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Ciara and Future TI and Tiny

Atlanta superstars TI, Tiny, Ciara and Future were seen leaving Crustacean's restaurant in Beverly Hills today (Jan. 28). T.I. and Tiny are already filming season 3 of T.I. and Tiny: The family Hustle. VH1's hit family oriented show returns in March. Ciara is reportedly dating Future, whose anemic song with Rihanna, titled "Love", is in heavy rotation on the radio. Ciara and one of Future's baby mamas have been been at war with each other for at least a week on social networking websites.
Photos: VLNY / Zodiac / Splash News

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    • Necelove

      Future Look So Happy To be wit CeCe. Cute Couples. I just Love T.I and Tiny's Family

    • MoniquetheGeek

      The Harrises always look genuinely happy.

      I tried listening to Future :no: Ended up with a headache after the 3rd song. He remind me of Stevie (Wonder) in this pix with that garbage bag-looking dashiki. He cheesing hecka hard.

      :nono: to Ciara's white attire in the winter

    • Unshakable

      If they're happy, I'm happy for them!

      OAN: When are starruhs going to learn that sometimes silence is golden?

      Consider this: Wise men speak because they have something to say; fools because they have to say something. -Plato

      On a ratchet note: Why does the ghost of Christmas future look like he should be on the streets panhandling with a sign that says: Will rap for food? :blink:

      Looking like one of those street urchins in Coming to America that stole their stuff upon arrival to Queens. :rofl:

    • AlabamaSky

      I looooooooves the Harrises! I do, I do, I doooooo

    • LadyLew

      Love the whole Harris family! Tiny always rep for her boo

    • Afiya

      :waves: Good Morning Roses, Thorns, Lurkers, Trolls

      :waves: @ Big Perm...that was too funny :rofl: but then I thought about it and :cries: lawd, what that po chile went thru :no:

      OnTopic: I guess Future and C will have a reality show too...or maybe they will combine it...nice couples though.

      Have a FABULOUS day!!!

    • 69

      There are only two people in the photos above recognizable on every continent on Earf and they're not in the same photo. The other two are tag alongs :coffee:

      I like Tiny with black hair, it's about time age grew up and stopped looking like a bag of Skittles by the head. :kona:

    • Bedazzled His Razzle

      I'm confused as to what that is in 69's photo... :no:

      So did anyone get banned yesterday? :lol:

    • Bedazzled His Razzle

      Oh yeah... good morning loves!

    • Bedazzled His Razzle


      I dont wanna give you the wrong impression--I need love and affection

      And I hope I’m not sounding too desperate--- I need love and affection

      Loooooooooooovvvvvee Loooooooooooovvvvvee Loooooooooooovvvvvee



    • luVn_liFe…

      :wave MORNING . .

      Ciara looks good Her bawdy is on POINT!

    • jeniefrumdabloc

      Morning everyone just stopping through :waves: I have a paper to tackle so I will check with you guys later !!!!!! Luvyn :happy: Razzle :hug: Fiya Morning !!!

    • LadieLeo

      :waves: Morning :waves:

    • Bedazzled His Razzle

      morning yall!

    • LadieLeo

      :offtopic: Did anyone read the story about the ex-NFL player Kwame Harris facing 7 years for jumping on his ex-boyfriend over some soy sauce and underwear? :huh:

    • NaijaGal

      Morning all :hi:
      LUV N :happy:
      69 :kiss:
      LADYLEW, et al

    • NaijaGal

      I like the fact that they, especially, the ladies are just as casual as the men :thumbsup:

    • Bootcampgirl

      Good Morning all!!! :waves:
      So Future is the pappy of a kid he denied for 10 yrs., ordered to pay a little over a g a month for CS... :coffee:
      The boy scouts are considering allowing gays...
      Anybody else catch Teen Mom 2, Catfish, LHH or Black Ink Crew??

    • LadieLeo

      And that's what happened when I don't scroll the entire blog, story is already posted aobout the player. Sorry :oops:

    • luVn_liFe…

      NAIJA :happy: HOlA!!!!
      Jenie :kiss:
      I caught Teen MOM last night,janelle is a waste of life.
      LeaH is confruzzed!

    • LadieLeo

      I like the fact that they, especially, the ladies are just as casual as the men
      Right, I hate to see couples out and the man is casually dressed in jeans and sneakers and the women have on mini skirts and 8 inch heels.

    • NaijaGal

      :newpost: is up...come upstairs

    • Bedazzled His Razzle

      didnt watch none of the shows last night I actually forgot what I was doing....

    • Bootcampgirl

      Hey Luvn, in re: TM, Janelle is very sad but I have to give her her props for wanting to find out who Jace's real pappy is. Leah she is so stuck on that illusion of family that it's sickening to a point but, don't get me wrong I kind of like the new dude, I think it's too early to be getting married or pregnant but, it's her life not mine. And if fkg Chelsea does not get the fck over Adam, I wanted to slap her through my tv screen last night. Kailyn's baby is sooooo uber cute with his little hair cut...

    • hell_on_heels

      Auntie, STOP misusing the term "superstar(s)"......

    • ReadingIsFundamental

      Tiny always looks happy.