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Beyonce calls media low life people

Beyonce must've had E! News and the NY Post squarely in her gunsights when she fired off an angry Instagram missive yesterday.

Beyonce seemed to be upset at "confirmed" reports that she may be pregnant with her and Jay Z's second child. Calling the media outlets "low life people," Beyonce wrote: "I can't stop the rumors from starting, and I can't really change peoples minds who believe them, all I can do is sit back and laugh at these low life people who have nothing better to do than talk about me."

The Instagram message has since been deleted.

Beyonce calls media low life people

This isn't the first time Beyonce has apparently bitten the hands (of the media) that feed her. Beyonce angered the world's largest paparazzi organization by banning photos of her from her current world tour. Beyonce's camp wants full control over images of the burlesque singer after multiple websites published unflattering photos taken of her during her Super Bowl performance back in January.

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    • Jamillah

      Doesn't Beyonce realize that if people arent talking about her she will more than likely suffer a nervous breakdown. She feeds off of the attention. Being talked about is in her job description.

    • Sandra Rose

      @ Jamillah: I totally agree. If people weren't talking about her she would be a basket case. :coffee:

    • confessedcynic

      The funniest thing is that many of her dedicated stans have interpreted this as meaning they are low life people rather than the media outlets who report the stuff... she's managed to rile up some of her core fanbase.

      *dances* I'm waiting for the day people see the way and realise her time passed about 3 years ago, or for her to stop working this commercial machine and go back to making the great music she used to make about 7 years ago!

    • Just Looking

      Sandra everynody knows her instagram was hacked. :coffee:

      This is why some people dont support her.

    • FayMrsWhipfinityIfYewNassy :whip:

      Interesting that it was deleted :tea:

    • FayMrsWhipfinityIfYewNassy :whip:

      They have the same eyebrows :tea:

    • Mary Katherine Gallagher

      FayMrsWhipfinityIfYewNassy :whip: says:
      Just Looking says:

      :hi: Just stopped by to wish everyone a glorrrrrrrious weekend :nun: I also wanted to thank everyone for their prayers :pray: I believe it,,,Tonight is the night I shall finally snag this powerball...My hand has been itchin all week,,,As well as my belly button,,,That may be a rash, but thats besides the point,,,Imm finna git this,,,And I wont forget yall when I win :nun:

    • KyCakes

      Good luck, MKG :lol:

      Oh Bey :yawn: ce :nono:

    • capricorn83

      This is unlike Beyonce. Maybe she was referring to the statement and articles about her "uncle" who said she married Jay because she was lonely...

    • Sakeena

      She didn't say she wasn't pregnant. hmm Maybe she's talking about the ridiculous surrogate rumors.

    • A.J.

      Talk about unflattering photographs :tea:

    • tintin1979

      why didn't she just post. Sorry Guys i'm not pregnant. That would have been so much easier.

    • Diva

      :wave: here we go again!!!!! That child ain't birfing no babies! :shakebutt: hey AJ

    • Ni ni

      :ghost: Makeup is beyonces best friend I see. I dont want to ever see her looking like that again.

    • Mechelle

      Alrighty then (in my Ace Ventura zen voice)

      Bey knows that if they stopped talking about her in the media, her next step would be to perform her concerts naked :buttshake: ...smh..she stay trippin..

    • San

      Its always interesting how people on here act like they really know somebody. :rolleyes: it's good she private. You can only speculate :yes:

    • whatdoesitmatter

      She shouldn't worry, it's not like we believed it anyway,… :winky:

    • wilhelmina99

      Beyonce looks depressed. That's what I see.


      Beyonce needs her daddy back in the management seat, because she is failing without him. None of this crap was going on three or four years ago.

    • cocosilk73

      MsValladay, I've been saying this since the first scandal broke under Jay-Z's managerial duties. Z will be her undoing unless she finally grows a brain and realize how her life and career is failing...

    • missmiami

      I swear she is the most unnatural mother when it comes to holding that baby. makes me cringe. she has no maternal instincts. even jigga holds the baby better than she does.

    • Kynedy L

      Id be pissed if she was my mom holding me like a bag of stanky ish! Why is her finger darn near in the baby mouth?!?! And Blu pulling her hand like bish just move, put me down, I'll walk.

    • Paige

      Beyonce looks depressed. That’s what I see.

      My thoughts exactly! She looks depressed, run-down, tired, and sickly in this picture. She is not going to age well.Blu Ivy looking like her daddy though!

    • thatgurljenny96

      she needs to have severval seats..I do not respect her for always announcing or doing something to take the shine off kelly when she does something

    • dani818

      She should have kept her moth close smh....there was no need for a response if she is that's her business....

    • kahmmillion

      She looks so old. :shocked:

      Wow, Blue looks just like Jay Z. :hide: :kona:

    • msmello30

      Beyonce must be taking downers,:snort: :smoke: when she responds like this. I guess we have to wait for her to take uppers :cheer1: for her to create attention to herself for attention. before she revealed she was so called preggers on the AMA, nobody cared and her ticket sells plummeted, now the media are low life people. she has 15 minutes left! :dead: