Most rappers are insecure little boys who are intimidated by strong black women. They tend to shy away from educated, self-reliant women in favor of uneducated, clueless groupies who they know they can mold and shape into their perfect concubine.

I’m not saying that’s the case with rapper Fabolous. But his baby mama doesn’t seem too bright in this exclusive interview with Swizz Beatz’s ex Mashonda for VIBE magazine.

Emily Bustatmente tells Mashonda that she met fabolous, real name John Jackson, in 2002 when he “sent his brother over to me to get my attention.”

Emily thought it was a bit strange that a rapper would store her number in his cell phone under the description “Emily VA” — as in Emily in Virginia. But she had her eye on the prize, so she ignored that red flag.

He asked where I was from, and said that I should visit him next time I’m in New York. I gave him my number and watched him store it in his sidekick as “Emily VA”. I felt like, Wow, he’s only going to know me for my state. I never asked for his number, I felt if it was meant to be, he would call me. We stayed in touch on the phone and when he finally came back to VA to do a show, he called and invited me. We spoke everyday from then on and saw each other often.

After 3 years of being his patient side piece, Emily finally won the Grand prize — an invitation to move into his home with her daughter and her yorkie. I doubt Emily is as dumb as she pretends to be.

Maybe Emily is just following in the tradition of her ancestors who stood by their husbands and played dumb while their men lifted every skirt that came near?