In my 19 years in the music industry, I’ve seen narcissistic celebrities go to absurd lengths to grab headlines. But Beyoncé really took the cake tonight at the MTV Video Music Awards when she showed up on the red carpet with what was obviously a fake baby bump.

Beyoncé made sure she was going to upstage every celebrity at the awards show even before the show began, by announcing her pregnancy — a pregnancy that no one saw coming even though she has not left the public eye in months.

I find it necessary to remind my readers that Beyoncé was just onstage 10 days ago in New York with NO visible baby bump!

Now all of a sudden — 10 days later — she shows up at the VMA’s with a swollen belly looking like she’s 6 months pregnant? LOL! I can’t stop laughing! :lol:

And of course the gullible Beyoncé Stans fell for the lie just as easily as they fall for all the crap that Beyoncé and her camp shovels their way. Well, we’re not fooled because we know that a pregnant woman doesn’t go from 0 to 6 months in less than 10 days!

Beyoncé may very well be pregnant — and if she is, congrats to her and Jay Z — but that baby bump she was holding all night like a basketball was as fake as a $100 dollar bill with Barack Obama’s face on it!

Wow. Who knew Beyoncé could stoop so low just for attention?

Photos: Getty Images