Houston. :lol:

  • KrayZKat

    To all the wonderful mommy's out there, have a blessed Mother's Day!

    Congrats to Bobby and fiancee.

    @AM, I love me some NE/BBD too!

  • Champagne Wishes & Caviar Dreams

    Congrats , I hope it works out for them . HAPPY MOTHERS DAY SR FAM!!!!!!

  • Man, I just don’t care™

    Good to see Bobby taking a turn for the better. After that lesbian crackhead whore Whitney tried to ruin his career with her drugs, stank attitude and demands for a baby.

    This chick looks like she won't try to phuck ova u.

  • OES_Diva

    I feel bad for her...I guess she like being with a broke bum...the only good thing that came out his last marriage was BK...Thank God Whitney finally put that trash out.

  • Anna

    OES_Diva says:

    I feel bad for her…I guess she like being with a broke bum…the only good thing that came out his last marriage was BK…Thank God Whitney finally put that trash out.
    Bobby is back with Ralph and Johnny. How is he broke. I have yet to hear him owing back taxes. It's also been a minute about him owing back child support. He also won a few bucks on "Celebrity Fit Club". :lol:

  • yellamama

    Why did Bobby have to mention his marriage to Whitney while proposing to the new one? That was indeed tacky and unnecessary!

  • Anna

    yellamama says:

    Why did Bobby have to mention his marriage to Whitney while proposing to the new one? That was indeed tacky and unnecessary!
    Thank You. Wouldn't that just spoil the mood? But we have to remember he's BBBBBBBOOOOOOBBBAAAAAY! :lol:

  • Al-Ameera

    Bye bye to that alimony check

  • Daisy

    A black man that isn't afraid of marriage :clap:

  • Bird

    Well good for them. That's wonderful. It's also nice to hear Bobby is out there performing again with his boys. This is the same way I found out about Whitney pretty much. The coworker of a friend went to her concert back in the late 80's early 90's and told my friend how much Whit was ranting and raving about being in love with Bobby. We couldn't believe it at the time since we had been led to believe Whit was a goody two shoes.

  • teneicee

    Congrats to them both..hopefully he won't screw her over..

  • Sunkissed404

    Sucks so bad that Whitney is out here lookin a mess, and he is just a free bird. I believe this marriage will work...just sucks that he couldn't help Whitney get her groove back, that's all.

  • Dhoward1913

    Why the hell are his damn hands always ashy??? I so don't understand this fool. Why is it that people continue to procreate with this clown, isn't this like baby number 5?

  • SugarPieHoneybunn

    :rofl: @ Daisy and Man

    Beauty is in the eye of the beholder...

  • Ms.Everything

    Happy late Mothers Day to all! I spent the day with my babies and off the internet but now I'm catching up listening to my son breathe (he's sick, gotta stay awake, alert and ready).

    On topic: Congrats and I think this one will do well. My mom was well connected back in the day and she used to tell me all the time that Whitney was on that ish waaaaay before Bobby so he is not to blame for her downfall :coffee: I've always loved her voice but she didn't just meet and fall in love with him out the clear blue sky. Whitney just had a great PR team and a lot of people behind her making sure her demons didn't get out + you didn't have the paparazzi, blogs and all that like now... at least not on this level. Once she stopped making guaranteed record breaking hits, her team backed off and she no longer had that protection to cover up and keep her somewhat under control. I hate that she gets the sympathy and he gets all the blame when they both were equally dirty.

    I've always been a huge New Edition/BBD/Bobby Brown fan. First song I ever sung was Mr. Telephone Man and its still in rotation on my iPod along with others so my kids sing it now too lol

  • allwrightyden

    Congrats to them. I pray that he is sober and ready to commit to his new family.

  • TruGemini

    Good for them I guess :shrugs:

  • Krysi J

    aw congratulations....hopefully they are both rehabillitated and clean off dope for the sake of their child.

  • missknowitall

    He looks more sober than she does-i'm just say'n