Sandra Bullock and Louis Bardo

Sandra Bullock and Louis Bardo

Oscar winning actress Sandra Bullock took a walk on the wild side by Googling herself to see what the lessers really think of her.

The 49-year-old mother of one told the audience at the Palm Springs International Film Festival that she mistakenly Googled herself — and was surprised at the results.

“So, I Googled myself and read the comments section, thinking I could get some tidbits of what people really think of me,” Sandra said. “No human being should ever read the comments section or ever Google one’s self at any time.”

Sandra said she Googled herself using various keywords.

“Some things I was very well aware of,” she said. “’Sandra Bullock is over 40’ came up a lot. I know that. ‘Sandra Bullock is way past 40.’ Yeah, I know that too… ‘There’s absolutely nothing special about her acting. She’s not particularly attractive. I can’t stand her, she’s mediocre. She’s over 40.’ And apparently Julia,” she said, referring to a joke she shared with ‘Pretty Woman’ actress Julia Roberts. “You and I are in a dispute over George Clooney. We talked about this, right. It’s shared custody and we’re both fine with it.”

Another thing she learned — much to her dismay — is that another Sandra is more popular than she is (at least among the blogosphere).

Sandra Bullock and Louis Bardo

Photo: Splash News Online