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Many men believe producer The Dream was a fool for leaving Christina Milian, with whom he has a daughter. But we ladies of SR know better. We know that women like Christina are nice to look at but they often have serious issues stemming from their feelings of entitlement. Christina was spotted shopping with her mother (pictured at right with stroller) and daughter Violet at Fred Segal in West Hollywood in West Hollywood, CA.

La La Vazquez Anthony, star of "La La's Full Court Life," was spotted going into the Sirius radio studios in Midtown, NYC to do an interview yesterday. "La La's Full Court Life" garnered a 0.7 rating for adults 18-49 with 1.4 million viewers tuning in on Monday night. That's not too shabby. But the season debut of "Basketball Wives: LA" did a little better, with 1.8 million viewers in the same age group. La La's ratings should pick up once the sparks begin to fly between La La's lesbun cousin Dice and singer Ciara (maybe I've said too much?)

Fresh off their honeymoon in Italy, newlyweds Kim and Kris Kardashian were spotted leaving his apartment in Hoboken, NJ yesterday (Kris plays for the NBA's NJ Nets). Kris was seen carrying a big bat. Actually, it was a floating styrofoam pool toy, and we have no idea why he was carrying it. Poor Kris has no clue who he's married to. He doesn't realize that, for a narcissist, getting married is only the first item on her long list of demands. When his life starts to slide downhill, hopefully he will realize that she's the problem, not him.

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  • prynsexxx

    Loving Christina's WHOLE ensemble. Simple and chic.

    I like Lala's dress too. Shoes with the dress, not so much.

  • Jay Bee

    Neilson ratings are flawed.....

  • GAGIRL87

    Lawd I need those red pumps Christina has on in a size 9 :wail: I'll just settle for the ones I saw @ bakers for $90 :dance:

    Kim and Lala are normally on point style wise but I'm not feeling either one of thier looks today :yawn:

  • AndThenIHitMyDougie

    I Love Christina's look! Who got the deets on the shirt?

  • lite coffee

    Christina has been looking cute... and that baby sure is a clone of her daddy :coffee:

  • AndThenIHitMyDougie

    And I love the Ferrari stroller! I've always said i'ma get one for my kids when I have them.

    Note: I'ma buy one and pass that muhfukka down for each kid I have though. Can't be buying several of them things. :coffee:

  • chocolate divalicious

    Christina looks hawt.

    :nono: Once again Sandra calling herself trying to out someone

    I believe Kim K. has the J-lo syndrome
    Kris=Chris Judd

  • GAGIRL87

    O Christina's little girl is sooooooo cute and chunky she looks like my niece :yes:

    @ AndThenIHitMyDougie let me get on it for ya :pc: it is cute!

  • KayCeiSoul

    All of the ladies look really nice, but Christina's shoes are the bizness!! :yes:

    Auntie, plate & serve, plate & serve!

    You tom'bout the wildchild Ciara? LaLa's friend that looks like a Fraggle? Her and the cuzzo is going to get it poppin'? :hump:
    Ooookkkkkkkkk... tell us more. :popcorn:

  • melissak380

    I like Christinas look...and her baby is cute!

    I wish Kim was still with Reggie. Good lawd I love me some Reggie :hump: as much as the media covers her every move at least I would still get to see him more then this ol lurch she has as her latest accessory.

  • renegadesince1985

    Kim K and Kris are moving in the the penthouse at the Gansevort in cuz said she saw them filming. You know that means they're gonna have their own reality show. :coffee:

  • melissak380

    Ok I JUST caught the headline - Kim and Kris Kardashian :lol:

  • Crickett

    Kim's hubby looks like Hellboy's spawn. When you are as beautiful,fit and fierce like Miss Christina, you do deserve better than some chubby ugly dude leaving you while your pregnant.

  • Mamacita

    Good Morning

    The ladies look cute! I love Kim's jacket/sweater whatever it is.

  • Anna

    How did Kris not know Kim was previoulsy married? I don't think it was scripted, he looked confused. I guess he doesn' know about the sex tape either. :lol:

  • CC

    Christina looks really cute!!! I like LaLa's dress...Not the hair though!!! I think that she is probably a cool person outside of the cameras, but she tries extremely hard to be "picture perfect"!


    i really like Christina's look! Very nice!

  • bnatural

    Where is the T.I. post? I know it's coming :coffee:

  • Unpredictable

    Christina looks cute!!!! Those shoes are fire. LaLa looks cute, too.

    Why does Kris Kardashian look like he smelled something foul?????? :lol:

  • ValerieB1

    La La and C. Milian.....HAWT

  • ValerieB1

    C. Milian-Geesh that baby looks just like her daddy. The baby is a cute female version of him because he UGLY

  • cheeks8683

    where did "hamburgler" I mean The Dream disappear to anyway? Guess the grass isnt as green on the other side huh? I hate it when simple ninjas get a big head then forgot that at the end of the day they arent good looking and if they dont have money in their pocket they are back to square one...

  • jazi65

    Morning All!

    Christina looks fab!

    I luv LaLa's style

    the rest :yawn:

  • TruGemini

    "Kim and Kris Kardashian" -Sandra Rose


    Yep, he know what it is...

  • KDub

    Poor Kris has no clue who he’s married to.
    He will figga it out once he see he is a co-starrah in that honeymoon footage. Since his new mother-in-law prolly had cameras pre-set up in Italy. BET her azz is the one who booked their honeymoon suite.

    And bet HIS dumb azz was tryna figga out why the lighting in the room was so fuggin bright.


  • KDub

    where did “hamburgler” I mean The Dream disappear to anyway?
    I always said he was shaped like Grimace. The round one.



    Lookn cute C Mili :thumbsup: La La & Kim missed me this time :shrug:

    That lil Nuk Nuk is so cute! :hug:

  • mrsloveleigh

    So Auntie does this mean all pretty women suffer from entitlement issues?
    I've never heard any bad stories about her. That baby is a lil cute chunky butt!!

  • mrsloveleigh

    I just don't beleive Kim and Kris will last. He is still very young acting and concentrating on ball and having fun. Sadly Scott is a better fit into the Kardashian Klan than he is. I just don't see this going the distance. No baby for them

  • brownsuggababe76

    Ladies you can find the knock off shoes that C-Milli has on at BeBe...

  • MzDimplez1123

    Is his name really Kardashian?!

  • FeFe

    'Poor Kris has no clue who he’s married to. He doesn’t realize that, for a narcissist, getting married is only the first item on her long list of demands.'

    :lol: @Sandra

  • Aprilbaby

    Not liking LaLa's dress! C. Mili looks hawt! Cute baby!

  • NikkeMinxx

    Is the woman with CMilli a nanny, security or her lesbian lover?

  • Choco aka Hippie

    I dont like C Mili's look for some reason and I know if I wore it would look better on me - YEP I said it

    Lala bless her heart

    K & K DAYUM such a dumb looking pair

  • Choco aka Hippie

    I just don’t see this going the distance. No baby for them
    That's becuz this was all done for money and show - next their will air KIM's devastating breakup of her marriage on the show

  • avidreader

    He probaly had the device because Hoboken was under water during Hurricane Irene and some parts still are;)

  • Daisy

    I LOVE LaLas rosary foot tatt

  • RoderickXYZ

    Unpredictable says:

    Why does Kris Kardashian look like he smelled something foul??????

    Kim looked as if she were embarrased to be seen with him carrying that big-azzed piece of styrofoam.

    I guess Kim didn't realize that Kris was so immature, and he didn't realize that she had been married before. LOL

    Two dumb peas in a pod.

  • DragonLeo

    Violet is adorable! That is all....

  • mochacashmere

    Auntie, can you do a fashion minute on Christina's shirt? Inquiring minds would like to know...(like me)

  • trenee

    Christina's shoes are cuuuute!

  • ReeAngel318

    Why on every picture of Kim and Kris he not wearing a ring? Was she too selfish to even get him one or did she spend all her money buying her own rings that she didn't have any more left until after they cash the checks from this