Exclusive - Lamar Odom Leaves The USA For A 2 Month Basketball Contract In Spain

Washed up NBA player Lamar Odom was seen arriving at Los Angeles International Airport before boarding a flight to play professional basketball for 2 months in Spain. It must be humiliating for Odom to go from playing with the LA Lakers to marrying one of the Kardashians and now playing overseas with the other ex-NBA scrubs. Odom married Khloé Kardashian in September 2009. Kardashian filed for divorce soon after the Dopamine faded. Still in denial and unable to let go, Lamar wears his wedding ring, and also still refers to Khloé as his wife. He also mentions to anyone who will listen that Bruce and Kris Jenner are his biggest supporters. Lamar still doesn't get it that he was used by the Kardashians and discarded like curbside trash.
Photo: Karl Larsen/INFphoto.com

Film Set: 'Sharknado 2: The Second One'

Actress Vivica A. Fox must feel good to be working again. The 49-year-old star was spotted on the set of her latest flick 'Sharknado 2: The Second One' in New York City on Wednesday, Feb. 19. Ian Ziering and Mark McGrath also star in the film.
Photo: Zelig ShaulACE/INFphoto.com

'The Late Show With David Letterman' Guests

The stunning Lupita Nyong'o posed outside the Ed Sullivan Theater in New York City where 'The Late Show With David Letterman.' is taped. Lupita was a gust on Letterman's show on Wednesday. Because of her thick Kenyan accent and ethnic looks, Hollywood insiders are whispering that Lupita will probably never work again.
Photo: Dara Kushner/INFphoto.com



  • weFukNorNah

    Lupita has a movie with Liam Neeson that comes put soon...With the right coach she can change her accent...my gf does it all the time for work


    ERRRRR WTF IS SHARKNADO? And why make TWO of this fukkery? Is this a straight to video set?

  • weFukNorNah

    Sharknado is a movie featuring two things that can end the world..sharkeisha and a tornado...They team up and terrorize the streets

  • http://www.gravatar.com/avatar/db78ef2b213fd6958c1aa6773fe9a6dc?s=80 jeniefrumdabloc

    I'm am here for Lupita beautiful azz :bow: radiant :nun:

  • http://www.gravatar.com/avatar/db78ef2b213fd6958c1aa6773fe9a6dc?s=80 jeniefrumdabloc

    Vivica :no:

  • weFukNorNah

    And lupita can always do behind the scene work..I see cover girl in her future and also she can Put that Yale degree to use unlike some actresses such as vivica..Monica calhoun..list goes on


    :hahaha: SHARKIESHA AND A TORNADO! Turn yo computer off now!

  • weFukNorNah


  • weFukNorNah

    Lamar has some nice veins....hmmm

  • http://www.gravatar.com/avatar/db78ef2b213fd6958c1aa6773fe9a6dc?s=80 jeniefrumdabloc

    Lamar looks actually better without Kloe :yes: good for him .... time to detox yourself from them Ho3s ......... them broads is poison :whistle: never trust a big butt and a smile them ho3s is poison :whistle: :danban:

    heads over to youtube :pc:

  • missyJ

    Ian Ziering huh? guess it's the McDonald's Family box for their food services and payment in the form of car wash 2 for 1 coupons...........

  • A.J.

    Lamar still doesn’t get it that he was used by the Kardashians and discarded like curbside trash.
    :lol: agreed

  • A.J.

    Morning Sandra!!

    Jenie mi love :hug:

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    AJ :happy: :kiss: Hey Suga Lumps !

  • http://www.gravatar.com/avatar/db78ef2b213fd6958c1aa6773fe9a6dc?s=80 jeniefrumdabloc

    Lamar still doesn’t get it that he was used by the Kardashians and discarded like curbside trash
    :no: that dry snatch must be some powerful hoodoovoodoo :no:

  • weFukNorNah

    Heyyyyyy AJ

  • weFukNorNah

    They must not have a stylist on the set of sharkeisha unless they are being sponsored by rue 21

  • anniemae

    So Miss Sandra US Weekly says Kimora Lee is married. details please.

  • Smonae

    GM :waves:
    AJ :hugs:

  • Smonae

    Kloe looked like she was actually in love :yes:

  • Smonae

    Lupita is gorgeous, love her shoes :yes:

  • http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KPgpRw9tiuM bnatural

    Lupita will be fine...there are many actors with heavy accents who with enough training go on to succeed in hollywood....

    She is gorgeous... :love:

    Lamar wears his wedding band because technically he is STILL married...

    That's better than some of (y)our favorite rapper(s)...who NEVER wear their wedding band though they are clearly married... :coffee:

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    Chile I was just watching a MJ performance on the youtube and chile it was a man straight passed out in his wheechair while MJ was getting down :rofl: they lift his passed out azz ..... in the wheelchair over to the ambulance :ghost: shyt was hilarious ..... dude look like he straight up flatlined

    Hey Smonae :kiss:

  • Yardgirl

    Good morning Roses :waves:

    Lupita will be aaight!! She has the looks, the Yale degree AND an Oscar nomination.

    I just need her to ship those shoes to me right quick and thanks! :love:

  • Smonae


  • FuturedocDonte

    The 49-year-old star was spotted on the set of her latest flick ‘Sharknado 2

  • MrsL

    Sharknado 2, eh? :think:

  • sweetsjunkie

    If my husband was smoking crack his ass would be discarded like trash too.

  • I Run New York

    "If my husband was smoking crack his ass would be discarded like trash too."

    He has three kids by a woman he didn't marry, he bragged about cheating on Khloe in a song, him and Khloe met at a strip joint, said vows after 30 days of knowing each other. Who in their right mind didn't see this marriage going up in smoke?