According to a loyal insider who begged for anonymity, up-and-coming singer Rita Ora is being positioned to steal Rihanna’s spotlight. According to my source, who is well-connected on the west coast, Rihanna begged her former abusive boyfriend Chris Brown to jump on her “Birthday Cake” remix to divert attention away from Rita, who has also been in the studio with Brown.

They say Rihanna is very nervous and constantly looking over her shoulder to see how far Rita Ora is behind her.

Read the email from my informant after the break!

A loyal reader writes:

Oh and guess what I heard the other day….. Rihanna is nervous that Roc Nation was putting a lot of PRESS behind their new superstar in the making: Rita Ora. And Rihanna needed a gimmick to trample that, so that is why she did the Chris Brown song to shadow out Rita Ora’s debut.

Everyone at ROC Nation and inside the industry is gearing for Rita Ora to take off and be a bigger worldwide sensation then Rihanna. Rita is just as pretty, a better singer, and her style is edgy and daring like Rihanna. And Roc Nation has her under the radar and in [recording] studios from LA to Miami with some of the Entertainment music’s biggest producers out right now. And she’s working with Chris Brown as well. Rihanna was not at all happy when she heard this, I’m told. And plus Rita is dating Rob Kardashian. Their nickname when referring to each other is “Wally” or “Wolly”. And you know how media hungry the Kardashians are. So definitely look for Rita Ora to be taking over this year. Mark my words.

Rita is in London to attend Fashion Week and the 2012 Brit Awards, which was held yesterday at the 02 Arena. Rita’s boyfriend, Rob Kardashian (Khloe’s brother), is also in London with his boo. He was photographed leaving Club Mahiki in London early this morning, where he partied with Rihanna.

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