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Kim Kardashian and North West crying

Socialite Kim Kardashian was overheard whispering "hush, chile!" to her wailing daughter, North West, as they left her downtown New York City apartment heading to Kanye West's Yeezy X BOOST 750 launch show. North is seen holding onto one lone sneaker, but she drops it on the way to the car and no one retrieved it.

North West

North West

North West crying again

Not long after Kim and Nori arrived at the venue, the frustrated reality TV star handed off crying Nori to an assistant who took the toddler back to the apartment.

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Terrance and Miranda Howard

'Empire' star Terrance Howard and his wife Miranda Howard were surrounded by beefy bodyguards as they exited the Trump SoHo hotel in NYC today.
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Rapper Common also left Trump SoHo hotel just minutes behind Terrence Howard.

Jhene Aiko

Also staying at the Trump SoHo are singer Jhene Aiko (above), actors Tracee Ellis Ross and Anthony Anderson, and socialite Kendall Jenner (not pictured). Apparently the Trump SoHo is the host hotel for NY Fashion Week.

  • ShadeQueen46

    Kim's shape is turrible *Cleveland voice* and why they keep slicking that babys head up with all that blue magic grease?

  • ShadeQueen46

    and i know its cold in New York where is that babys coat, hat, & gloves?

  • MissArtist

    North looks so cute with her hair like that! I like Jhene Aiko's music :yes:
    I wonder if Mulan is gone call Terrence Howard a nigga too :kona:

  • Blanche Devereaux

    Jhene :woot:

  • Blanche Devereaux

    Noris expressions remind me of the faces Blanche 2 makes

  • Mother Of Dragons, The Next Supreme (proud nerd)

    What exactly is Kim wearing? Why does North not have on a coat and hat? This is proof she uses that child as an accessory. Poor thing is probably crying because she's cold and tired. Terrance Howard...I'm not a fan. Tracey, love her look. Common looks good. Jhene would look better in something more youthful and on trend.

  • hell_on_heels

    I can't stand Miss. Terrance Howard! I am so over Kim. Bytch, pack up and leave PLEASE!

  • MsChavo

    Jhene Aiko!! love her music. What is Kim wearing, looks like some kind of fatigued out elf. I like the colors, just not sure of the ensemble.

  • love_22_nina

    how do I change my pic?

  • Lady_Elle

    Too funny... they gave Ignori some Orbit gum to be quiet!

    This was NOT a venue for a toddler!!!

    She is used like a fashion accessory!

  • GottaBigOne

    I don't know . . . Maybe it's ALL of this COLD in New York that's gettin' to me BUT was Some Shade Thrown (in the caption under Common's photo): "Rapper Common also left Trump SoHo hotel just minutes behind Terrence Howard."

  • sochlo504

    I can sympathize with Kim. Everytime I go somewhere with my daughter I beg her not to cut up and embarrass me. Children do what the hell they want to do though. She should've left that child at home to watch Blues Clue. The old folks would say it's too cold for her out there anyway.

  • Lady_L

    They should have never brought her in the first place..