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K Michelle and Safaree Samuels

Up-and-coming rapper Safaree Samuels, who once toted luggage for his ex-girlfriend, rapper Nicki Minaj, is releasing his EP mixtape in April. One of the songs on the mixtape is reportedly dedicated to pseudo singer K. Michelle's butt. As you know, K. Michelle once famously referred to daytime talk show host Tamar Braxton as a muppet.


Safaree Samuels wrote this song dedicated to K Michelle’s butt over the instrumental of her song “Going Under”.

Here are some of the lyrics to this Booty Dedication anthem from Safaree To K Michelle:

“Going Under,” spitting, “Before I met you, I knew you had a feisty attitude. You gave me light so I have nothing but gratitude. I f**k with you, the long way, altitude. Yeah, your ass is on another level, magnitude. I’m not a surgeon or a doctor but I play the part. Please sign me up cause I’m really trying to buy a heart.”

He captioned the video:

“I love this song…. Hi @kmichellemusic”

Just a month back Safaree Samuels Sent K. Michelle a Bouquet of Sunflowers, and K. Michelle was seen twerking in the club to Safaree’s newest song at the time.

Tamar Braxton

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    • KikiBlack

      Y'all, is this petty or am I trippin?

    • FuturedocDonte

      K. Michelle once famously referred to daytime talk show host Tamar Braxton as a muppet.

    • whitty hutton

      after nikki, he needs to find someone outside the industry. all this is going to do is start a silly feud between two chicks with fake asses.

    • Ni ni

      Sandra that's not nice :nono:

    • MisUnderstood

      Yoooo this bish came at me because she didn't get the answer she wanted. She actually reached over my desk. It took me a minute to remember my ass was at work & not on the streets of NY. :wtf:

    • whitty hutton

      and them big fake booties gotta stank...always wearing tight clothes made of synthetic materials. I ain't never seen either one of 'em in cotton or a similar BREATHABLE fabric. with an ass that big, I hope they're taking BATHS and not just showering. water running THROUGH ass cheeks ain't enough. sometimes u need to soak that thang...saddown in a tub of hot water and do the "chicken wang" (as my husband calls it)! :lol:

    • Jay3088

      Tamar does look like Miss. Piggy

    • lovezoe

      Stacy Francis sounds hideous. And her attitude stank.

    • whitty hutton

      and truthfully, tamar does look somewhat muppet-ish...muppet-esque...possesses muppet-like facial qualities. #jussayin

      OAN, don't snatch her up MisU. not that it matters (it does but I'm tryna be pc), but was she YT?

    • Afiya says FOH :chase:

      Is he saying 'K Michelle' cause he really wanna say 'Nicki'? :huh: :thinking: cause she all the way FAKE too!! :smh:

    • bama_n_jersey

      @MisU....what you do?

    • bama_n_jersey

      @Whitty... :rofl: chicken true though.

    • lovezoe

      :newpost: AGAIN!!

    • Unshakable


      Oh it matters alright. Adds another layer/element to the mix :hahaha:


      Good morntin erryone :hi:


      Don't do it Ms Celie.......he ain't werf it Ms Celie.....he ain't werf it. :no:

    • whitty hutton

      what shake said:
      Oh it matters alright. Adds another layer/element to the mix :hahaha:
      EYE was tryna have some ack right cuz u kno a YT chick can get debo'ed real quick...just on GP. i keep sayin, they don watched Salt one too many times and think they can whoop a sistah...NOT!

    • Sucker Free Esq.

      well dude should rap about what he knows...and he should know a thing or two about a fake azz

      Auntie can we get a post about some real celebrities?