AJa Metoyer Dwayne Wade

Professional groupies move in silence, and they rarely leave footprints behind them. They usually don’t have Facebook or Twitter pages, and they are not all up in the clubs taking selfies and posting them online. We know this because it is nearly impossible to find a decent, clear photo of Dwyane Wade’s latest baby mama, Aja Metoyer.

According to the blogs, Metoyer has already produced two spawn for famous (or almost famous) men, including a baby by Damon Wayans, Jr. That makes 3 babies for Metoyer — who won’t be making her 3rd trip to the courthouse to file for child support.

According to Wade himself, he plans to be there for his newborn son, Xavier Zechariah Wade, and that means financially as well as physically. Xavier came into the world on Nov. 10 at Cedars Sanai hospital in LA, according to the birth certificate obtained by TMZ.com.

Wade proposed to Union 2 weeks ago — and we can only guess that he was under immense pressure to do so if only to help Ms. Union save face when the news broke.

As I’ve said countless times in the past, whether a man is happily married or in a committed relationship, there are crafty women out there who know exactly the right combination of words and actions to make him momentarily forget he has a wife at home.

Men have been cheating on their women since the beginning of time and nothing much has changed.

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