Kim Kardashian Leaves Nate and Als For Lunch

Newlywed socialite Kim Kardashian was seen leaving Nate and Al's after having lunch with a friend in Beverly Hills, Ca.
Photo: All Access Photo

Exclusive - Pregnant Kourtney Kardashian And Scott Disick Get Lunch

Kim's sister Kourtney Kardashian and partner Scott Disick are seen picking up lunch at Citarella in The Hamptons, New York on Thursday. Kourtney and Scott recently announced that she is pregnant with their third child. The couple are in town to film the reality show, 'Kourtney And Khloe Take The Hamptons'.
Photo: Matt Agudo/

  • <–Doesn't Talk To Strangers


  • Nancy Drew (fka IsThisThingOn) has entered into witness protection :cool:

    simple :rofl:

  • Zoe B.

    Scott is looking good

  • Nancy Drew (fka IsThisThingOn) has entered into witness protection :cool:

    :think: if Kim really doesn't want to be photo'd why not just walk closely behind the bodyguard? and where is Ye?

  • gbellab

    Kourt is the only normal one, babies out of wedlock and all.

    It looks like Kanye put on and took off that stretched out T-shirt about 5 times before Kim wore it

  • Milky

    Chloe is the only sister that doesnt love black dack!

  • Man, I just don’t care™

    KIM! :yahoo:


  • dustypork

    That's because she was the only one raised by her daddy. The real Kardashian wouldn't put up with the mess they have made of HIS family name.

  • sassyshe

    :offtopic: is julius on an indefinite vacation cause hes been no show for 2 weeks which has been the longest eva

  • Apparition

    You see what's going on with Dwight Howard on Twitter?

  • luVn_liFe…

    They drag gin Howard by his filled balls??
    Who u got tonight??

  • bama_n_jersey

    Anybody see how they are dragging D. Howard? If it's true he needs his a$$ beat

  • Milky

    Yes d howard pls just drink some bleach ninja!

  • Milky

    @sassy. Julius ain't been seen since solange let her fist of fury go on camel toe!

  • Sandra Rose

    bama_n_jersey says:

    Anybody see how they are dragging D. Howard? If it’s true he needs his a$$ beat

    Dwight Howard is a man. I keep on telling y'all men were put here for one purpose: to sow their seed indiscriminately.

  • Jdore

    Black twitter is killing Dwight Howard right now! Lol. This better than black IG going in on the broke guy on LHHATL

  • Unshakable


    Why it look like Kim's toes are struggling to be free? They struggling more than:

    Harriet Tubman leading the Underground Railroad

    Naomi's edges

    Stevie Wonder's 4 remaining dreads

    Ciara upon learning that Past Tense's goodies won't stay in the jar

    The crowded teeth in the mouths of starruhs (think of the horse in
    the cornfields from Hee Haw)

    The two brain cells that put in time and a half to keep Kenya
    Moore out of a psych ward. *Twirls my scepter at her*

    Aging rapper Jay-Z when Solo had fisticuffs with him


    Why when Apparition mentioned Dwight Howard being dragged on Twit I thought they were referring to the queenly one. I thought to myself, "Why would Twitta drag Dwight?" His face was beat and he looked like the Massa's top servant in "The Butler" when he attended that princess shinding on Married to Medicine.

    Then I thought to myself, "Waymin, hole 'em up," and came to the realization that Twitta talmbout Royce' sperm donor. Then I breefed a sigh of relief.


    Why my toes hurt from looking at Kim's feet? I mean, they (Kim's toes)long for:



    A breath of fresh air

    Gold Bond

    A friendship contract between her feet and orthopedic corrective
    shoes like the church organist wear when she play Goin up Yonderway

    A pulse

    Blood to circulate through them to remind them they are still
    attached to Kim's body

    A restraining order against Kim

    The Jaws of Life so her feet can be removed from those shoes


    Feel free to add to this post as you roses deem it necessary :yes:

  • luVn_liFe…


    Unshake! U my dear ARE Unshaken :lol:

  • <–Doesn't Talk To Strangers

    I think the first second and third will suffice Unshakeable :hahaha:

  • Unshakable

    @Luvn and DTTS,

    Whispers seductively, "You knowed in your spirit that I put a smile on your face." :rofl:

  • <–Doesn't Talk To Strangers

    Yew sure did! :winky: #ithinkievensnorted #bonus :rofl:

    Good night :hug:

  • All Things Fab and Fly

    I'm surprised to see Kim wearing those last season's Loubs. Ive always liked that style though. Very classic.

  • Miss Iyana stay RAZZLING on you hating bishes :nun:

    Clemen fukkin cy!! :rofl:

  • MisTaken is #unbothered :cool:

    Kim.. there is a way you wear heels with jeans. This is not it :stop: You look real sloppy. I get it. You do not like flats. COOL. But you might want to wear something else cause your feet look like a eagles talons in those. Like they hurt. And I think it’s romantic you share clothes like that shirt with Kanye :yes:

  • free

    i thought her husband said she was gonna be KIM WEST.....

  • Hearts~n~Kisses

    Ye tryna make an honest woman outta Kim. :lol:

  • VDot

    I hate Unshakeable for every.single item on that list. :rofl: Great read for a Friday morning. :hahaha: :waves:

  • luVn_liFe…

    :woot: :woohoo: TGmotherFcuking I F! Morning V, mistaken, FREE, I hrt, RAZZ :happy:

    razz u preggos yet??


  • spiceykay

    Since Kim's feet look ugly in those shoes does that mean she has an ugly...

  • San ah make ya dance

    NO! To all that shyt up top :tea:

  • OpinionHated

    Laughing my azz off at clemency for Kim's feet....

    Dwight Howard is deranged... something is seriously wrong withim

    Laughing my azz off at Lebron can't take the heat James... Mike Jordan never left no game due to exhaustion - in fact he played a game hit over 40 points with the flu.... I love when Lebron gets brought back to reality his ego is bigger than his neanderthal-like head.

  • San ah make ya dance

    Makeup does wonders baby. Maybe I need to start indulging and maybe get mistaken for a starruh :nun:

  • Who Dat

    Kim got them same shoes, yellow, ruby red cause those look orange. Khloe Simpson got some. La la do too. Was they on sale someplace?

  • San ah make ya dance

    I was bout to say Scott is looking very Hamptons before I read :lol: They don't need anymore kids.

  • MisTaken is #unbothered :cool:

    You ever read an email first thing in the am and you be like :blink: cause you feel like you are about to bust a blood vessel :hahaha: Chile I just read this email like she tried it. My bosses admin said she is going to be out someday in a few weeks and could I set up the meeting equipment and PPT for the boss and the CEO. I emailed her back since this is technology related why don’t you try the IT department :huh: Then afterwards I thought about it and she could have asked one of the TWO ASSISTANTS THE CEO HAS!! Furthermore my boss can set up his own PowerPoint. I know this might seem petty to ya’ll but I SWEAR everybody at this place asks me to do everything because “I AM SO GOOD AND KNOW EVERYTHING.” :nono: A lie don’t care who tell it. That’s code for let’s ask the nice black chick to do stuff way below her pay grade that is in mine that I don’t do. I refuse.
    Oh and the kicker is I used to be the admin’s boss before she moved over to my boss :lol:

  • San ah make ya dance

    Orange is the new Black is back! :woohoo:

  • MisTaken is #unbothered :cool:

    Oh and the kicker is I used to be the admin’s boss before she moved over to my boss :lol:

  • MisTaken is #unbothered :cool:

    I posted the wrong comment :facepalm:

    This is what I meant to say:
    Why is Dwight Howard deranged? Outside of him having 66 baby mamas… I don’t like and but he seems very childish to me :shrugs:

  • Unshakable


    Ain't my fault babe.....i had every intention of being somethin this week.....but the sentence Kim imposed on her feet spoke to my inner slave, who knows all about struggle.

    Kim's feet look like:

    Lil Smokies
    Pigs in a blanket

    I see i probably ain't gone be nothing today either. :lol:

  • San ah make ya dance


  • Savannah


  • Unshakable


    Won't some Alabasters try it? Girl, good for you. Some of them have a serious sense of entitlement. :think:

  • luVn_liFe…

    :chase: MISTAKEN get some where UR work related issues this Friday Morning is BRANGING ME DOWN!


  • sassyshe

    Morning all