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Photos: Splash News Online

Socialite and reality TV star Kim Kardashian and her boyfriend Kris Humphries (of the New Jersey Nets) walked hand in hand as they shopped for a location for the new Dash boutique in Miami today. Kim wore a cute short brown strapless culottes jumpsuit with an oversized belt.

No, that isn't your imagination; that is loose fabric that you see around her buttocks. Clearly, Kim forgot to strap on her butt pads. Or maybe Kris has grown tired of all the constant speculation about her derriere, and he asked her to quit wearing them.

A loyal reader sent in these pics of Ne-Yo climbing out of his brand new Mercedes SLS AMG at his Compound Entertainment complex in Atlanta today. Javid wrote:

"The gentleman knows how to make an entrance. Ne-Yo shows us that when you work hard you get to play hard, jumping out of his hot new Benz with the doors up. Motivation to follow your dreams!"

  • Man, I just don’t care™


    ¿¿¿ :blink: ???
    Who dis man with my woman?
    I'm bout to call my baby Kim RIGHT NOW to see what's goin on!

  • KK76

    Kimmy looks cute and casual. Wish I could rock the onesie. Anyhoo, happy hour-- skinny margarita and tapas. :thumbsup: Toodles!

  • Choco aka Hippie

    OMG give me that BENZ #DAMN! :steer:

  • avidreader

    Culottes? Oh never mind :blink:

  • mrsloveleighwilliams

    That mihgt be the first unflattering outfit i've ever seen Kimmy Cakes wear. Not even good from the front

  • Dawn Sheen

    My car does the same as Ne-Yo's I have to push down and in then up on my car door... difference is I drive a 78 duce and a quarter...

  • Cha Chillin

    MrsLove... I asked you before... what am I seeing in your gravi... I even cleaned the trifocals extra good

    On Topic: Kim looks cute in her short jumper.... I think her and Kris are a good look...sorry Brother!

    Ne Yo looks kinda hot from...........................................THAT FAR!

  • West Coast Chick

    cute chanel sandals :yes:

  • vetta

    I thought they were CL's shoes, since the bottom is red. The romper she's wearing is cute. :lol: @comment #6.

  • Sandra Rose

    vetta says:

    The romper she’s wearing is cute.

    Romper, onesie, culottes, pantsuit, which is it? :lol:

  • Cha Chillin

    Its a freakin romper :rofl:

  • Daisy

    I say romper cause that's what they were called when I wore them growing up

    Kim looks cute

  • C. Maria

    I'm finally a member of the Sandra Rose family! :waves:
    Kim's shoes are the best thing about her outfit but I bet those pads will make a quick resurrection!

  • renegadesince1985

    That romper is really unflattering...she looks like she has a FUPA :no:

  • Jerrica

    What's wrong with the front of her outfit. Her outfit is cute but like @renegadesince1985 said it's unflattering.

  • GAGIRL87

    That romper isn't the most flattering to her shape :no: but Kim is my bish when it comes to style though...