Rev. Run's daughter, Angela Simmons (above), and British superstar singer Leona Lewis (below left), were spotted out shopping together at the Grove in Hollywood, CA yesterday. Leona Lewis is a bright shining example of what every woman should be. She's respectful, always appropriate in her manner and style of dress, and she never puts her business in the streets.

Angela, on the other hand, always looks a mess (when she has clothes on). The young entrepreneur is seen wearing a Yankee skull cap with an oversized grey furry vest, grey jogging pants, UGG boots and an expensive Louis Vuitton bag. When she isn't showing off her nubile curves in a skimpy bikini, she's usually taking unnecessary fashion risks that would make Anna Wintour cringe. I sure hope Leona doesn't think all Americans dress like Angela.

Photos: Splash News Online

  • Cocoabana





    :no: They both need to try again

  • miko

    she looks like she's just out shopping in a comfy outfit SR! and sorry, Leona big ass red jacket is not the biz!

  • Dee1127

    ::FAINTS:: @ Cocoa's ashy boots comment.

  • mirsmommy

    :wtf: has Leona been kickin with those boots?!?!? Dust, rocks, dirt? She done kicked the skin off em. I even see toe prints in em. :lol:

  • Choco

    Sandra Sandra Leona is not the bizness in the big red balloon and Angela does look rather smunky :coffee:

  • Man, I just don’t careā„¢

    Suprised Sandra didn't say these two were a new couple.
    (they would make a great couple tho)

  • ChaCha

    mmm a bunch of bullshyt :yes:

    Sup Choco Mama...have you checked out the playground yet?

  • Cariblife

    These outfits are just all kinds of no. They need to go back and try again.

  • Anna

    In the first pic I thought Angela was Tajari(however you spell her name)You know Terrence's side kick. Which is why it did not bother me what she was wearing, now that I see it's Angela, it's different. LOL.

  • ChaCha

    Hey CoCoa, Cfree, Mirs and everyone else :wave:

  • StillASassyOne

    Bump these....has anybody ventured to see the new Raheen DeVaughn video?! Sandra- that video qualifies as "Morning Wood!" Post it, please! I just watched I'm about to go take a "15-minute break" in my the darkest part of the garage....

  • StillASassyOne


  • eastpointvet

    well is she is shopping then she is probably getting something better to put on lol

  • Pikaso

    They just looked like they wanted to be comfortable while shopping. Leona probably had on a pajama top underneath that coat.

    SN: By the way she is standing and the appearance of her boots, clearly Leona did all her shopping while walking on the tips of her toes.

  • Choco

    :waves: Aww chit not yet let me go check now :wink:

  • MissHarlem

    Angela always looks comfy and doesnt really care to play dress up for the paps I can appreciate that. I am not dressed to the nine's when shopping and doing errands :no:

  • metnwt

    So, Leona is a superstar and Beyonce is a burlesque singer. Hmmm...somebody better check their facts...stat! :dead:

  • Bird

    lol. I'm sure Leona has seen all types of American women and knows that many of them are vain as the day is long and dress like they are runway models. I'm sure she also knows that Angela is a good girl who should not be judged by the way she dresses, but by her actions.

  • proberson07

    ay.. it is cold as hell in cali right now! it was 35 degrees monday morning.

  • Choco

    Cha email

  • kingstonn

    I don't see whats wrong with her outfit. :shrug:

  • lakercrazy

    she looks comfortable :coffee:

  • TruGemini

    C'mon now Sandra...yall know people today are walking around with the 'Fukk what dey thank' attitude...people just don't give a damn and are doin them now. And Angela thank she bonafied now so she really don't give a fukk...

  • Mother Jefferson

    :yawn: Angela looks cute.

  • dallas214

    Sorry Auntie but i actually like what Angela has on...Real low key...she is just out shopping....I like Leona also but she is kinda

  • ALBoy

    what up yall

  • Choco

    Hey Allll

    Folks spoke to you in a previous post and I sent you an email welcome back :hugs:

  • ALBoy

    :kiss: Choco how you
    Whats up to err body that spoke to me

  • Bsoul

    You're so crazy, Sandi, You think Leona is blindfolded each time she came to America and only takes it off when she is in front of Angie? Even people who don't come here have tv's, mags and movies to reference.

    There are some good and bad dressers everywhere.

    Bye 4 now.

  • YSoSerious

    I hate Uggs. That is all. :coffee:

  • candibfly

    i guess she's wearing whatever the heck she wants to and what feels comfortable :coffee:

    i'm ready to go *slides down the wall and cries*

  • chase

    She looks comfy to me, I'm always comfy when I shop....

  • Windycitychick

    Angela is just comfy with a side of fur glam. I like the way she dresses when she goes out.

  • Ms. Thickness





    you're only big upping Leona Lewis because she's British. She's not all that. Angela just had a bad day that's all. Imagine running out to the store , like most people do....She usually looks cute though

  • Fated4Greatness

    minus the fury fest and too short sweats, this is my "i need to run to the store on a saturday morning" look...i really dont like that style of knit hat though..its grandpa-ish

  • Chgoprime

    Nothins wrong w/what shes wearin, She looks like a normal girl on a coffee run. She still looks cute as hell. The title of this post fits Rhianna or Lady Gaga better. This child is fine....