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Pseudo-singer Ciara was potted shopping at Intermix in West Hollywood, CA yesterday, wearing a Helmut Lang Shearling Collar jacket that she copped for the retail price of $1,140.

Most likely, CiCi saw the same jacket on Halle Berry last week and she decided she had to have one for herself. Or maybe CiCi is switching careers from fading pop star to fashion icon, which seems to have worked for other non-talented socialites such as Kim Kardashian and Teyana Taylor.

Despite the fact that the question answers itself, I still have to ask it: Who wore it worse: Halle Berry or Ciara?

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  • Virtuous


  • pointhimout

    is that ciara's only bag? what is with the brown bag and black clothes?

  • lovezoe

    Whenever you put Halle next to anyone, Halle will win. #handsdown

  • Mrs2gud4ya

    good morning people!

    now this is a hard one for me cus they both shut it down! Halle with those over the knee boots to compliment it...and Cici with thos aviators, that snatch ponytail, and those CLs!

    IDK stuck..they both look HAWT! :yes:

  • Mrs. Wimberly

    Good morning!!!!

    I would have to :cosign: with comment #4. They both rocked the hell out of that jacket.

  • kingstonn

    ciara would've if she didn't have a brown bag with that outfit

  • iciaantica

    Good Morning Everyone!
    HALLE WORE IT BEST! Those boots set the outfit off!

  • ChaCha

    Hey Kings :hug: Good morning Sandrita and everyone else!!!

    Halle... period point blank!!!..Two different leagues :yes:

  • CorporateQueen aka CHB & HBIC

    Good Morning :waves:

    Halle is UNTOUCHABLE!!! :champ: Her sexy leather pants and lace-up boots trump the Loubou's and black jeans.

  • CorporateQueen aka CHB & HBIC

    Hey Cha Cha & Kingstonn :hugs:

  • ChaCha

    Hey HBIC..what it do mamas :hug:

  • CorporateQueen aka CHB & HBIC

    @ChaCha...I need to find something fun to do today. Did you watch Top 10 Rappers last night?

  • IsaiahsMom

    They both rocked it!

    #4 said is best!

  • Sandra Rose

    kingstonn says:

    ciara would’ve if she didn’t have a brown bag with that outfit

    She was showing off with that $24,000 Hermès Birkin. She probably wished she had a black one. :lol:

  • Ms. Thickness



  • CorporateQueen aka CHB & HBIC

    @Ms. Thick...I agree the collar looks much better down...and yes that Birkin bag rocks. I actually hate Halle's bag with that outfit...but I just didn't want to put that in my comment of praise to my Goddess :wink:

    But this is a perfect example of how even with a bag that costs more than my first car...people still can't touch Halle.

  • Jerrica

    What's going on with Ciara's hair?

  • Iblondon

    The both look nice, but is it me or does Ciara prance around as if she's a bigger artist than what she is? I get the impression that she think she's on Beyonce's level, when actually she's on the level of Letoya Luckett. Her image change to one of a so called super star, but she is still performing at free before 11 clubs. Like I said, it could just be me though.

  • CorporateQueen aka CHB & HBIC

    One more comment about the bags. This is why I rarely like over-the-shoulder bags...unless they are also purposely over-sized. Halle had a bad case of the matchy-matchy with that bag...the shoulder strap pushed one of her collars up...and messed up the perfect shot. Ugh!

    Ciara--She didn't follow the rule of a Birkin bag. Suggested way to carry it is on the wrist always...never the fingers gripping on the handles. :nono:

  • cocoa49

    When i saw Halle i loved it. Halle stands out and in some instances is untouchable. Both looked nice, but Halle got it hands down.

  • Str8Cpt

    Ciara looking good :yes:

    Halle has looked better :/

  • Str8Cpt


  • Str8Cpt

    I give up :(

  • kwall

    40+ never looked so dayum good. halle hands down. even with her "catwoman" boots...i still rides for that chick. heard she is crazy as a dayum bedbug but most of the beautiful ones ARE aren't they?

  • Bird

    It's a fly piece so it looks good on both of them, but Halle put the whole look together way better than CiCi. Her bad-b*tch boots, pants and hair are pure hotness with the vest.

  • FreeToSpeakUp

    This is ridiculous, they aren't even wearing the same jacket. C-error's jacket does not have pockets like Halle's nor is the sleeve prints the same. This post is a #fail :coffee:

  • DeliciousOne

    Ugly jacket anyways but Ciara makes it work better.

  • Destinee

    They both look hot but Ciara should of carried a different purse and for that Halle wins! :party:

  • TruGemini

    Let's call it like it is...Halle's is the Hollywood version. Ciara's is the Atlanta version :blink: