By Sandra Rose  | 

Kelly Rowland goes shopping at MAC on Robertson

Very pregnant singer Kelly Rowland waved at the paparazzi as she shopped at MAC on Robertson in Los Angeles, CA. Kelly's husband and manager, Tim Witherspoon, tagged patiently behind her.

Photos: Vladimir Labissiere/Splash News; and

  • 1nicolegrace

    Now why couldn't my stomach be this small?? Siiiiiiiiigh

  • CocoKhaleesi

    Where man at.....

  • <–Doesn't Talk To Strangers

    :thinking: Something's off. Looks stupid but whatevs... Happy Weekend to all :kona:

  • VDot

    :thinking: Hmmmm.... Nevermind *sigh*

  • ShadeQueen46

    Was he buying makeup too? :kona:

  • zurishay

    Kelly, youre not Beyonce. We actually believe youre pregnant. No need to constantly feed us your belly. :no:

  • jeniefrumdabloc

    Not feeling this look at all :nono: yuck

  • hell_on_heels

    I LUV Kel with the short hair. I think her showing the baby bump is super cute. I also loved with Kerry did it in Prada:-). Happy Weekend Roses

  • Ni ni

    Eww. She looks nasty here.

  • whatdoesitmatter

    Looks like her shorts are way too low. Like her butt and front are hanging out under that tee.

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  • Smonae

    Yea this a bit much Kelly :no:

  • pointhimout

    Sandra, has the Tiny chat been cancelled? I see you removed the post. I had some good questions too.

  • luVn_liFe…

    Kelly is beautiful to me in General.
    Visually here;me no likey, where her tat is under her arm looks strange and the back of her arm looks strange.

    :bounce: have a fun WEEKEND ALL!

  • buddapecan

    I know my eyes are deceiving me!!!! :blink: :sideeye: Let me clear my cache and cookies, close my browser and come back to the site again.

  • thriftStoreJungle

    um. she's got pretty skin.

  • Sandra Rose

    pointhimout says:

    Sandra, has the Tiny chat been cancelled?

    It was not a chat, it was an interview. She already answered my 5 questions. I took the post down because some of you lack reading comprehension skills. That was my fault. I never should've put the post up until it was ready.

  • Afiya

    :smack: WHEN WILL WE LEARN? :crying1:


  • buddapecan

    Reading is fundamental but comprehension is key!! I think the title of the post said "INTERVIEW" and you even identified the 5 questions that you asked her!!! SMH!! Either way...I hope you still post the interview. I'm sure at this point you won't let us leave comments, huh? :coffee: Its sad that a few ruin it for the folks who are fans.

  • MrsL

    She looks unclean here. :think:

  • pointhimout

    I didn't get that impression from your write up that those were your QUESTIONS. I'm sure I'm not alone. I thought it was going to be similar to the hot seat she did on here before or at least she would pick or choose from the questions we posted as her interview. If you noticed, I posted 3 questions on there to ask as options. But yeah, your write up didn't read as "these are the 5 questions Tiny will answer." No harm, no foul.

    @18 what was ruined? I apparently missed something after logging off the site. There weren't many posts, maybe 7, but maybe it went left real fast????

  • missmiami

    What is that under her tube top on the side? Plus its too hot to be out with no undies. They wont be together long after baby :tea:

  • Kynedy L

    Would love to see what some of y'all look like before, during, and after pregnancy :tea:

  • Sandra Rose

    pointhimout says:

    But yeah, your write up didn’t read as “these are the 5 questions Tiny will answer.” No harm, no foul.

    Here is my original post. Read slowly. Pay particular attention to the part that says "Tiny opened up about..."

    Exclusive: 5 Questions With Tameka “Tiny” Harris

    Singer Tameka “Tiny” Harris was gracious and kind enough to grant an exclusive interview! Tiny opened up about her new single that peaked at #1 on iTunes, the status of her marriage to rap tycoon T.I., her new Tequila venture, boxer Floyd Mayweather, open relationships, whether Xscape will get back together for a one-time concert, AND MORE! Check back for Tiny's answers TOMORROW right here on!

    I guess I should've written "Check back for Tiny's interview"?

  • pointhimout

    oh yeah I missed that part 'tiny opened up about.' All I paid attn to was granting an interview. Oh well, still, no harm, no foul. I was interested in her interview and what's next. So you're saving that for Monday???

  • Afiya

    Kynedy L says:

    Would love to see what some of y’all look like before, during, and after pregnancy :tea:

    ^Kelly, IS THIS YOU CHILE? :thinking: You did look quite unclean and funky looking :shrug: that tat under your bra :nono: DO BETTER! :wink:

  • User Friendly

    zurishay says:

    Kelly, youre not Beyonce. We actually believe youre pregnant. No need to constantly feed us your belly.

    :rofl: so much shade in this thread.

  • West Coast Chick

    Kelly doesnt want a surogate scandal on her hands like Beyonce had.She shows her bare bump any chance she gets! :hahaha: