Charlize Theron and Sean Penn go grocery shopping in Malibu

Actors Charlize Theron and Sean Penn went grocery shopping with her son Jackson Theron in Malibu, California over the weekend. 38-year-old Charlize, who is originally from South Africa, and the 53-year-old Penn have been dating for at least 6 months. Rumor has it that the couple are ready to settle down after shacking up together for a few months. Both Charlize and Penn have been married before, and both have difficulties maintaining stable relationships. According to a source, Sean and Jackson are getting on great. “They were adorable. Sean was making funny faces for Jackson, and they all seemed comfortable together,” said the source who observed the family at Whole Foods. But Jackson’s body language says otherwise. The boy never takes his eyes off his mom — a troubling indication that he may not be entirely comfortable with Penn, who is known for his famous temper. By the way, Charlize is wearing a pair of jeans by Superdry.
Photo: JD / Splash News

Halle Berry goes to Craig's Restaurant on Super Bowl Night

An exhausted looking Halle Berry was spotted leaving Craig’s Restaurant on Super Bowl Night in Los Angeles. The 47-year-old Oscar winner gave birth to actor Olivier Martinez’s son, Maceo, born on October 5, 2013. She also has a daughter, Nahla Aubry, who turns 6 on March 16. Halle will soon learn that having a baby to keep a man is an exercise in futility. When Halle and Olivier eventually split, it will be Halle’s 3rd divorce.
Photo: VLUV / Splash News