An enraged Jermaine Dupri launched into a profanity-filled tirade during a late-night phone call last night that left the hair standing up on the back of my neck.

A friend called me around 11 pm to say he had Dupri on the line and was it alright if he spoke with me. I agreed to listen to what he had to say. Dupri began by ranting and raving about bloggers in general, and about me specifically.

JD, as he likes to be called, was reacting angrily to a post I wrote yesterday titled "How the Mighty Have Fallen: Jermaine Dupri Rebounds."

While not denying that anything I wrote was false, he angrily vented about me "always" going in on him and his artists, including Dondria and Bow Wow.

He basically let me know that his goons were coming for me -- with his blessing.

"I got people ready to kill you right now!," he screamed. "I'm letting you know it's serious in the streets right now," said JD in a 3-way call from France where he had just finished partying.

He said repeatedly, "I run Atlanta! I got ni**as calling me saying they don't know what you look like, but all I gotta do is point you out and they will FUCK YOU UP!!!!"

I was extremely offended by all his yelling and cursing and I reminded JD that I was a grown ass woman. "I'm grown too!," he responded. "I got ni**as that will fuck you up on sight!"

He wasn't at all subtle with any of his threats -- even though he insisted he wasn't threatening me. "I know you're recording this," he yelled, "and I'm recording it too!" He made death threats unapologetically: "You already dead!," he screamed.

After taking as much of the verbal abuse as I was willing to tolerate, I hung up on him and called the police.

Edit: I spoke with my attorney today.

No blogger should tolerate death threats from a celebrity. Whether the threats are veiled or direct, they are still threats against your life. And that it is against the law.

  • Jaestar69

    JD is taking pathetic to a whole other level. If he feels so strongly that the post was not a true representation of him, maybe he should direct that passion into his work and come up with some music we can tolerate. I remember back in the day when he was keeping the radio hot but now these days if you don't post about him he would remain a figment of my lost memories. Keep ya head up Sandra...'little' people always seem to make the most noise!

  • sharnell

    what is up with all these men threatening woman. i know two sides to every story, but damn! i've meet JD many years ago, i dont want my memory of him tarnished, but damn....

  • Ms. Thickness


  • Desi

    JD better take his >:( ass to the :kona: and sit his ass down in that beanbag chair and cool off...:rolleyes: he better gone somewhere with that chit...sue his as.s sandra...:nana: @jd u is a fool

  • Desi

    JD better take his >:( ass to the :kona: and sit his ass down in that beanbag chair and cool off… :rolleyes: he better gone somewhere with that chit…sue his as.s sandra… :nana: @jd u is a fool

    Thats how it was suppose to look...smh...see what happens when i try to use them d.amn

  • Redeemed777

    Mr. SoSo Powerful JD:

    Bro, if you put that much energy into exposing the REAL CULPRITS, then and only then will I call you a soldier.

    You got pple ready to kill Sandra, well guess what....God has angels ready to destroy you and all those evil people that you work hand in hand with to worship satan.

    Sit down child because you are like chaff that the wind blows away.

    You have no power. AT ALL.

    Stop letting the industry fool you into living an illusion.

  • Ebony

    Does JD have that Napoleon complex? Is he going to attack everyone who says something bad about him? he's been in the industry to long to worry about what people say about him. His rant proved his irrelevancy :coffee:

  • pointhimout

    mmm mmmm mmm it is getting hot up in here. just wow. why folks hate being talked about? i thought all press was good press. anyways Sandra, dont go getting yaself in trouble just for hits. believe me, i'd be the first to admit i enjoy the humor and the scathing and salacious write ups, but we dont want folk coming for you and sending goons after you. seriously.

    people gave jermaine props where they were due in that article. hell, i did too. i wonder if he was equally upset with CL for the write up. they weren't any nicer about it, so what gives? people gotta take the good with the bad. we all do,all day everyday in our lives. because i'm not on the receiving end of numerous phone calls and emails or texts he's probably getting about THIS write up, im not able to understand the rage.

    sandra, be careful. there's a host of others we can write and talk about. re-write it sandra and take out the part about janet. nevermind. if i know you--you'll fill that in with some more jabs.

  • jazi65

    The truth must hurt or he wouldn't have come at you like this Sandra. That rat faced munchkin needs to accept that he is no longer relevant & spitting empty threats only makes him look more desperate for attention.

    But I'm glad you are not taking any chances & getting your attorney & police on his ass. He of all people should know when you're in the business expect ridicule..and when it's the truth, take it like a man and STFU.

  • Redeemed777

    SMH @ all men black men who can talk/scream/curse/kill women and children, but can't do the same to their white bosses.

    Shameless souls.

    They rather live on their knees ( In JD's case he already short enough ), than die standing like a true trooper.

    Verily I say, Michael Jackson had more courage than all these producers,rappers,singers,actors put together.

  • Anna

    Why are little ppl so violent? :lol:

  • pointhimout

    who will release their recorded conversation first? the plot thickens.

  • iciaantica

    RUN ATL :wtf: ?? :rollseyes: That's news to me and I live in Atlanta. What kind of a MAN calls a WOMAN and curses her...that's a straight up p***y!! JD doesn't run ish in ATL he can't even get radio stations to play his artist! Ant to think I used to be a fan :smh:

  • Anna

    pointhimout says:

    who will release their recorded conversation first? the plot thickens.
    Mel Gibson's baby mama?

  • iciaantica

    And Sandra I'm glad you aren't punking out like some bloggers that have been threatned by artist! I hope he gets what's coming to him!

  • iciaantica

    @Redeemed :cosign:

  • pointhimout

    @13 LOL. we have a code 10/man down crisis going on, and here you go. it's too early.

  • Anna

    pointhimout says:

    @13 LOL. we have a code 10/man down crisis going on, and here you go. it’s too early.
    I Apologize? LOL. I was not in the JD post. I bypassed it like a pot hole in the road.

  • whatdoesitmatter

    Wow, you hit a nerve!! LOL!! Thank goodness you're not a punk. :shrugs:

  • CivilEngineer

    What goons could he possibly have? Sandy ain't scared Lil Bow Wow and nem

    JD better take his lil 5ft nothing azz around the corner and sit down somewhere. What kind of man threatens a woman's life over her opinion? Her opinion must not be that far from reality...

    I got your back Sandy...from BR though, from BR :lol:

  • aqtpie

    :blink: I would be some kinda salty too but I guess it is true that there are different rules for celebs. Having folks say shyt about you, true or false comes with the price of fame. Suck it up JD!!! This article is making me feeling different about him though!!!

  • pointhimout

    Sandra, if it'll make you feel any better just know that rene elizondo would have never called you like that.

  • mzvirgo78

    If what you say of that phonecall is true, that was very BYTCHMADE of JD. What real man argues with a woman in that manner over a d@mn blog!? :rolleyes:

  • lovezoe

    I am going to need to hear audio, I can't believe that JD is really that dumb to not only talk like that with someone else on the line AND while he knew he was being recorded. This is why you let your lawyers handle things, because guess what his lawyer gone have to get involved anyway.

  • Man, I just don’t care™

    I ain't mad at u Jermaine. Ur work speaks for itself. Buy some add space and a nigga will change their tune like Whitney after the crack.

  • geezy

    Sandra he really pissed at you for showing those pics of Janet and her BOO! He was prolly still claiming her as his woman in public! He mad cause her man taller than him and has adult teeth.

  • chase

    Wowzer's that is crazy, what a fool...

    Be careful and good idea getting the cops involved, keep a paper trail.

  • Ms.kaylamomma

    Sandra, be careful. Jermaine, I will never buy another one of your artist's albums. You're a punk ass for threatening a woman. Go find a rainbow to hide under.


    JD go sat down !!!!!!!!

  • Cinnamon Kisses

    Wow!! I mean really??? Is it really that serious. Im gon need for JD to pump his brakes.....Because its NOT that serious @ all! SMH......calling and cussing people out calling a woman outta her name! :cosign: mzvirgo78

    Where is Kwall @......paging Kwall.....please come roast this fool! That would piss him and his goons off even more :rofl:

  • kwall

    i'm here!

  • kwall

    sandra i can can catch a flight and be in ATL in 2 hours from RDU to ATL.

    we can stakeout the tarmack togetha sis and be on the lookout for him. short azz might blend in with the crowd tho...but he will be the muffga carrying a stool since janet not around to carry it for him no more. i bet the stool got its own lil carrying case.

    ole chicklet teef bastid calling threatening somebody. how his ole googly eyed azz manage to even dial the phone?

  • kwall

    Sandra he really pissed at you for showing those pics of Janet and her BOO! He was prolly still claiming her as his woman in public! He mad cause her man taller than him and has adult teeth.
    naw he mad cause he gotta pay somebody to carry that stool equipment now and he already broke (supposedly).

  • Cinnamon Kisses

    :rofl: Kwall I knew u would come through!!

  • leat

    why is it that when someone is no longer we criticize and ask "what happen" or "where are they now" or "they have fallen off" no one is hot forever! then when they stay around too much or too long we say "you need to sit down" you need to retire" i know the bloggers get paid to do what they do whether its made up as much of it is or if its opinion or even TRUE! but sometimes when you attack someone soo much you have to expect them to get upset whether it death threats or just a verbal lashing. if you dish it out you have to take it, right? Im a huge of fan of JD and he still has a huge legacy I hope we all can agree...and at the end of the day im pretty sure no one can take away from him the mark he has left on the game and we DAMN sure aint touching his pockets! i like reading the blogs mainly for pics but sometimes the ridicule and criticisms get out of control!! SN: i cant recall seeing anything negative said about Dondria on here, i think shes alright!

  • Man, I just don’t care™


    I agree with most of what you said in principal. If u attack people, directly or indirectly, how can you complain when they attack back? Being female, young, old, disabled...whatever don't change that principal. :shrugs:

  • Nika405

    Haha <--- in my Nelson voice. That bitch Karma done came around huh? Sandra I don't agree with JD threating you at all but you know good and well you can't keep posting crazy azz mess about folks and not expect them to feel a salty.

    As far as JD he played himself by calling you. JD sweety true "celebs" never respond to the little people. Let your success speak for you.

  • kwall

    he still has a huge legacy I hope we all can agree…

    Being female, young, old, disabled…whatever don’t change that principal.
    just like when malik punched the guy in the wheelchair on "the game"...yes he had a huge legacy. he is a grammy winner. nobody can take that away from him. so why is he upset again? the whole thing (i thought) was already pretty murch common knowledge. i mean wasn't he in alot of IRS trouble not too long ago any-t way? :coffee:

    is solange calling sandra up? swizz beaks? tiny tameka? toya? miss celie (fantasia)? are any of THOSE folk calling sandra up crying? :crying1: she get on them on a regular basis too.

    boy stop. this is a blog. nobody is gonna DIE cause of what is said. folks out hungry in the world. folks unemployment benefits cut off. REAL shat. and you worried about what a lesbun typing boutchu on a blog? grow up. go see da brat. something. SHEW. furthermore i will still dance to your tunes as will everybody else. so what difference does it make. if you supposedly LTL (living tha life) how you even have time to be worried?

    enjoy france bruh.

  • KrayZKat

    *going back to read the thread to see what caused such a ruckus*

    Okay, I can see why he'd be a bit salty, but it is what it is. JD needs to grow a pair. Like someone up top said, people are always going to say things about us we won't like, especially if you are a celeb. No one likes to be talked about, but he can't control people's opinions or what they say about him. You take the good with the bad, and the bitter with the sweet. It's not fun, but it's reality. :shrug:

    I never was a fan of his, and I sure don't respect him now that he launched into this tirad with Sandra. I mean, death threats? I understand his anger, but freedom of speech is a constitutional right, isn't it?

    We got your back, Sandra, and I'm glad you took every precaution against him because he clearly isn't thinking straight.

  • TSRBenz

    i dont get how sandra thinks she can say whatever she wants about these celebs and they are supposed to stay shut o please what were you expecting him to say thanking you for talking sh*t about me on your blog i love it keep it coming

  • KrayZKat

    I understand JD being upset, but death threats???

  • TSRBenz

    if your thinking about suing him or anything like that i suggest you change what you write about celebrities on your site dont get scared now you dish it out so now its time to deal with the consequences you are not untouchable

  • roro17

    Why is everyone jumping on Sandra's side? Its two sides to every story so until I hear some audio 8'll keep my opinion of JD to myself. Let's not act like this isn't the first time someone would want to kick sandra's a**. I like the blog but the constant negativity about Bey,chris brown,trey songz,diddy (the list goes on) can be a bit too much at times. Its really unnecessary to be so negative all the time. I never understood how a person could hate people who they don't know. Please don't dish it if you can't take it. I know its probably a line of celebs who would want sandra beat. A death threat is a bit much.

  • mzvirgo78

    Well I guess we're going to expect him to sic his goons on all the commenters too for all of the Leprechaun and "little man syndrome" comments. Chile boo! He need to sit his sensitive magically atrocious azz down somewhere.

  • aqtpie

    The thing is, right or wrong/good or bad there is a such thing as freedom of speech. JD has his on blog, he has the right to write an entire negative post about Sandra (petty or not)if he wanted to, what he did is considered a terroristic threat and that is against the law.

  • Girlbye

    Dude is stupid!

    I could understand if he sent a ceast and desist letter. Or he could have even took to his own blog and addressed her.

    But death threats over something someone wrote on a blog?

    It must have had some truth to it for it to affect him so deeply threatening to kill someone and all.

    Dude is his own worst enemy. He was a talented producer. But his ways and the way he carries himself won't let him progress any further.Dude has alot of growing up to do.

    That's why all of his peers have surpassed him and really doesn't get that much respect.

  • Cinnamon Kisses

    :dead: @ mzvirgo78

    The last time I checked it was out 1st amendment right to voice our opinion! Hail if Sandra along with others feel he fell off.......then that's someones opinion. I have seen many of folks go in on antie Sandy........but does she email them and threaten them with death??? Death threats is a bit much! I mean its NOT that serious!

  • Mother Jefferson

    He is so arrogant, that's why Janet left his dusty ass. Instead of blowing up he should be on phone with Bow Wow calculating their next move! I know them short n*ggas can come up with something to stay relevant.

    I heard he was on that :snort: about a year ago and Janet told him to step. Now I actually believe it, that is crazy behavior coming from a grown ass man.

  • SoBlessed

    He needs to grow the hell up!!

  • attorneymom



    Wow this is crazy. I had to come out of lurking mode to post on this. Sandra i love your site but like the others said you can''t keep dishing stuff and expect things not to come your way. The death threats was too much but still celebrities have feelings too. The negative write ups and negative publicity probaly get to them they just don't respond.

  • Ms. Everything

    Death threats are way too much and if true completely out of line but I've never subscribed to the notion that just because a person chooses to follow their passion and becomes a celebrity or public figure that they must welcome negativity and hatred as part of the deal. No one, regardless of public visibility, should be subjected to lies,hatred and criticism for anything other than their body of work. Honestly as much as I love the site, with as much stuff as Sandra and some commenters post on here I'm surprised there haven't been more death threats from immature celebs, their people and their stans. By no means am I saying he was right or justified but everyone has their breaking point and celebrities are no different.

  • Carrington

    I don't agree with a lot of $hit Sandra says, but honestly, that's what keeps me coming back to her site several times per day. If I wanted to read my own thoughts on life, I'd type them up and re-read them over and over.

    Growth is rooted in disagreement because you learn a lot from other perspectives even if you don't agree with them. With that said, JD should be ashamed of himself.

    You a grown a$$ man, you've been successful for all of your adult life, why is what a blogger says so important to you that you're willing to go to jail behind it?

    If anybody should understand the justification behind Sandra's rants, it should be someone in the business - for Sandra this is business, just like your relationship with Janet became eventually. I don't think SR really dislikes most of the people she rants about, I think she's saavy in that she knows which celebs to "attack" that will get her more publicity - again, isn't she getting in where she fits in just like anybody else trying to get their grind on?

    If she were a rapper and called him out the EXACT same way in a song, he would be laughing it off... what makes this different?

    If what she said didn't have some truth to it, he wouldn't be so angry. I wonder if he would have called 50 with the same threatening tone if this story had appeared on thisis50 - doubt it.

    The most he said about Usher was that he was "disrespectful" and Usher owes him EVERYTHING, why go off on Sandrarose, when she don't owe you $hit?

    Have them goon's help you kill YO'SELF!

  • Anna

    A death threat is way too much. This blog is far from a "Christian Blog". If you can't stand the heat, get out of the kitchen. Celebs love free press good or bad. 85% of the ppl Sandra posts I didn't know who they were I have been on this blog for yrs. and I know more so called celebs than the law allows. :rofl: If it was not for this blog I would not get my daily entertainment. All of Sandra's Rosebuds are not all :haters: If you wear something ugly we comment, but ugly to me is not ugly to all. I did not like Rih's poke-a-dot jump suit that she wore, nor do I like the color of her or Tiny's hair, am I to receive a death threat because it's my opinion?

  • spelmangirl

    Karma always comes back around!

    Sandra, you are clearly the big evil, mean lesbo on the middle/high school playground (blog world) who bullies everyone around but when someone finally stands up for themselves (JD) you want to run to the Principal's office to tell (your lawyer). A classic narcissist and emerging sociopath is who you are,

    We all agree that JD is "Doing the Most" with his little death threats but you need to evaluate your role in this situation. Trust, if he really did make those threats it will come back to haunt him. I do however find it hysterical that you just had to post it on your blog before you met with your Lawyer.

    You can keep it real about what's going on in the entertainment world without being vindictive. I enjoy your site but the calculated, spiteful negativity has got to stop. Who are you going to hate on next, Jesus Christ himself?

  • attorneymom

    You never know what a person is going through when they read our posts or comments.

    At some point, folks just get tired of being kicked by bloggers while they are down. It is clear that Mr. Dupri has had some career challenges for the past few years. He could be feeling a little under the weather about these challenges. Your initial post was not encouraging. It certainly did not help his emotional state. Words can either hurt or heal.

    Sidebar: Why is it important for some of you to remind Jermaine that he isn't tall? Blank stare.

  • Man, I just don’t care™

    Naw, Im with JD on this one. No need for death threats but only a coward azz nigga sit back and let someone disparage them with impunity. :nono:

    At the end of the day Sandra is a blogger, no a journalist, so this comes with the territory. Spreading invalidated stories and you should expect some sort of vitriol in response.

  • Cinnamon Kisses

    I understand that maybe he wasn't feeling himself or maybe he was feeling himself.....or whatever.........but @ the end of the day.......ONLY you can control your actions. Hail if someone came @ me.......I would probably be mad......but would not go as far as death threats. The only thing that will really piss me off is..............talking about my kids...or my parents......other than that......who gives a phuck. Like someone said up above........he knows what he has done as far as making his mark. He is a GROWN azz man. If he felt some type of way......then get your legal counsel......but GROWN men who have common sense and in their right mind....don't call folks making death threats. Or even stunt what anyones else says!!!! Smdh

  • Anna

    Are those CZ's in his ears? :lol: :rofl: Sandra found a cute pic of him, but why does the earring on the left of the screen look like it's a dangling earring? Looks like he has the dead bolt screw like Herman The Munster on the side of his face.

  • Girlbye

    He hasn't a hit since the Emancipation of Mimi album and Janet is no longer around to keep him relevant. Got to make headlines some how...


    @ Man and Ms.Everything :cosign:

    JD should have gone the celebrity route and hired lawyers not goons.

  • aqtpie

    JD could have the best of the best of lawyers but Sandra knew what she was doing with the way she worded that entire post!! He on the the other can get charges pressed against him now! Dummy!!

  • buddapecan

    :wail: :rofl: @ Kwall...

    "I don’t agree with a lot of $hit Sandra says, but honestly, that’s what keeps me coming back to her site several times per day. If I wanted to read my own thoughts on life, I’d type them up and re-read them over and over. Growth is rooted in disagreement because you learn a lot from other perspectives even if you don’t agree with them. With that said, JD should be ashamed of himself. Have them goon’s help you kill YO’SELF!" :thumbsup:

  • buddapecan

    Kwall: Lemme know when you leave RDU, I'm going with you! We will show ATL how we do it in NC! :shotsfired:

  • LaTechGrad02

    Uh oh Sandra, Kriss Kross and Da Brat are on the case....

    What a bish move to threaten someone over words on a blog...did he threaten the Lucky Charms leprechaun for swagger jacking? jk

  • therapist1911

    Both of them acted like immature brats! I don't know how most of you think its okay for a grown azz woman to say whatever she wants, however she wants to say it and its okay. But a man can't respond how he sees fits...that's BS.

    The death threats were a bit much.

    I've notice a trend...most of you think its okay for blog moderators and commentors to say the most hateful, negative and outlandish things. But as soon as a celebrity responds most people act as if they slapped the Pope and. Michelle Obama. In one breathe you want the celebrities to act "human" in the next u put them on a pedstal and expect them to act better than "regular" people.

    Chit what u say bout people......everybody not gonna swallow it and digest it the same way

  • ELove

    ONLY individuals that need to be scared of JD are defenseless LITTLE BOYS (Real...) And I AGREE w/ @Civil Completely !!!

  • Negrito

    The article you wrote about JD was straight bullshit. The whole article was basically about him being some untalented loser.

    You do attack and talk alot of crap about celebs all the time so I'm not surprised if they would go off every now and then. Even though I'm pretty sure JD didn't mean literally he had people ready to kill you...he made a terribly mistake. It's not cool making death threats towards a middle-aged woman unless you'd go after his kids or something like that.

  • scorpio

    HE IS SO IMMATURE!!! Janet went with him, and I bet she had to put up with a lot that she probably was thinking regularly what am I doing here?

  • borderlineamazing

    No no no. I don't care if people say "well Sandra says stuff about other celebs all the time too", if someone repeatedly said negative things about you without even knowing you I'm sure you'd be mad too. The difference is he's a celebrity and Sandra posts it for the WORLD to see. In our everyday lives it might be one or two people that have bad things to say about us for whatever reason.

    These people are human too despite what people think, just because he's famous doesn't mean anyone has a right to continually talk sh!t. He still gets angry,sad,happy just like us.

    While I have ZERO sympathy for someone like JD and I don't know if that post about him is true or not(I'm guessing it is) just imagine if you lost your job and someone reminded you all the time that you don't have a job. Kicking people when they are down isn't cool and if you keep pushing someone eventually they are going to push back. I don't understand this mentality of "oh they a celebrity this comes with the territory so lets talk sh!t about them". Looks like Sandra just finally picked the wrong person to f*Ck with.

    While I'm sure JD won't do anything to her his phone call was enough for Sandra to get the point. Much like Perez Hilton when he picked the wrong person to pick on with Fergie and Co. and got a fist in his face.

  • KrayZKat

    People talk a lot of sh*t about Oprah, but I don't see her going around throwing tantrums, and I sure haven't heard her threatening to have her detractors killed. Lord knows people talk about her like a dog. Tyler Perry, Beyonce and a lot of celebs get salt thrown at them regularly. I have yet to hear Beyonce throw a fit over someone talking bad about her, so how do they handle it?

    I can understand JD's anger, but how can he or anyone else stop people from voicing their opinions? If bloggers only said nice things about people, I doubt they'd get many hits.

  • Grownman


    I don't want to bruise your ego, but just to let you know, the government of the state of Georgia runs Atlanta. No matter how much money you have, you're control will never extend beyond the SoSo def domain, and maybe the ghetto.

  • lacountrygirl


    Timeout: THAT.IS.A.SEXY.AZZ.GRAVI.PICTURE. I had to come out of lurker mode for you on this Saturday. Hello and Goodbye...

  • Grownman

    If Sandra comes up missing, and i'm sure Beyonce would be somewhere in the world partying it up, JD just dug himself a hole he'll never crawl out of. Let's just say he'll be at the receiving end in jail. lol

  • BigDapDog

    I just gotta know, exactly how many of you would be on here if Sandra did what you asked and only talked about rainbows and lucky charms?


    I can say WHATEVER I want and so can she, we live under our Constitution and it gives us that right.

    He could have called and asked respectfully for her to not continue to post about him and still got his point across. This is NOT high school and we should act accordingly. If you get mad about something learn from your elders and handle them like they handle you.

    So to @borderlineamazing and @therapist1911:
    She can say whatever she wants about anyone she wants and the have the right to do the same about her. The only difference is she will use her BRAIN to get them back while they use their EGO to get at her.

  • OutsidetheBox

    :blink: :blink:

    Well Sandra you just like a homegirl who talk a lot of chit and come get the rest of us (or the PoPo) when it's time to knuckle up.

    Is Alex G. the one who called you for JD? You better leave these folks alone.

    An anonymous pixel on the net talked about me and I lost my damn scrupples so...
    I think when ppl go out of their way to be good ppl they hate being picked on. JD ain't neva did nothing to you Sandra.

  • peanutbuttercup

    JD's little azz is looking really stupid and insecure right about now. Laying hands on a female? What hood they do that in? Last I heard, you get ya girls on another female, not some goons. This is some real b*tch sh*t right here. He's catchin feelins cause SR spoke on 'em in her blog? Hmm! Last I heard, this was America and we all have the freedom to speak, even if you consider it a smear campaign. If he considers this liable or defamation of character, handle that ish like a business man and not like someone who is willing to loose everything. Unless he in fact has nothing to lose which very well may be the case. SMDH. He should be embarrassed, cause this is childish.

  • Sandra Rose

    BigDapDog says:

    So to @borderlineamazing and @therapist1911:
    She can say whatever she wants about anyone she wants and the have the right to do the same about her. The only difference is she will use her BRAIN to get them back while they use their EGO to get at her.



  • Sandra Rose

    peanutbuttercup says:

    JD’s little azz is looking really stupid and insecure right about now. Laying hands on a female? What hood they do that in? Last I heard, you get ya girls on another female, not some goons. This is some real b*tch sh*t right here. He’s catchin feelins cause SR spoke on ‘em in her blog? Hmm! Last I heard, this was America and we all have the freedom to speak, even if you consider it a smear campaign.



  • jazi65

    Grown Ass Man in a little body gonna let some words typed on the internet get his panties in a bunch? There must be some truth in that blog or he wouldn't be so bent out of shape. I'm sure some peeps in the industry have said worse to his face...has he promised death on them as well?

  • Sandra Rose

    lovezoe says:

    I am going to need to hear audio...


    That's exactly what he wanted. He was doing his best Mel Gibson impersonation last night. He was hoping I would post the audio so he can get some shine.

  • aqtpie

    While I wouldn't have called the cops, I want to know how what Sandra said/says is any different from what people comment on here in the comment sections about celebrities. I'm not complaining because I stay cracking up but how is it different? Go back and read some posts & comments on "TINY, Bey, Rih, Jay, Rick Ross, The Dream, Amber, Kim K, Precious, Diddy, Stripper/blogger from Texas, Savannah etc.... and see what I'm talking about and in some cases she was even easier on the celeb/associated with a celeb. Mean or not freedom of speech is alleged to exist here in the US.

  • attorneymom

    @Sandra, I am glad you are okay. I was about to put out an Amber Alert on Twitter for your behind. #chitstarter #missingpersons

  • BigDapDog


    Reading your blog is the equivalent to talking junk to your friends. Most of the time it is true with a little personal sarcasm mixed in (especially if it's me). Sometimes it's things the way you hear them from others with your own interpretation. I do not see the problem with what you say cause I am usually more scathing than you. But, some people believe that you gotta always be NICE and FLUFFY for other people's ego, that is not the case.

    The reason why Bey thinks she can sing, Mariah thinks she is phat and not fat, JD thinks he's cute, Tiny thinks she can talk correctly, Rick Ross thinks he can rap brilliantly, Lil Wayne thinks he's desired by all women, etc.... is because these people have NO REAL FRIENDS in their lives to tell them such. Real friends would say that you should stop rapping, singing, get a speech therapist, stop using your body to get what you want, or to sit down somewhere and rethink your actions.

    It's is sad when you have to hear things from other people besides your SO-CALLED friends.

  • mzvirgo78

    aqtpie says: While I wouldn’t have called the cops, I want to know how what Sandra said/says is any different from what people comment on here in the comment sections about celebrities. I’m not complaining because I stay cracking up but how is it different? Go back and read some posts & comments on “TINY, Bey, Rih, Jay, Rick Ross, The Dream, Amber, Kim K, Precious, Diddy, Stripper/blogger from Texas, Savannah etc…. and see what I’m talking about and in some cases she was even easier on the celeb/associated with a celeb.

    :cosign: And I don't typically go at celebs for no reason but the lame azz death threat on a female for her freedom of speech brought me out of Lurk Mode.

  • Binki

    What JD did is ridiculous. I understand being angry and embarrassed, but to threaten someone's life is above and beyond. Ummm JD, Sandra's only talking about your career being over, not your life. It may be tough to face, but I'm sure you have more to live for.

  • roro17

    I know a certain blog that I regularly visit that rarely posts negative chit on celebrities. You can have an opinion on someone or something but its the way you say it. 90% of the stuff I read on here is always negative. To me it just makes sandra look like a hater. To me beyonce is one of the most beautiful and talented singers out right now but yet she's called a burlesque singer. Sandra may think differently but she doesn't have to constanly talk sh** about her. Same thing with keri hilson, she's a beautiful woman and she's talked about all the time and called a lebian. Its rarely uncalled for. The constant negative posts on chris brown are annoying as well. When he responded back after what she said and talked about her looks then it was a huge problem about how he's disrespectful. C'mon with the bs. Seems like sandra can't take the heat when it comes her way. I go to blogs to get celebrity gossip not to see these peopeople's character attacked. These could very much be the nicest people for all we know and sandra's throwing mad salt at them.

  • mzvirgo78

    Sooooo roro17 what keeps you coming back? :shrugs:

  • roro17

    And while I'll talk about someones fashion sense or speech problems (tiny) I'm not gonna act like I know them and make assumptions on what kind of person they are.

  • roro17

    Sometimes it is stuff on here that isn't so negative. I think sandra is a good blogger minus the negativity. She writes well and some things on here are very informative. Aside from that its the comments. Dammit I'm guilty of getting entertainment from these comments lol.

  • Dawn

    Such a sad state of the world today...

  • BigDapDog


    Since when is stating facts HATING?

    I can't stand fake folks. Hating is when you talk about what they have on cause you can't afford it, who they sleep with cause you want them, the amount people spend on dumb shit cause you account is on $0.

    That is all

  • Say It Aint So Joe


  • pointhimout

    wow. this still going on? a lot of valid points. things got way outta hand. i'm sure both can say that, now that it's near 24 hours since the heated phone call.

    i think yesterday was just not the day for JD. i know people say you can only take so much, and I agree with that. there has to be some history or something tween those two for it to escalate to this point. all that feeling and emotions didn't come from one write up, or write ups about the artists. maybe it's easy for me to say 'who cares' when i'm not on the receiving end of it. maybe he's pissed that SR sets the stage and opens the flood gates for he and SSD artists to be stoned. I dont know.

    I think they'll talk and have a meeting of the minds pretty soon. everybody dont like everything you do, or everything about you. that really is life. i know, easy to say when it's not me (in this case). i wonder if this will cause sandra to water down her posts about him now.

  • Zephyr1979

    I always believe that whether you do good or bad in life (in all aspects) people will still talk about you. In this situation I can't understand why JD is even affected by this. Most celebs, imo, put themselves out there and they leave themselves open for criticism. When you want to live flashy and feel that everytime you take a chit that the world needs to know, then eventually the world will get tired of you and will start to resent you.

    If I had the kind of money he has (or had) most definitely people would wonder where I am and what I'm doing because I would be out there enjoying life and couldn't give a hoot what anybody has to say.

  • attorneymom

    BigDapDog writes, "The reason why Bey thinks she can sing, Mariah thinks she is phat and not fat, JD thinks he’s cute, Tiny thinks she can talk correctly, Rick Ross thinks he can rap brilliantly, Lil Wayne thinks he’s desired by all women, etc…. is because these people have NO REAL FRIENDS in their lives to tell them such.Real friends would say that you should stop rapping, singing, get a speech therapist, stop using your body to get what you want, or to sit down somewhere and rethink your actions."

    You better preach!! I am still mad at the label that gave Rick Ross a record deal. WT__??

  • mizzdallas

    STAN4FL says:

    @ Man and Ms.Everything :cosign:

    JD should have gone the celebrity route and hired lawyers not goons.

    I agree w/attorneymom, sometimes words can heal you or hurt you! Sandra you are wrong for this one its only such much a person can take!

  • KsMommy

    BigDapDog says:


    Since when is stating facts HATING?

    I can’t stand fake folks. Hating is when you talk about what they have on cause you can’t afford it, who they sleep with cause you want them, the amount people spend on dumb **** cause you account is on $0.

    That is all

    Stating facts isn't hating. However, falsely confusing lies as facts could be called hating. Hating isn't just when you talk about something because you can't have it. Hating is any negative speech or action spoken or performed because said person has negativity in their heart again another (at least that' how i see it).

    I'm all up for facts. ie: The Dream sending C-millian papers 9 days before she gives birth. Effing a-hole move.

    hating: Saying something like Trey songz has a male condom tester.

    Only way to know if the latter sentence is true is if, she, you, i (someone else with video camera, tape recover) were there and actually saw this happen. So deriving a conclusion that Trey songz is gay from one's on personal opinion because they do not like that person is in indeed hating.

    Have a happy day :-)

    p.s I must be the minority here. But I feel not nan bit of sympathy for Sandra in this situation. They both are acting like brats right now.

  • SunnyPA

    The way my daughter came running downstairs to tell me about this made me think you were dead already.

    People are crazy. Sandra please stay safe.

  • KsMommy

    Sorry for typos. On blackberry***

  • ELove

    For the PEOPLE who are worried about Ms. Sandra's Safety...
    ARE Y'all SERIOUS !!!!!

    Whose the last person THIS Ugly-AZZ TROLL-LQQKING Midget BEAT-UP yet alone Killed... And WHAT LOSERS would actually commit a murder for THIS CLOWN ?!!? Are these the SAME LOSERS that roughed up Kat Stacks that's going to take care of Sandra for him :lol:

  • buddapecan

    Auntie I'm gonna need you to make another comment on here or update Twitter every so many hours so I can make sure you're alright...

  • buddapecan

    :dead: @ ELove

  • kwall


  • borderlineamazing

    #75 you can kiss my motherf*cking ass along with crusty ass Sandra Rose and her Beyonce stalking bullsh!t talking scared as f*Ck when confronted ass. You cannot talk sh!t and spread lies about people! If she has the right to do so then he has a right to threaten her. Saying it and doing it are two different things. You are right though only in America can you write the most outlandish ridiculous things about people and won't get in trouble for it. One of the many things that's wrong with the U.S. in the UK her ass would be sued for slander and libel so quick for some of the ridiculousness she posts. And she knows this being from London(I'm not sure though she is always claiming either London or Atlanta depends on whether she took her medication that day I guess). RACISM and SEXISM are both also allowed in freedom of speech, that doesn't make it okay now does it?

    Why are you coming at my neck? Another thing you have in America is a right to an opinion! Do I know you? Does Sandra pay your bills? Give a f*ck about you?

    We all know how the tabloid games works names sources, innuendo say things without actually saying it blah blah. That DOES NOT take a lot of brain power, which is why anyone can be a blogger. Who the f*ck is Sandra Rose? She talks a lot of crap but kisses certain peoples ass and hides behind her computer. There are many blogs that get their point across without being malicious which is what she is. It doesn't have to be "lucky charms and rainbows". She's an ugly person inside and out which is why she hates on celebrities so much. You want to talk about elders? Let's talk about her. How old is? 47? Talking sh!t about people like Ciara who are young enough to be her children? She should be old enough and mature enough to be above talking about famous people in their 20s and 30s.

    I don't even like JD or most of these celebs to even care but this is total BS. He was angry and it's understandable. Don't act all high and mighty like you haven't said anything bad out of anger. What I post and what she posts are totally different. First off this ISN’T my blog and secondly I am merely commenting to what she posts many a times claiming it to be factual. That’s the difference. People like you will actually take what she says and run with it as if it’s the gospel truth.

  • roro17

    Cosign with what ksmommy said.
    If you don't like a person you would think that their name should be the last thing to come out your mouth. Its clear that sandra doesn't like diddy, trey songz, beyonce and the list goes on but there's a post on them all the time. It confuses me. These are successful rich people so maybe that's a reason to hate them. Constantly having negative posts on a person seems like hating to me.

  • KrayZKat

    If people are so disgruntled about what they read, why read it? I think a lot of these celebrities should take Brandy's advice and not read them.

  • Audacious2

    WTF? that little Gremlin-Dupri got the nerve to threaten someone?
    Why don't he threaten America with a "hit" career? or Threaten that tattoo artist to remove that hideous sketch of Janet from his little torso.
    See, that's why Janet dropped his lame little ass like a lead balloon, cause this little Furby mouth was only big in the places he made it rain too often.

    Does he not realize SandraRose is not the only media writer that has cast the truth upon his little shade?
    Really, let him go threaten Michael Mauldin for not letting his daughter take his last name "DuPri" . ***ouch***

  • starr

    Sandra may not be a journalist, but she is a blogger and like every body else she has a right to say what she wants whether we like it or not (ie obama posts).

    r we really going around threatening ppl because they have an opinion. JD needs to get over himself nobody outside of ATL checkign for his wack azz anyways. Yea she may talk alot of but she's not going around trying to start fights lol Its for entertainment, thats y we comment

  • jazi65

    we all signed up for the privilege of commenting on SR's blog. If you don't like SR's or members' opinions or celebrity bashings why even bother signing in..just keep it moving to another dam blog. You think the celebs we critique or crack jokes on give a dam about what we say? It's not that serious.

    Unfortunately this fool is an exception because he needs the exposure right now.


  • Shauny

    Well until I actually hear the comment.

    BUT I'm definately feeling therapist and Man's (and someone elses) about this situation.

  • Ms. Everything

    I'm by no means justifying the death threats, he's wrong for that, but its so easy for people to say how wrong he is without considering the fact that everyone at some time has lost it and said something they wish they hadn't in the heat of the moment. Its almost like some of y'all expect these celebs to come with superpowers where they are supposed to be at their best, immune to criticism, never make mistakes, be perfect in every which way and never succumb to the many emotions, shortcomings, stress, down times, bad hair days, etc that makes us all human. We all love gossip, we come here to read Sandra's latest post, chit chat, joke around or whatever but that doesn't mean that somethings said and posted on here aren't dead ass wrong and don't cause someone some type of pain. I swear some of you can't be for real with the shyt that you're saying or maybe its all coming from a gratitude of finally being able to log on that you feel you have to jump on going hard for and cosigning Sandra in order to fit in and keep your log in. Hell idk what it is but I will always call it like I see it and the original post was hateful and wrong and while he shouldn't have reacted with threats on her life he had every right to react if he felt wrong. That 1st amendment so many are quick to quote goes both ways and I doubt many of you could quietly accept being dragged like that for no reason other than to create blog hits and controversy even if you were a celebrity or had as much money as him. Money doesn't take away pain and celebrity doesn't take away natural human emotions. mentioned that the reason why Mariah thinks she's phat not fat, Beyonce thinks she can sing, Lil Wayne thinks he's attractive and so on... well that's actually a perfect definition of hating because none of that is fact, its all your personal opinion being stated as if it has been proven without a doubt when in actuality there are many who feel Beyonce can sing, many who think Mariah is just thick but attractive and those who feel Lil Wayne is attractive. Those very types of statements combined with the fact that you then stated they clearly don't have real friends because then they would know that and not do what they do is the reason why this post even exists. There is a way to give opinion without being nasty, without resorting to lies disguised as truth, without tearing down a person and dogging the things they take pride in such as their talent, career, appearance, family, sexuality or whatever. The sad thing is so many people not just in the internet world but the real world don't know the difference and that's how hate crimes happen, rumors are spread, people are killed everyday and so on. That story yesterday wasn't entertaining it was a bitter attack for whatever reason on this man and he has every right to respond he just should've done it in a better non threatening way but shit happens and people lost control when they are operating on emotions. But he isn't the first to lose it and threaten Sandra and unfortunately he won't be the last as long as she continues to cross the border from entertaining sarcasm and dry humor to plain nastiness

  • SuthernBelle4

    I have been taken down by all of these comments, blink
    I hope everyone is having a great weekend :)

  • SuthernBelle4

    I have been taken down by all of these comments,
    I hope everyone is having a great weekend :)

  • Cinnamon Kisses

    Bwhahhhaahhhhaaa.... WOW!!! :rofl:

  • Shauny

    And for everyone who is saying "if you don't like what she says...blah blah" #killyaself. That isn't the damn point. I think everyone (except the ass kissers) don't agree with most of what Sandra says. That's why we are allowed to form our OWN opinions on what she says.

    So are yall saying only YES men/women need to come to SR...gtfooh. Have your OWN mind to form your OWN opinion. I'm sure that Sandra doesn't want a bunch of yes peeps. That would make her a narcissist right?... :rollseyes: at some of yall I swear.

    Ms Everything, ksMommy :preach:

  • KrayZKat

    @Ms. Everything - I completely understand how hurtful comments can be. I've been on the receiving end of hurtful and hateful things being said about me and it stings. Most of us have. Because I'm not a celeb, I've never had to deal with these comments being made public. I know that's a different ball game all together. In life, we have to learn to build a thick skin because we can't control someone else's opinions about us. If the comments are slanderous, then take the necessary steps to have it stopped.

    I think about Obama. He was attacked from Day 1 starting with his campaign and is still attacked this day. He knew going in that the public was going to say some very disparaging things about his race, his affliation with Rev. Wright, his politics, his religion, his wife, and so forth. Glenn Beck even attacked his child, Malia, who was 11 years old at the time. I guess my point is isn't that part of the package you accept becoming a public figure? I'm not saying it's right, but it just is. Just a thought.


    Sandra is the one who needs to thicken her skin. She likes to throw a rock then hide her hand as if she did nothing wrong. Then she posts this SOS to her faithfuls, none whom would bust a grape in a fruit fight. Honestly, unless the tape is released I don't believe a word of this...

    I :cosign: Ms. Everything!

  • Al-Ameera

    Wow. Well at least she didn't accuse him of being on the DL....Well at least not in this post

  • BigDapDog

    Please learn to read people, I have NEVER said she was right in what she wrote nor did I say she was wrong. I did not give my opinion on it because it was just that, MY OPINION. If you have a problem with my idea of what a hater is then BOO HOO for you, so what, I care NONE. And if it's MY OPINION why do I have to sugar coat it for some other person who is all sensitive :cry:. All I was stating were reasons that people ALWAYS get on here and try to make people feel bad about themselves because they have an opinion.

    Better yet if you don't like reading opinions, there is a library in your area, a online encyclopedia, a biography, or something of the sort close by that will entertain you even more.

    @borderlineamazing- "You Mad Huh" *In my Saaphyri voice*:hug:, it was not personal, just my OPINION.

  • ELove

    I RARELY read 20% of any posts comments because most of them aren't topic related... Do I COMPLAIN ABOUT IT ---> F-U-C-K NAW !!!!!

    I actually read the VAST Majority of these comments though and here are a few thoughts on some of theses comments ...

    ANYBODY who thinks Lil Wayne is ATTRACTIVE has Severe Eye-Damage and need to go see the Eye-Doctor ASAP (Being So Real Here...)

    Beyounce CAN SING compared to What-n-Who exactly ?!!?
    I ACTUALLY like her in DC and that 1st solo CD of HERS is FIYAH but YOU must have low-standards as far as SINGERS GO if Beyounce CAN SING in your opinion... She's O.K. and DECENT at Best IMO

    And THAT'S THE WHOLE POINT I'm trying to make RIGHT NOW...

    Everybody can have AN OPINION and it DOESN'T have to be Nice-n-Cuddly or more importantly BE THE SAME AS YOURS (Being So Real Here...) and to think this Trained-Monkey LQQKING Fool was trying to jump TOUGH BY THREATENING SOMEONE'S LIFE... OVER WHAT EXACTLY ?!!?

    I have to ACTUALLY GIVE Bow-Wow, C-Breezy, Trey and ALL of the Young IMMATURE Cats FAR MORE CREDIT for just making THEIR OWN little Snide Remarks back in response to something Ms. Sandra said that they didn't necessarily appreciate... COMPARED to WHAT THIS Supposedly Grown-Azz FOOL did by making Death Threats (Real...) :yes:

  • BigDapDog


    On point but you had me :rofl:.

  • Ms. Everything

    @KrayZ they may have known what would happen by going into the public eye but that doesn't make it anymore right. The way the President is attacked on a daily basis by media outlets, the repubs and so on is just further evidence that we are living in an age where people have no qualms whatsoever about disrespecting and tearing others down and then hiding behind the first amendment and saying that these people are in the public eye and it comes with the territory. Just because its done often doesn't make it right. Its so easy for people on the outside looking in to say develop a tougher skin, don't care what people are saying but unless you are living in these peoples shoes that really doesn't do the situation justice. I'm sure they have very tough skin, they must just to get up and keep going day after day knowing that the attacks will keep coming. Those who don't are those we see with major drug problems or killing themself. Everyone has a breaking point though and you can only take so much before you crack under pressure. What you do when that happens is on you and while he (if this is true) went too far, who knows what he was up against or dealing with when he found out about yesterdays post or how many times he's turned the other cheek or what's gone on between the two of them in the past that would cause him to go to those extremes. But to defend something wrong (yesterdays post and similar posts on other celebs) just because of this one sided account of what he "said" doesn't make sense. They were both wrong and unfortunately it appears that Sandra started this mess for whatever reasons she had. Yeah other celebs have acted out and spoke on what Sandra has said about them on twitter, blogs or in interviews and when that happens they get called immature, crybabies, dl, gay and all kinds of other crap. Its like just because you have a blog people can say whatever and use the defense of oh its just a blog, oh its just an opinion, oh its not important and a bunch of other bs be it Sandra, Fox News or whoever and when someone takes offense or tries to defend themselves they become the bad guy and the instigator is suddenly the victim. How does hat make sense? All of us come here for various reasons and keep coming back but there are those who have screwed up, nasty, warped mental conditions where they take joy in watching the demise of certain celebs, the daily dragging of people for no reason but the personal dislike of someone else they don't even know, and the witch hunt for the latest dl celeb who will cosign any and everything said with their own dose of ignorance and nastiness thrown in (these would be those always kissing Sandras ass). I can't understand that type of blind hatred for someone you don't even know and I can't understand those who believe everything written here like its the bible and Sandra is our risen Savior speaking nothing but salvation and truth to those who believe what she says. Its not always that easy to stop slanderous comments on a blog because of the first amendment and Sandra is genius in the way that she writes her posts by not specifically saying that its fact but leading her sheep (those I mentioned above) to believe whatever she says. If she went to court on most stories she would come out on top because she writes things as opinion or through "sources" so she isn't exactly committing libel. So yeah that would frustrate me and this is their job. How would you feel if someone was constantly badmouthing your work and there was nothing you could legally do to stop it? That's how I see those celebs who speak out.

    @Elove, I get what you're saying, I don't think Wayne is cute but I know people who do and Bey isn't the greatest singer like she's hyped to be but she is far from the worse. I can name several who are severly worse yet don't receive the hate she does and they put in far less work. Hate her or love her (I don't feel either way towards her and have never purchased an album) but she puts in work and deserves the credit she is often given.

    Ill ignore the other comment and I'm out. Goodnight everybody, have a date tonight

  • Cinderella

    I don't agree with the death threats (if they're are real) but if you can't take it, don't dish it. Alot of people don't know the difference b/w a blog and a gossip site. They take the things Sandra says and run with it. If false info is included in the opinion then the celebs have a right to fight back. A couple of weeks ago, Sandra posted that Terrance J and Cristiano Ronaldo were out and about with their "men." They were both photographed with their BROTHERS. I posted back to Sandra about doing a retraction or correction and she did neither. Sandra and everyone else in the world has the right to an opinion. But when that opinion is filled with lies, those mentioned have a right to defend themselves.

  • Byrde01

    Both of them need to sit down somewhere. He was just over the top for that BS. Really, JD? Stop it. Sandra can't keep dogging people & expecting them to smile & say "hey, Sandra Rose is the sh*t". She's entitled to say what she wants, but she can't run to her attorney every time someone says something she doesn't like. She's overly dramatic sometimes. How many times have any of us said we could kill someone? Do we mean that? No. Forreal, look at how she dogs Necole & that girl never says anything to her. She's the first to promote some Monica related something, but she makes her little snide two-faced remarks about Monica (and Tiny too). Sometimes she deserves a dose of her own medicine. It's her blog, but it's not her world. They're both being extremely childish. I feel like I need to say "baddest one hit my hand". Oh please.

  • roro17

    Please preach Ms. Everything. The people who are constantly kissing sandra's a** I like to call them the amen corner. These are the people who agree with everything she says whether it be right or wrong. (In most cases wrong)
    Sidenote: I love Beyonce. I have all her cds and I think she's a great singer. Also saw her in concert and she killed it. But hey that just MY opinion.

  • KrayZKat

    @Ms. Everything - let me reiterate something. I never said disperaging someone was right, but it is what it is. What can we do? Murder, rape, child abuse, slander, and all kinds of crimes against people happen on a daily basis. It's proof-positive that we live in a very cruel, wicked, and evil world. Celebs have been taked about since the early days of Hollywood except we have the Internet and entertainment shows, such as TMZ, to spread the gossip around the world. Again, what can we do? I've read some very cruel comments coming from readers about Tiny (she looks like a pig or she can't speak well), Serena (she looks like a man), Solange, Brandy, Gabby Sidebe (she's ugly and fat), to even Gabby Sidebe's mama (which I couldn't believe the nastiness said about her). I'm sure if they read the comments, they'd get hurt too, but people are going to be people. A lot of people love putting other's down. Yes, the celeb has every right to defend themselves if they choose to. Again, I think about Oprah. People talk about her like a dog. I guess what's I'm trying to say is that, yes, we all have a breaking point. I don't know JD, so who knows what he's going through right now. My issue was the death threat which was uncalled for. Yes, we all have said some things we wish wouldn't have come out of our mouths, so, again, I understand his anger.

    Anyway, my comment on getting a thick skin whether you are a celeb, politician, or just an everyday person is imparative for survival. Again, it isn't right, and I am by no means justifying cruelty, but it is what it is and there's nothing we can do about it.

  • ELove

    I SWEAR reading these comments are like Waiting for a TRAIN-WRECK to Happen and you CAN SEE THE DAMN TRAIN COMING (Real...) :lol:

    For the PEOPLE with the "FEELINGS, NOTHING BUT FEELINGS" Mantra within the Premise of their Subjective-Opinion COMMENTS...

    ALL of these YT Entertainment-Gossip type shows ROUTINELY Kiss Celebrities Azz(s) ALONG WITH Clowning (& Sometimes with False-Information) STR8 BLAST Celebrities of all kinds... Remember how ALL of The YT(S) talked about C-Breezey LIKE A DAMN DOG and upheld Rihanna like she was MOTHER THERESA ?!!?

    And didn't Angelina and Brad just win a LAWSUIT against a tabloid that reported information about their relationship which was proven to BE FALSE :think:

    WHAT HAPPENED to the MANTRAS of "Just Brush Your Shoulders Off" or "Just Shake Off the Hataz" or "Poof Be Gone" or "BISH BE GONE" or "See ya Later Alligator" or "After while Crocodile" or "Sticks & Stones may break my Bones BUT Words WILL NEVER Hurt Me" I GUESS JD is the Sensitive THUG who needs a HUG Now !!!!!

    I'm going to keep it REAL Plain-n-Simple LIKE Grammar School...

    If somebody says something negative about you that you don't even know well enough to even care about them... Then WHY should you care about what they say REGARDLESS of what they're saying ABOUT YOU ?!!?
    NOW apply that SOMEBODY is doing this on a F-U-C-K-I-N-G Gossip Blog

  • Nupe4Life

    Keeping it real Sandra _ I am not surprised you don't get these calls everyday. He obviously spooked you because you are putting it out there, so if someone does F you up he will be suspect #1. You have earned the threat and deserve some threats from many mnay others! I skim through the blog, read what interest me and ignore the other ish. You should throw less jabs and hooks, and start dodging and blocking before some one Kat Stacks you tail. I don't wish anything bad on you; but I truely understand how JD feels because you go real hard on quite a few people. Like anyone that is bullied; ONE DAY ENOUGH IS ENOUGH!! Sandra guard your grill and take this call as a warning to tone down and let the commentors sling the dirt. You know your members hold nothing back ... LOL! Be careful Ms. Rose!!

  • renegadesince1985

    :blink: at this whole wow...

  • SoBlessed

    This should be a lesson learned for u Sandra u can't just talk about people & don't expect them to strike back.. I do not agree withh the death threats I think he went to far (if what Sandra says is true) cause Sandra has a way of twisting words around..

  • His_Mommy623


    That lil mufugga was pissed off!

    as well as a few folks in this post... :blink:

    Keep ur eyes out for that angered lollipop kid Sandra...

    oh yeah...

    That cd is a str8 banger :danban:

  • Yadda Yadda

    After reading some of these comments I'm not sure why some of you come to this blog. Some post might not be interesting, informative or truthful enough for you, if that is the case, don't comment. What's the big deal? All this e-fighting over stupid sh*t is ridiculous.

    Get a good laugh or shake your head or whatever and keep it moving.

  • Silhouette

    I think Sandra is the best at using satire to make a point. The only person that I truly believe that she cares about that she blogs about is Monica. I think that she is no different than SNL. Sandra takes the obvious laces it with sarcasm and leaves the rest of the world to decipher her intention. JMHO

  • whatnow

    Please, o, please post the recording, then file a complaint, then sue him in civil court. This has got to be stressing you.


    Why is everyone jumping on Sandra’s side? Its two sides to every story so until I hear some audio 8?ll keep my opinion of JD to myself. Let’s not act like this isn’t the first time someone would want to kick sandra’s a**. I like the blog but the constant negativity about Bey,chris brown,trey songz,diddy (the list goes on) can be a bit too much at times. Its really unnecessary to be so negative all the time. I never understood how a person could hate people who they don’t know. Please don’t dish it if you can’t take it. I know its probably a line of celebs who would want sandra beat. A death threat is a bit much.
    100% AGREE... and some of folk, getting mad cause he threatened a female? he a punk? please GTFOH, gender don't mean ish when evil crap is spewing out ya azz on the don't make him any less man cause he has had amazes me how folks thinks its ok to sling dirt and cause pain... embarrassment...LIES and mental distress and then expect NO repercussions, whether what sandra wrote is true or not its still his REPUTATION, which is a HUGE part of his LIVELYHOOD, the man has CHILDREN,a MAMA, a FAMILY!!! how is he supposed to feel? really? if the shoe was on the other foot and some co-worker was your azz out around the office, half of yall weaves would be in your purse ready for come of it...bottom line, don't write it or speak it, if you can't take the but Sandra you have gotten away with alot...we have told you many times, no one wants to see you hurt so calm the fluck down wit all that man...ever heard the expression your MOUTH gon get u in trouble? well the same applies to your blog yo... I'm just sayin...people can only take but so much.

  • Choco

    Eff JD simple lil FROG!

  • mirsmommy

    JD is a fussy lil toddler, huh???? :shrugs: Boy bye, go get ya pamper changed and lay down for ya nap.

  • lakercrazy

    he sounds like a lil angry chiuahua dog lol