Singer Alicia Keys waved to fans as she arrived with 2-year-old son Egypt to the ITV studios in the UK for a guest appearance on the “Alan Carr: Chatty Man” show. 3 independent studies have clinically proven that sucking pacifiers stunts the emotional growth and development of boys.

The research followed the emotional growth of baby boys who sucked pacifiers while simultaneously viewing facial expressions in a video. The results revealed that toddler boys did not mimic the emotional expressions seen on faces in the video. The same studies showed no similar effects on girls of the same age.

The studies proved that boys who sucked pacifiers past infancy lacked the ability to assess the moods of people around them.

Research has shown that babies take their facial cues from adults and other children in their immediate environment. Mimicking facial expressions helps babies develop healthy social interaction.

Boys like Alicia’s son, who is still sucking a pacifier at age 2, will probably grow up to be extremely selfish and self centered. He will fail to distinguish self from external objects, and they will likely have difficulty reading the emotions of others around them.

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Update: Loyal reader Stacy B. writes:

I was wondering how long it was going to take you to comment on (not a baby anymore) Egypt’s pacifier. I peeped that a while a go. All the reasons you say are true but more importantly, it says that Alicia gives in to her son cause she doesn’t like to hear him cry. That’s really the true sign of raising a brat and making her a wimpy mom! Egypt is in control!!!

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