The woman whose driveway was allegedly set on fire by troubled socialite Amanda Bynes says she hopes the 23-year-old arsonist gets psychiatric help.

Bonnie Braaten, 73, told she wasn’t aware of “anyone who would be angry with me enough to set a fire in my driveway.”

Bynes was admitted Tuesday to a mental hospital on an involuntary 5150 psychiatric hold after she lit a gas canister on fire in the driveway of Braaten’s Thousand Oaks, Calif., home.

Braaten told PEOPLE she was inside her home watching Major Crimes on TV at around 9 p.m. when she heard her doorbell ring. She said she looked out her window and saw members of the fire department and the sheriff’s office gathered in her driveway.

Braaten said she didn’t actually see Bynes set the fire. But Rabee Morra told PEOPLE she saw Bynes running away from the scene of the fire.


“We were by Trader Joe’s in Thousand Oaks and getting some stuff. While we were leaving, we saw her run by the shops on that strip trying to get away after she failed on setting the fire,” he said.

He continued, “The fire department came instantly and put the fire out which was set in a driveway of a house on the street. She burned her pants while trying to start the fire and threw the gas can and ran away,” he says.

After one of Morra’s friends thought Bynes was “someone who was trying to put out the fire,” they called out to her.

“She didn’t respond to anyone and just kept walking away. We realized it was Amanda a few minutes later. We thought it was someone’s angry ex-girlfriend trying to grab attention but it turned out to be her,” Morra said. “She just looked angry and didn’t answer to anyone calling on her.”

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