Kayo Redd

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Local rapper Kayo Redd has died of an apparent suicide. Redd is the younger brother of rapper Waka Flocka Flame. Industry veteran Debra Antney announced her son’s death on her social media accounts Sunday night.

Waka Flocka followed up his mother’s tweet with an anguished (now-deleted) tweet indicating Redd may have taken his own life.

Waka Flocka and Kayo Redd

Antney, who manages Waka’s career, lost another son, Caodes, in a car accident when he was 13. In a 2010 interview with Vibe magazine, Antney said:

“Since my son died, that’s when [Waka] flipped. He hated everything dealing with school because my son, his death was a sneak out the house to go help a kid with his homework before his father came home so the kid wouldn’t get a beating. Waka told him to go, he’ll cover for him. So [when he was biking home and killed by a car] Waka blamed hisself. He feels very responsible for my son’s death—that’s what flipped him out,” Antney told the magazine in 2010.

Update: Debra Antney opened up to writer Dennis Byron, of HipHopEnquirer.com, about the death of her son.

It is never easy reporting on the death of anyone but it is especially more troubling to do so when it involves someone so young with a promising music career ahead of him. Unfortunately, we have learned exclusively from music veteran and industry manager Debra Antney that she has lost another one of her sons, Caodes Scott professionally known as Kayo Redd died on Sunday as a result of suicide via self-inflicted gunshot wound.

Debra Antney spoke with HHE’s Dennis Byron via phone moments ago and stated the following:

“He had just left my house and he headed down the street and the next thing I knew was my son was dead.” As Ms. Antney struggled through her grief to explain the last moments she remembered with her son, she expressed that her son known to many as Kayo Redd was not happy with the fact that he couldn’t help her like his brother Waka was doing as well as his pending medical issue.” He was worried about his vision and his upcoming eye surgery that was going to take place in North Carolina. “My son was a good kid and I never had any problems with him.” “I just don’t know why he would do such a thing?”